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Bound in dependence


January 9, 2014 Letters to the Editor

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In the dimness of my life’s light, I find discontent in the country I love, and defended, and the way of life our forefathers laid out for each of us.

Neither political party has the country’s true interest at heart; rather, it seems they barely look past the end of their noses, partisan all the way.

The change in politics that came to Washington in 2008 with all its hype and promise became just words. Our country seems to have taken a step or two backward in diplomacy, world leadership and standing as a nation of pride and promise for the world. Bowing to a foreign dignitary might have been the first clue of what was to become.

To believe the promises of extremist foreign nations to self-control their desire for peace, yet permitting further advances of destructive weapons, and allegiances of rogue nations to conspire without a foreign policy of determination and leadership, may only lead, I fear, to a bleak future for our children and their children.

The shekels for a loaf of bread; the cost of the Affordable Care Act; the weakened military and veterans with gruesome, life-changing injuries, working to reintegrate into society and yet being reliant on donations from the very same public whose elected officials reduced funding for them; all cause me an inner churning of confusion and thoughts of despair.

I wish to view the bright sun, blue sky, green grass, and a government that truly has all the interests of my fellow countrymen at heart.

I wish.

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