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Democrat Socialist Party against very core of Constitution


November 15, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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It’s not about President Trump personally!

No, the opposition party, the new Democrat Socialist Party, voting as a block, wishes to change America. But what kind of change?

The Democrat Socialist Party agrees on a change embracing socialism over capitalism as we know it. Socialism will bring about a control by the elites in Washington to take charge of our medical needs, college loans, and reproduction abortion needs to name a few.

All in the generous promise of free care for all. This care would be doled out by the elite, who in turn can take away these very same gifts.

The hollow promises of the new Democrat Socialists Party are not against Trump alone, no!

Their venue is against the very core of our American Constitution which places control of the voting people themselves over the head of the State. Pres. Trump is simply the messenger of the message of saving our hard won American rights.

Susan Scheib Przybylek, Sarver

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