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Butler Catholic 50 Years

It all began in a small farmhouse in Maryland in the late 18th century. A young lady and her cohorts gathered the children to begin their study of reading, mathematics and writing surrounded by a faith-centered environment. From this humble beginning the system of Catholic schools came to be.

Since then, these schools have provided families the opportunity to have their children educated in an environment that blends strong gospel values with a rigorous academic program. There have been a variety of obstacles along the way, but through determination of vision-oriented leaders the Catholic school alternative to public education continues to be strong.

Today we are celebrating a “Big Event” — the 50th anniversary of the founding of Butler Catholic School — the oldest active consolidated school in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. In 1969, three pastors collaborated with their parishes to form one strong Catholic school. Utilizing the buildings of St. Paul and St. Michael, the school became a strong, active example of what can happen when people work together for a common goal.

During the course of these 50 years, changes have occurred: Students were consolidated in the St. Paul building; the preschool program for 3- and 4-year-olds was introduced; and after-school care was provided. In addition, we continue to tweak academic programs including our new outdoor classroom and the expansion of academic and athletic extra-curricular activities.

Looking at the building itself — upgrades are in a continuous movement to prepare our building for the next 50 years. None of this could happen without the terrific cooperation and volunteerism of our parents. Their willingness to give up their time and energy is the bond that brings all things together.

That spirit began way back in the lonely farmhouse in Maryland, and spread throughout the nation. Here in Butler, that spirit is alive and growing. The legacy lives: Do your best; work hard every day; respect yourself and others; and remember God walks with you every day. Let us continue to grow this legacy every day.

Sister John Ann Mulhern


''Our aim is to graduate students who are self-motivated leaders, life-long learners, and responsible and respectful reflections of Jesus Christ. We are extremely proud of our more than 2,000 graduates over the last 50 years, and how they have used their Catholic education to bless their families and communities.”Sister John Ann Mulhernprincipal