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At least 1 person injured in North Duffy Road crash

February 24, 2021 News Extra

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A two-vehicle crash on North Duffy Road in Butler Township Wednesday morning sent at least one person and possibly another to the hospital.

BUTLER TWP — A two-vehicle crash this morning sent at least one person and possibly another to the hospital.

The crash occurred around 9:10 a.m. on North Duffy Road. A Chevrolet sedan was left disabled at the intersection with Seneca Drive, one of the entrances to Butler Commons.

The car had heavy front-end damage, and the car's air bags had deployed.

A man who had keys on a lanyard around his neck was seen entering and exiting the car while talking to police, before entering an ambulance that left the scene shortly after.

A second ambulance arrived about 50 yards north of the intersection, where a second vehicle, a Ford Explorer, also was disabled.

The Explorer had front and side air bag deployment and had heavy-front end damage, as well as a large dent in the paneling above the rear, driver's side wheel.

An ambulance near the Explorer pulled into a nearby driveway and later left the scene. It was unknown if it was transporting a patient.

Butler Township Police at the scene could not comment on the accident at the scene.

Traffic around the accident was redirected while police investigated and a tow company removed the two vehicles.

State police, the Butler VA Volunteer Fire Department and Butler Ambulance Service all assisted at the scene.

This is a breaking news report.

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