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Electric car fest coming Saturday

CRANBERRY TWP — A county environmental advocacy group is hoping to turn people on the benefits of electric cars with a car show this weekend.

The third annual Go Green Electric Car Show will be held from noon to 5 p.m. Saturday in the Cranberry Commons parking lot near Kohl's. The event is hosted by the Marcellus Outreach Butler group.

The show is open to owners, dealers and manufacturers of plug-in battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Electric car owners will be on hand with their cars to answer questions and give rides to prospective owners who are looking to make the switch to alternative fuel sources, said Lou Hancherick, event coordinator and Harmony resident. Any electric car owner is also invited to bring their vehicle and share their experience with going electric.

“If anyone is considering an electric vehicle, this would be a great place to investigate to talk to current owners,” Hancherick said.

Car dealers have also been invited to bring electric cars or hybrids to people to explore. Hancherick said in the past Tesla and Kenny Ross have attended the show.

Hancherick said every major car manufacturer already has or will be introducing electric models to get away from using fossil fuels and polluting the environment. Electric vehicles cost less to operate and maintain than traditional vehicles powered by internal-combustion engines, Hancherick said.

Federal and state tax rebates are available to those purchasing an electric car, he added.

“It's a time when we should seriously be considering an electric vehicle,” Hancherick said. “It's our health and our climate, our earth that's at stake here.”

There are several electric car chargers available to the public in Cranberry and the surrounding area. Tesla installed chargers at the Residence Inn on Freedom Road, said Ron Henshaw, township director of planning and development services. It was part of Tesla's efforts to make it possible to travel east to west across the country and charge your electric vehicle at the proper intervals along the way.

There are also chargers at the Kenny Ross Nissan in Jackson Township, and at Eaton Electrical in the Thorn Hill Industrial Park in Marshall Township, Allegheny County.

Hancherick said public and private residential chargers can be found through an app and website called PlugShare.

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