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Just what is anti-American?


August 15, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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When Republicans churn out their talking points, clichťs and distortions in trying to justify their unjustifiable actions and agenda one they like to throw out is that liberals are ďanti-American.Ē

No, hereís whatís anti-American:

Anti-American is dividing our country based on race, religion and fear and weaponizing that hate for political gain. Itís characterizing immigrants as sub-human animals. Itís migrant kids in cages being treated worse than dogs. Itís immigrant parents arrested in front of their traumatized children because that maximizes the cruelty.

Anti-American is cutting programs for the poor to subsidize tax cuts for the rich. Itís trampling the rule of law for your own gain and ignoring the Constitution when it doesnít suit you. Itís trying to have less people vote Ė not more Ė and rigging the districts to subvert the will of the people to the will of your party.

Anti-American is when Russiaís attack on our election goes ignored for political purposes. When our international alliances are wrecked. When our safety is threatened by an incoherent foreign policy that caters to murderous dictators.

When you call ďanti-AmericanĒ it means you have no answers, no ideas and no defense for your own destructive policies. Itís just name-calling. Itís childish. Itís like the kid who flips over the Monopoly board after he loses.

Republicans better get used to losing. Weíre heading to a better place, with or without them.

Rick Elia

New Castle

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