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Metcalfe does his job


May 24, 2014 Letters to the Editor

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Of all the politicians taking oaths to uphold the law and defend our Constitution, state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe has done just that.

For that, the liberals in both parties have tried to unseat him. I found it very interesting while out campaigning for Metcalfe the reasons I heard to vote against him:

“My son hates Metcalfe and he told me not to vote for him;” This is definitely a non-informed voter.

“I’ve known Gordon (Marburger) for years so I’ll vote for him.” I have a liberal sister, she has known me forever and still would not vote for me.

And, from a Marburger campaign volunteer: “All the unions were told to vote for Gordon.” They called Metcalfe a bully.

What I did not hear was Metcalfe did not do his job as defined in the Constitution.

Marburger was not on the ballot because he did not follow strict campaign law, not because anyone had him removed, which would have been impossible.

On the Friday before the primary, in my mailbox was a flier from Marburger. I had heard his campaign was heavily funded by the AFL-CIO so I looked at he return address. The AFL-CIO, Working America was stamped in the left corner.

Anyone who voted write-in might want to check out their platform on their websites. Is this what the Republican Party now supports? If so, it might be time to say I didn’t leave the Republican Party — the party left me.

Incumbents should be challenged, but please let’s debate the issues. Metcalfe showed up in my polling place, looked the people he has served in the eye and asked for their vote again based on his record. Someone who has failed at their job could not do this.

Now that funding question has been answered I have one more question, can we count on the democrats who crossed over so willingly and voted for a republican candidate in the primary, will they vote for a true conservative republican candidate in the fall? I think not.

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