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GOP led campaign of misinformation in Mars election


November 13, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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The Butler County Republican Party led a campaign of propaganda and misinformation against the candidates of Mars Community Change.

Leading a campaign of lies and conspiracy theories is a form of voter suppression and strikes at the very heart of our democracy.

The Butler Eagle reported on Nov. 6 that the Republicans, in particular, Paul Adametz, a party committeeman, sent a letter to voters full of insinuation and lies, including one that no sane voter would believe: A candidate for school board was planted, of all places, in Mars Area School District, with his family, by a rich Democrat.

This bizarre accusation, among others, resulted because a Democratic candidate chose to work with Republicans and run a bipartisan campaign to improve schools for their children.

If Adametz’s accusation was serious, it’s libel. If it’s a joke, sane citizens aren’t laughing.

But Democrats aren’t going to play that game. The Butler County Democratic Committee supported Mars Community Change, welcoming the message of community over party.

The members of the Republican Party need to ask themselves, “Are we going to play political games, or are we going to protect the values of our constitution?”

Mars Community Change candidates may have lost the election, but they did so with their honor, morals and values intact.

Katie Richardson,


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