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Here are results of voting for school directors.

Butler[naviga:font face="ZapfDingbats"]4[/naviga:font] 4 four-year seats• Paula Opalka• Linda Patten• Joseph Wiest[naviga:font face="ZapfDingbats"]4[/naviga:font] John Conrad

Freeport• 4 four-year seats• Susan Lowers• John Marty• Christine Davies• Daniel Lucovich

Karns City• 4 four-year seats• Joseph Boltz• Shelia Hillwig• Tina Landgraf[naviga:font face="ZapfDingbats"]4[/naviga:font] Brenda Ealey

Mars• 4 four-year seats• Gordon Marburger• J. Dayle Ferguson• Rebecca Brown• Rita Dorsch

South Butler• 4 four-year seats[naviga:font face="ZapfDingbats"]4[/naviga:font] Nelda Burd, 2,858• Dale Fennell, 2,321• Richard Sefton, 2,341Michael Archer, 1,101[naviga:font face="ZapfDingbats"]4[/naviga:font] James Jones, 2,425• 2-year seat[naviga:font face="ZapfDingbats"]4[/naviga:font] Nelda Burd

Slippery Rock Region 1• 4-year seat[naviga:font face="ZapfDingbats"]4[/naviga:font] David Hutner

Region 2• 2, four-year seats• Polly Shaw, 750S. Diane Gieraltowski, 332• D. Kirby Lotz, 843• 2-year seat[naviga:font face="ZapfDingbats"]4[/naviga:font] S. Diane Gieraltowski

Region 3• 4-year seat• Michael Scheer• 2-year seat• Kenneth Speer

Seneca ValleyRegion 1• 4-year seat• Jeanette Lahm

Region 4• 4-year seat• Jason Wehrle

Region 5• 4-year seat• Eric Gordon

Region 8• 4-year seat• Eric Ditullio, 580R. Georgiann Kerr, 229

Region 9• 4-year seatJeffrey Widdowson, 337• Jim Welsh, 566

Moniteau• 4, four-year seats• Michael Panza• Trixie Heck• George Pry• Joann Duke• 2-year seat• Michael Panza

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