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Nonunion salary hike motion fails to pass

Most of Butler County’s 173 nonunion employees are not receiving raises next year.
The county salary board this morning failed to pass a motion giving a 3 percent wage hike to all full-time and part-time nonunion workers.
Although commissioners Bill McCarrier and Dale Pinkerton supported the increase, Commissioner Jim Eckstein opposed it.
Eckstein supports merit increases over an automatic increase.
County Controller Jack McMillin also opposed the motion — leading to a tie vote — because the board did not accept his condition that no new jobs be created using general fund money until the county’s unrestricted fund balance is built up to at least 8 percent of the total budget.
McMillin pointed out the unrestricted fund balance is at zero.
Despite the tie vote blocking the pay increase, five county employees ended up getting the raise because their bosses — three row officers — attended the meeting.
Sheriff Mike Slupe, Treasurer Diane Marburger and District Attorney Richard Goldinger made separate motions for their respective offices.
Other county row officers have the right to come to a future salary board meeting to seek raises for their staffs.

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