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Pickup truck catches fire on Euclid Ave.

May 15, 2019 News Extra

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A Butler resident was hauling a trailer full of gravel to his home on Highland Street when he notice fire apparently coming from the truck's engine compartment.

BUTLER — No one was injured when a pickup truck caught fire while traveling on Euclid Avenue in Butler.

Daniel Stutz, 56, of Butler was driving an older GMC 3500 while towing a trailer full of gravel when he noticed fire coming from under the truck’s engine compartment.

Stutz got out of the truck, but the vehicle was almost immediately engulfed by flames, according to Butler police and fire officials.

Firefighters put out the blaze with compressed air foam, but the 20-year-old truck was already a goner.

The rental trailer was unscathed. The truck was not insured.

This is a breaking news report — pick Thursday’s Butler Eagle for any updates about this incident.

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