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COVID UPDATE: BHS says not enough vaccine supply available to offer it to 65-and-older group

January 20, 2021 News Extra

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Butler Health System will continue with vaccination plans that differ slightly from the state.

In a statement Wednesday, BHS officials said they will continue vaccinating people 75 and older, but cannot meet the state's expectations to extend that group to include people 65 and older.

“There is not nearly enough vaccine available to accommodate this expanded group,” said spokeswoman Jana Panther.

Panther said as the hospitals receive more doses, they will be able to meet those demands.

“BHS will open scheduling and vaccinate the public as vaccine supply and distribution from the Pennsylvania Department of Health permits,” Panther said.

As of Wednesday, the state's status remained in Phase 1A of its vaccine distribution plans.

In addition to the death of seven residents because of COVID-19, the county also added 50 new confirmed cases, according to the daily report from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

The county had seen a daily decline in new cases over the three days leading up to Wednesday. Also during that time, the county added two deaths, well below the daily average of about 5 deaths per day throughout the month of January.

Statewide, 5,984 confirmed cases of the virus were added, and the addition of 401 deaths set a single-day record.

COVID-19 statistics from Wednesday

The following numbers on the coronavirus pandemic were compiled from regular news releases from the state Department of Health and Butler Health System.

COVID-19 statistics from Wednesday are:

Butler County

Confirmed cases: 7,840

Probable cases: 4,108

Negative tests: 41,709

Deaths: 297

Butler Memorial hospital

Inpatients: 35

Suspected: 0

Confirmed: 35

ICU: 6

Total tests: 36,081

Outdoor tests: 15,159

Positive tests: 2,361

Clarion hospital

Inpatients: 14

Suspected: 1

Confirmed: 13

ICU: 2

Total tests: 11,111

Outdoor tests: 9,396

Positive tests: 1,751


New cases: 5,984

Total cases: 783,170

New deaths: 401

Total deaths: 19868

Recovered: 78

Surrounding Counties

Allegheny: 65,577 confirmed cases; 324,806 negative; and 1,370 deaths

Armstrong: 3,476 confirmed cases; 13,274 negative; and 91 deaths

Beaver: 8,930 confirmed cases; 40,804 negative; and 297 deaths

Clarion: 1,565 confirmed cases; 6,743 negative; and 65 deaths

Lawrence: 3,977 confirmed cases; 16,082 negative; and 153 deaths

Mercer: 5,731 confirmed cases; 23,948 negative; and 203 deaths

Venango: 2,415 confirmed cases; 9,338 negative; and 64 deaths

Westmoreland: 17,135 confirmed cases; 78,694 negative; and 553 deaths.

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