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Brookhaven to NVR at 128 Abigail Drive for $176,000.

Robert Bruns to Margaret Phoenik at 711 Bush Drive for $295,000.

Kurt Michael Reinke to Charles and Jennifer Vrabel at 232 Cranesbill Drive for $391,000.

NVR to Brandon Thomas and Courtney Emma Wrobel at 242 Cranesbill Drive for $378,740.

NVR to Tonya Sulia and Renee Sulia Goodman at 317 Crest Lane for $788,655.

NVR to Paul John H and Alyssa Christine Herrmann at 363 Crest Lane for $781,185.

Rajesh Lall to Adam Kracht at 437 Four Lakes Drive for $899,000.

Justin Druzak to Edward Emil Wiernik III and Gabrielle Kamering Wiernik at 107 Granite Ridge Circle for $520,000.

NVR to Matthew Peter and Olivia Louise Pugliese at 317 Helenium Drive for $350,990.

Matthew Peter Pugliese to Candice Marie Cook at 317 Helenium Drive for $337,875.

Maronda Homes to Daniel Thomas and Megan Elisabeth Newkirk at 406 Hill Top Court for $591,227.

Hickory Glen Partners to Deborah Doncals at 148 Pearce Road for $818,235.

James Larrimer to Jerry and Carol Wittmer at 129 Raupp Lane for $455,000.

Maronda Homes to Julian James and Serena Rose Rizza at 318 Stoneridge Lane for $638,278.


Susan Lucas to Scott Kriebel and Brooke Askew at 537 Fleming Road for $270,000.

NVR to Edwin Ryan and Melinda Sue Pail at 140 Red Horse Drive for $374,310.

Estate of Betty Louise James to Daniel Gene and Victoria Paige Beuth at 115 Sunny Lane for $251,000.

Timothy Venable to Christopher and Michelle Prailey at 106 Woodland Drive for $365,000.


Nancy Zadernak to Lloyd Eagal at 612 E. Brady St. for $75,000.

Denise Michelle Pina to Hayden Godzinski at 224 E. Patterson Ave. for $167,000.


Carol Steep to Joseph Tomsey Jr. and Margaret Tomsey at 101 Crestview Drive for $110,000.

Amy Maggs to Damion Flinner at 365 Evans City Road for $111,000.

Gary Eury to Bullcreek Investments at 570 Hansen Ave. for $68,000.

Richard Pesci to Chad and Crystal Snyder at 212 Magnolia Court for $486,887.

Andrew Zanotti to Slezak Metzler Holdings at 174 Pittsburgh Road for $30,000.

Andrew Patrick Babay III to Nancy Spychala at 602 Surrey Lane for $186,000.


Richard Daugherty to Jennifer Lynn Croft at 148 La Ray Drive for $310,000.


Eleanore Sparken to Michael Walker at 261 St. John Road for $147,000.


Jeffrey Savasta to Jason Spencer at 176 Hidden Hill for $310,000.

Donna Martin to Steve Brian and Nicole Ann Szymanowski at 155 Knoch Road for $400,000.


NVR to Kenneth Eckenrode at 218 Amon St. for $374,515.

Tony Stuart to Robert and Abby Wolford at 107 Apple Blossom Lane for $479,900.

Courtyards Willow Group to Robert and Barbara Hastings at 111 Arbor Trail 16066 for $584,621.

Richard Bowers to Patrick Zezza Jr. and Jennifer Zezza at 714 Belmar Place for $800,000.

Patrick Zezza to Leonard and Stephanie Finn at 703 Cherry Tree Way for $609,900.

John Glad to Bradley and Wesley Zaffuto at 274 Clearbrook Court for $215,000.

Katelyn Anastasia Henderson to Michael Reese and Jane Paula Brunette at 9531 Goehring Road for $110,000.

Kevin Gillian to Stephen Tavoni Jr. and Jennifer Tavoni at 4301 N. Marshal Road for $430,000.

John Thomas Burton II to Michael Sober and Kara Carothers at 132 Overbrook Drive for $625,000.

Rochester Road Investment Co. to Nancy Suellau at 443 Roebling Court for $442,990.

Ryan Chute to James and Shane Tompkins at 720 Stockton Ridge 135 for $175,000.

Brett Palmer to Alexander and Briana Lishelle Danley at 200 Strawberry Circle for $650,000.

David Harbin to Alec Rodgers at 553 Ten Point Lane for $251,000.

Lattia Lattanzio to Joseph Anthony Monaharn trustee at 717 Truth Lane for $369,700.

Gerald George Pitell to Chad Miller at 306 Vandivort Drive for $306,000.

Joseph Schulmeister to Marc Sensenich and Samantha Neigh at 610 Worwick Lane for $325,000.


Raymond Martin to David Allen Slipko and Michelle Ann Pascal at 117 First St. for $190,000.


Bruce Rodgers to Michael Cress and Kimberly Ann Stevenson at 1271 Kittanning Pike for $20,000.

Brian Garing to Jesse Garing at 1341 Kittanning Pike for $175,000.


Lisa Underwood to Richard and Noelle Widdowson at 225 Browns Mill Road for $107,000.

Maronda Homes to Sean Richard Brkovich and Jessica Rose Frank at 405 Pumpkin Patch Lane for $452,829.

Benjamin Lilly to Karin Sammons at 122 Wonderland Park Road for $178,010.


NVR to Jonathon Michael Soltesz and Tiffany Otterman at 607 Burberry Blvd. for $426,545.

Maronda Homes to Maurice and Linda Yurick at 106 Grove Hill Lane for $546,817.

NVR to Carole Jean Bowers at 202 Runnel Court for $337,610.

NVR to Lakshmi Depeka Chebrolu and Subrahmanaya Sastry Kotra at 205 Runnel Court for $342,610.

NVR to Anthony and Loraine Pecora at 206 Runnel Court for $365,025.

William Sigmud III to Jenna Marie Barry at 139 Rylie Drive for $292,000.

Seneca Trails to NVR at Shanleigh Drive for $91,595.

Newman Holdings to NVR at Woodsman Ridge Drive for $96,120.


Michael Citrone trustee to William Russell Buzza III at 167 Bonniebrook Road for $289,000.

Bonnie Jo Rudert to Brian Scott and Christine Ekas at Hannahstown Road for $50,000.


Scenic Ridge Partners to Charles and Margaretta Weinbrenner at 411 Northview Drive for $361,001.

Diane Altieri Workman to Joseph Allen Nyman at 771 Oliver St. 0036 for $341,510.

NVR to Richard Dale and Tamara Lynne Werner at 124 Touchstone Court for $375,365.


Donald Grant to Jordan and Callie Burgunder at 201 Carol St. for $320,000.

Douglas Weinrich to Jadro Realty at 107 Irwin St. for $210,000.


Evangelo Kaparakos to Micah Howell and Miranda Theresa Damiani at Denny Road for $302,500.

NVR to Susan Lee Emmerson at 3024 Humbolt Place for $512,240.

Craig Lavender to Boris Gezzer at 107 Pointe Drive for $637,000.

Gigliotti Holdings to Siena Village 2 at Route 228 Weatherburn Drive for $3,257,990.


Douglas Yard to Jay and Stephanie Dougherty at Pleasant Valley Road for $310,000.


Estate of William Wenzelberger to Travis and Elizabeth Weiland at 299 Rocks Road for $64,000.


Clara Harbison to James and Nancy Monsour at 409 Dogwood Court for $135,500.


Jason Byham to Kenneth Kreyling Jr. and Michelle Capizzi at 172 South Ridge Drive for $485,000.


Jeffrey Lang to Katherine Kepner at 339 Stoney Hollow Road for $260,000.


James Spurk to Jeffrey David and Elizabeth Janine Crowley at 151 Buck Trail Lane for $263,000.


Jonathon Soltesz to Zachary Mihelic at 303 Pine St. for $231,200.

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