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It’s still a tax


August 9, 2018 Letters to the Editor

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Unfortunately for the residents of Butler County, our commissioners voted to enact a $5 registration fee per vehicle.

It is amusing that the commissioners believe they explained the purpose of the fee so well that no one showed up at the meeting. First, who wants to waste their time since it was evident by the comments in the Butler Eagle and on Facebook that they had decided to proceed. Second, the meeting was during the day. If you really wanted input from the public, an evening meeting would have been appropriate.

My question is this: What did the state do with all the money collected through gas taxes? The gas taxes are evident as soon as you leave our state. We stopped to buy gas in Ohio the other day and the price was 46 cents a gallon cheaper than in Pennsylvania.

The taxes placed on Pennsylvania citizens are ridiculous, and now we have another one. And regardless if the Butler County commissioners want to whitewash it by calling it a “fee,” it is still a tax.

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