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Water tests find some lead in schools

Butler: 9 problem areas already being addressed

August 13, 2019 News Extra

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BUTLER TWP — Small signs of lead in a few Butler school water sources are being dealt with ahead of the school year's start.

Out of 191 samples taken from various sites in the Butler Area School District, nine returned lead levels over U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations, according to Eric Buzza, a water-quality inspector who runs the district's annual testing. The water sources over official “action levels” are already being addressed or shut down.

“There are detectable levels of lead in the water, but they are very low levels,” Buzza said. “They establish the action level at a level that is under what would be expected to cause any kind of issues.”

Buzza presented results to the district's school board Monday night.

Though overall a good report, the most problematic results are a trio of samples in the Intermediate High School's Cafeteria A.

Buzza said other alarms were less worrying because they were isolated.

This is an excerpt of an article that appeared in Tuesday's Butler Eagle. Read the full article about the water tests and other the other topics discussed at the meeting here.

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