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Risky business


May 8, 2014 Letters to the Editor

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Marcellus Shale drilling can cause disease, according to the Pennsylvnia Department of Environmenal Protection. The toxic chemicals used in the drilling process cause numerous cancers and other diseases.

I know because I have diabetes, a disease from Agent Orange, a toxic chemical, and I am 100 percent disabled.

Marcellus drilling is exploding here in Pennsylvania and disease is increasing. We have tried to stop it but the drilling companies are protected by our state — taking away all our rights.

I take five shots of insulin every day. Sometimes I have to get a shot in my eyeball to stop internal bleeding. I have a buckle on one eye to hold my retina together.

XTO energy is going ahead with drilling of a Marcellus Shale gas well in Franklin Township. We are trying to stop them and to protect Moraine State Park and Lake Arthur from potential drilling disasters. In spite of XTO Environmental’s rate of violations — three for every well plus two felony criminal charges and millions of dollars in fines — the DEP is probably going to grant them permission to drill.

Please stop this drilling unless you want to experience disease for yourself.

For more information see “Potential Health Effects of Marcellus Shale Activities,” by Dr. Bernard Goldstein, dean emeritus of the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public Health. The study is on the Department of Environmental Protection’s website at http://files.dep.state.pa.us/Public Participation/Marcellus ShaleAd visoryCommission/ MarcellusShale AdvisoryPortalFiles/Workgroups/Env10_Potential%20Health%20Effects%20of%20Marcellus%20Shale%20Activities.pdf

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