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Mandatory random drug testing considered for Knoch High School

February 17, 2017 News Extra

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A proposed drug-testing policy for Knoch High School students is under consideration by the South Butler School Board.

Under this proposed policy, high school students who either participate in an extracurricular activity or drive to the high school and use the school’s parking lot would be obliged to submit to random drug testing by the school.

District Superintendent David Zupsic, who gave a presentation of the proposal to parents, said drivers and those who participate in extracurricular activities make up about two-thirds of the school’s population.

Zupsic said the proposed policy will help promote early drug education, detect early drug use and deter students from using drugs and alcohol.

“This policy is not meant to punish kids,” he said. “It’s meant to identify kids who may be using and to help them.”

He said the policy is restricted to drivers and those involved in extracurricular activities because the school “can’t just drug test students for walking in the door.”

However, parents of a student not driving to school and not involved in extracurricular activities can still sign up that student for the drug-testing program.

Zupsic wants to bring the proposed policy to the South Butler School Board in March, and said there will be a required 30 days for review and public comment. He hopes the board will vote on the policy in April.

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