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Blame energy policy


March 6, 2014 Letters to the Editor

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News stories about electric bills tripling have not asked what caused the spot price to rise so dramatically. Most stories assume a lack of price regulation. Cold weather increasing demand and a shortage of supply caused the price to rise.

Our supply of electricity is diminishing because federal regulations are shutting down coal-fired generators, not because they are dirty but because they make too much carbon dioxide. High energy prices are a result of insane regulations that limit supply, not from regulators unable to regulate the price.

Carbon dioxide is a trace gas essential for life on earth. Nature makes 95 percent of greenhouse gas, mostly by ocean vapor. Current carbon dioxide at 400 ppm could climb to 500 ppm and we would increase plant yield and lower water demands naturally. More carbon dioxide means higher plant yield with less water. The Chinese know this and have no intentions of limiting plant food. Why should we?

Imagine a world where man-made plant food was no longer considered pollution and climate change was a function of solar cycles and not politics. Limiting man-made carbon dioxide is a spectacular hoax that limits life, liberty and our energy choices. EPA rules limiting carbon dioxide is federal tyranny and will lead to power shortages and much higher prices for everything.

When our highly educated liberal friends accept they have been had on carbon dioxide and the circle of life, they may ask about what other lies they have believed.

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