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Metcalfe ‘unchristian’

State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe was off-base with his so-called Christian values during a KDKA interview Oct. 21 when he discussed the upcoming transportation bill.
During the interview, he mentioned that Butler County Commissioner Dale Pinkerton called his office to support legislation to help fund transportation infrastructure.
His comment, Pinkerton “serves as the county commissioner when he is not working as a clown,” is derogatory, misleading and very unchristian — especially considering that Pinkerton is a Syria Shriner who helps raise money for the Shiners Hospital for Children, a network of 22 hospitals that treats children for burns, cleft palates, orthopedics and other pediatric issues.
The Syria Shriner Circus and Clowns are a popular group, welcomed in communities and at parades to raise awareness and money for these hospitals.
Besides this, Pinkerton has raised tens of thousands of dollars for other local nonprofits.
What has Metcalfe done in supporting local or national nonprofits? I have personally seen him walk past several Rotary chicken lunch/dinner fundraisers being held no more than 30 feet from his Cranberry office door without him spending $10 to support their efforts.
As far as transportation goes, Metcalfe has been in office for 15 years while our state infrastructure deteriorated. It’s now rated the worst in the nation — last of the 50 states with a grade of D-minus by the American Society of Civil Engineers.
If Metcalfe has the answers to solve these problems, why hasn’t he solved them during that time? He can’t even solve traffic problems here in his district for state roads like Routes 228 and 19, Freedom Road and Rochester Road.
As our area continues to grow and contribute more and more in state tax dollars, we just get lip service from our state representative as he tries to blame everyone but himself for these failures. He blames PennDOT, SPC, the turnpike commission, Gov. Tom Corbett and local and county government.
Cranberry Township has three turnpike bridges that limit the expansion of Freedom, Rochester and Powell roads. At the same time, many of the turnpike bridges east and west of Cranberry are being replaced and expanded, but none of Cranberry’s three bridges is even on the 10-year schedule for expansion to handle additional traffic. Those other areas must have better representation in Harrisburg than we do.
If Metcalfe can solve our state and local traffic issues without a gas tax increase, he should go ahead and do it. Stop blaming others and get it done. But, for the record, regarding state and local roads, Metcalfe has been a dismal failure.
And he owes an apology to Mr. Pinkerton.

Bruce Mazzoni
Cranberry Township
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