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Malt company wants to buy Clearfield school

CLEARFIELD TWP — CNC Malt wants to buy the closed Clearfield Elementary School building.

The building on Clearfield Road has been closed since the Butler School District consolidated several schools in the summer of 2015. Until now, no offers have been submitted for it.

CNC Malt offered $235,000 for the property, which has an average appraised value of $236,000.

The company wants to use the building as a malt house, according to the offer to the district.

The company uses local grains to malt and then sells that to Pennsylvania breweries, according to President Brendan Carroll. Although the company is in its beginning stages, Carroll anticipates selling its malted product to about 30 breweries this year.

The company has about 130 acres of its own grain planted, but also buys from local farmers, Carroll said.

By having the headquarters and malt house in Clearfield Township, CNC Malt could buy grains from farmers in the area and help the local economy.

The offer for the school is to ensure the company has a malt house facility by the time of grain harvest.

Previously, a group led by Dan Mennor in Clearfield Township sought to buy the school for use as a community center, but Mennor told the school board that group could not make an official offer.

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