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Naming-right wrongs


January 15, 2014 Letters to the Editor

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Regarding the Jan. 6 letter “Win-win transaction” by Dale and Millie Pinkerton.

Mike Kelly Automotive — owned by U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly — is willing to reinvest in Pullman Park to help provide it with some much needed cash flow.

Pullman Park has been a household name here since 1934, and now that name is Kelly Automotive Park. Does Kelly really need that kind of advertising or name recognition? Couldn’t he simply have donated funds to keep Pullman Park financially viable without changing the name?

We all are very much aware of the rest of the world of ego-minded politicians who need to have their names on everywhere. This couldn’t happen in this small town noted for churchgoing, good-hearted people helping those in need and happy to share their money and service without expecting them to be indebted in such a way as to change their heritage.

Yes, it is about heritage and keeping icons and landmarks with their given names that have been here for years. We could not help but think of the movie, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” where even the name of the town got changed.

Changing the name is a disservice to all who ever worked at Pullman Standard, those who played baseball there, and to us baseball enthusiasts who cringe at the thought of telling someone the likes of Whitey Ford, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gerhig and Josh Gibson once played at “historic” Kelly Automotive Park.

Couldn’t Kelly simply have requested that a plaque of recognition for his generosity be placed in Pullman Park? We wonder what our own local sports heroes think about such a change, and especially, old timers like ourselves who think that the “Win-win transaction” makes Kelly a winner, but certainly not the rest of us.

We are disappointed at Kelly wanting to do this to the city of Butler, especially when Butler has helped his business immensely, not to mention that it is our Lord God who has given him his talents and his financial status in this community.

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