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October Pets of the Month | Butler County Humane Society

October 9, 2018 Digital Media Exclusive

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Meet Meepy and Rambo , the pets of the month for October at the Butler County Humane Society.

For more information, contact the Humane Society at 724-789-1150.

Meepy: Cat of the Month

The cat of the month for October is Meepy. Meepy is a 12-year-old domestic short-hair who has her front pawes declauwed. Like many cats, Meepy loves to sleep. She likes to burrow underneath a pillow to take her cat naps. She was surrendered to the humane society by her owner because she wasn't cuddly enough. But even though she doesn't like to be cuddled, she likes having a companion and will approach people happily. She would prefer to be the only animal in the house and would do best with children 10 and older. Meepy can be very affectionate, she just needs to open up first.

Rambo - Dog of the Month

October's dog of the month is Rambo. Rambo is a 2-year-old German Shepart mix. He absolutely adores going on walks. He gets so happy on a walk that he prances with each step so it looks like he's dancing. He does have some food guarding tendencies because of bad past experiences and will need someone to help him learn that his food isn't going anywhere. In addition, Rambo would prefer to be the only dog in the household and does well with some cats. He would do best with children 16 and older and needs someone who is patient enough to help him learn. But most of all he wants someone who will take him out dancing every day.

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