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Warden discusses prison poisoning

August 21, 2018 News Extra

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Butler County Prison Warden Joe DeMore gave a report to the prison board at its meeting on Tuesday regarding the drug poisoning that happened last week at the jail.

Changes are afoot at Butler County Prison to prevent another event like the one last week, when six employees were taken to the hospital after coming into contact with an unknown substance.

Warden Joe DeMore gave a report on Tuesday at the monthly Prison Board meeting, which is comprised of the county commissioners, district attorney, county controller, the sheriff and county Judge William Shaffer.

DeMore said he thinks the employees were sickened by one officer accidentally touching synthetic marijuana, also known as K-2, and then coming into contact with the others.

After the jail was thoroughly searched by canines and decontaminated, DeMore began thinking about preventing substances from entering the jail again.

DeMore asked prison board members if they agreed to allow the inmates to receive copies of their regular mail, and for him to work on getting tablets for inmate communication.

All agreed the measures are a good start in keeping the prison staff and population safe.

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