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Plane flying over county reports sighting drone

A pilot flying more than 3,000 feet over Butler County reported seeing a drone within 30 feet of the aircraft to air traffic controllers in Allegheny County.

The pilot of a plane flying over Butler County on Sunday night reported sighting a drone within 30 feet of his aircraft.

According to Officer Conrad Pfeifer of the Middlesex Township Police, authorities were contacted at 5:40 p.m. by the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport's air traffic control with the sighting.

Ike Kelly, manager of the Pittsburgh-Butler Regional Airport in Penn Township, said officials at Greater Pittsburgh told him Sunday night that the pilot of a single-engine Cesna 182 notified the Pittsburgh tower.

“The pilot wanted to call it in to let them know, Kelly said. He said the plane could hold no more than two or three people.

Air traffic controllers in Allegheny County said the plane was flying about 3,000 feet about 3 miles south of the airport in Butler County.

The plane continued on its flight plan and did not land in Butler, Kelly said.

Pfeifer said Middlesex and Penn Township police checked the area near Sheldon and West Cruikshank roads by the township line and near the Rittswood Golf Course.

“We didn't find it,” Conrad said.

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