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Letter had fallacies

Bill Bittner’s letter to the editor of Feb. 6 regarding homosexuality, if I follow his line of argument correctly, contains several fallacies.

Bittner believes that, even if homosexuality is not chosen, a person has a choice to not practice it.

Bittner’s position amounts to sentencing a homosexual to a life of misery, only because it contradicts religious teaching — a position reminiscent of the Catholic Church’s opposition to people who wrote with their left hand.

To be homosexual is completely consistent with living a moral life; it is only because people wrongly assume Christian theology is the correct (and only) moral system that they delve into their illogical position.

Moreover, Bittner’s scare tactics regarding HIV and sexually transmitted infections mixes bits of truth with falsehoods.

Prior to understanding the biology of HIV/AIDS, it was prudent to restrict donations of blood from high-risk groups that included men who had had sex with men. However, reconsideration of the ban is occurring with the advent of highly sensitive HIV diagnostic measures.

As a heterosexual, board-certified infectious disease physician, I wouldn’t hesitate to accept blood from anyone — including homosexuals — so long as their blood has been screened for pathogens, using the latest technology.

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