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Letters to Santa

Dear Santa,

I would like a Maximus horse doll from Rapunzel and a My Little Pony mermaid doll. I would also like a stuffed SpongeBob doll and a FurReal pets pet dog. Thank you.

Sydney Campbell, 6Chicora———Dear Santa,I have been a good girl this year and I want a new bike a elf on the shelf a fingerling crafts and board games.

Your Friend, Bella, 9½Butler———Dear Santa,Santa hears what I want for Christmas this year is a 7-inch Samsung mini with every thing in it and that's what I want for Christmas.We had to put our dog Maiya down to sleep on November 29. She was sick and ill, my family and I will miss her deeply.My dad and I will put up the pop-up Christmas tree in the living room behind the coat closet with the decorations on the pop-up Christmas tree for you to put the Christmas presents under the tree and will be making dad and I pizzelles and chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles for you to eat and milk for you to drink in a cup.And the stockings will be hung for you to put all kinds of goodies and I'll be in bed before you come to the house and use your magic key to get in the door.Well, I have to go.

Love, ReneeP.S.: I can't wait to hear from you. Tell Mrs. Claus and the reindeer “hello” and have a nice Christmas. The cookies and milk will be on the dining room table in the kitchen.———Dear Santa,I have been trying really hard to be good this year. I think I have been extra super good. For Christmas please may I have a tablet Pokemon cards, a WII, Nintendo Switch, wrestlers.thank you,

Love, Chasen Budner———Dear Santa,My name is Caden Smith and I am 3 years old. I Live in Chicora and I try to be a good boy. Sometimes it's difficult, but I try. I would like the PAW Patrol Watch tower and RobDog. Please don't forget my cousins, Connor and Madelyn. I will leave you cookies and put reinder food in the yard. Thank you, Santa.

Love, Caden———Dear Santa.I would like a baby doll with rainbows on it. A puppy that barks and rolls over.Merry Christmas, Santa.

Love, Emma S., 5———Dear Santa:My name is Adam, I am 8 years old. I have tried to be a good boy this year. I would like a snow board, guinea pig supplies, match box farm toys, blue and silver knife at Auto Zone, a black and silver one will do if you can't get me the blue and silver one and a leather jacket. I would like you to bring my brother some kind of Matt a penguin. He has been good and does a lot of work at home. Thank you for whatever you bring me. I am going to help mommy make cookies for you.

Adam McGowanWest Sunbury———Dear Santa,I was good this year. I would like an LOL Surprise! Under Wraps doll, an LOL Surprise! pet, an LOL Surprise! house, an LOL Surprise! hair brush, a hair styling head, a baby doll and Squishies. Merry Christmas, Santa. I love you, Santa!

Leanne, 5Hilliards———Dear Santa,I would like the biggest bag of Rachel Ray's, Zero Grain, Turkey and Sweet Potato doggy food. I would also like the big bag of 4Health Grain Free Hip & Joint treats like Tractor Supply has! I'm seven this year, Santa! And I've been a good boy.... most of the year. Oh, and I promise to be a good boy when you bring my yummys! Thank you, Santa! Wooofff!

Yogi Bear, 7Hilliards———Dear Santa,I would like a red Tonka truck with an orange hood. A metal detector for finding things that are buried in my yard. Our truck keeps getting a flat tire, so some of that stuff you spray in to fix leaks. Also, a chicken coop, so in the spring I can get some pet chickens.Thank You,

Eddie MontgomeryEast Brady———Dear Santa,I've been very good this year. Here are some toys that I would like for Christmas. I would like Pomsies Pom Pom Pets, Scruff-A-Luvs pets, Wrapples, the Moj Moj Claw machine, Hairdorables dolls, Cutie Cars Splash N Go Spa Wash, the Spirit Mini Horse collection horse stable, the Real As Can Be baby doll or Cry Babies dolls, the Rapunzel doll and horse, new Cozy Critter House, doll camper and convertible, Doc Mcstuffins Pet Rescue Mobile. I will make sure to leave you cookies, milk and a cheese stick out for you when you come. Also, there will be carrots for your reindeer.

Jackalyn Gold, 8West Sunbury———Dear Santa,I have tried to be good this year. I would like a Barbie house, a GoPro camera, a big LOL Surprise big ball, Nerf guns and a Lil Skelly Bones. Please don't forget to visit my cousins. They have all been good this year too.Dakota Leigh Craig, 9

Chicora———Dear Santa,My name is Lily and for Christmas I would like a vanity with make up. Also Lucky and Spirit and LOL dolls.Please don't forget to bring my two brothers Cayden and Jaden something.We will leave cookies and milk for you and carrots for your reindeer.Thank you, Santa

Lily Galster, 3P.S. Merry Christmas———Dear Santa,I have been a good girl! I want for CHRISTMAS a Unicorn Nail Kit, Make your own Slime kit fussy wabbol, Pickme ojoj extra switch remotes

Love, Taylor Hines———Dear Santa,I have been a good boy! I'm doing great at Pre-School with learning and listening. Even at home on my computer. I would like:-Nintendo Switch-Mario Cart 8-Bey Blades-Aquaman-Real working Mr. Banks-Soggy Doggy-Perplexus Brain game-Fingerlings Dino-Remot Control car-Fuzzy Wubble

Love, Jesse Hines———Dear Santa,I've been a really good girl this year. This year for Christmas I would like a fingerling hug, a swim baby, a train that can move itself with its own track, a teddy bear, sparkly nail polish, a little TV and a real tablet to have all for myself. I love you, Santa! And I will leave you some cookies and chocolate milk!

Ella Callender, 5Chicora———Dear Santa,I'm getting a baby sister for Christmas, so please bring her baby stuff. I would like a baby doll, a necklace, cupcakes, a soft blanket and clothes for the baby doll. That's all!! I'll be a good girl for my mommy.

Lucia Callender, 2Chicora———Hi Santa,I was a really good girl this year. I want a PS3 with gta 5, minecraft, and a PS3 controller. I want a razor scooter. I want a new I Phone 5's. I want a new tablet. I want some john deer green cowboy boots.Sincerely,

Destiny Horitz, 11Butler———Dear Santa,I've been very good this year. How is Mrs. Claus and the reindeer. I will leave cookies and milk out for you. My Christmas list is: hunting clothes, sketching books and aj Flick apperal.

Love, Carlie Horitz, 15Butler———Dear Santa Claus,Hello! My name is Kyra Eiler. I will be 6 years old on December 17th! For Christmas this year I would really love LOL Surprise Dolls & Pets, a toy cat, a toy dog, art & craft supplies, ear muffs, Baby Alive dolls, real make-up, Bingo & other types of board games, Pikmi Pops, and Shopkins! I would also really like a new cup, something special for my Mommy, High heels, Stuffies, A Tablet, and for everyone to have a happy and Merry Christmas!

Kyra Eiler, 6———Dear Santa,Hi! My name is Allie Bayer! I am 3 ½ years old. I can't wait to turn 4 on March 12th! For Christmas I would really love Shopkins & Shoppies, LOL dolls, Jo Jo Stuff, a baby turtle stuffy, Calico critters, count with me cookie jar, art & craft stuff, Moana Toys, books, and a cry baby alive doll.I would also like toys for Baby Kinsley, pikmi pops, a trampoline, a fairy land playset, barbies, Poppa's Pizza Topple Game, and for everyone to have a very blessed and Merry Christmas!

Allie Bayer, 3½———Dear Santa,Hello! My name is Miley Bayer. I am about to turn 5 on December 5th! This year for Christmas I would absolutely love a big LOL Surprise Ball, the LOL Surprise doll house, a big shopkins House & Shopkins, Jo Jo bows, a big girl luggage suitcase, headphones, a real camera, real make-up, art & craft supplies, and a trampoline for my family and myself!I would also really like picture frames for my room, candy, dress-up stuff, squishimals, aquabeads, Loudhouse Toys, Fancy Nancy Toys, stuffed animals, movies, and most importantly for everyone to have a safe and Merry Christmas!

Miley Bayer, 5 ———Dear Santa Claus,Hi! My name is Kinsley Bayer. I am 5 months old! For my very 1st Christmas I would like books that my Daddy & Mommy can read to me, toys that I can rattle, teeth on, and grab a hold of, and a rocking horse. I would also really enjoy anything that my big sisters Miley and Allie can help me learn with! I most importantly want for everyone to smile as big as I do and to remember the true meaning of Christmas!XOXOXOXOLove, XOXOXOXO

Kinsley Bayer, 5 months———Dear Santa,My sisters have been good so they don't deserve a lump of coal. I have been good too. All I want is Pokemon toys and a pug.

Hank Geibel, 9Cabot———Dear Santa,I want Paw Patrol shirts and pants.

Elliana Geibel, 3Cabot

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