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Supervisor watches costs


October 26, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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Andy Erie is worthy of re-election as Center Township supervisor.

During Andy’s terms in office, he has been fiscally responsible in spending taxpayers’ money. Andy was the only supervisor who voted against building the new maintenance building, stating, “We cannot afford to build a maintenance building that cost $2.5 million.”

During the past several years, township taxes have nearly tripled. Andy voted against each tax increase.

In the November 2012 election, 60 percent of Center Township voters approved a referendum to return to a three-member board of supervisors. Spervisors Flatt, Latuska, Frenchak voted to file a lawsuit challenging the referendum. The Butler County Court of Common Pleas overturned the referendum. Only Supervisors Erie and Wulff voted against the challenge. Cost of legal fees to the taxpayers to overturn their vote: $22,000.

It was Andy who suggested to the board of supervisors that they refinance the loan on the maintenance building, saving nearly two mills of interest.

Andy has always been available to township residents by telephone. Residents who call Andy with a complaint can be assured he personally will look into the matter.

Andy is a hands-on supervisor. He is at the township office every day getting updated on township business. He regularly works in the township office without pay when the township secretary is on vacation.

For all the above reasons, township voters should re-elect Andy Erie for Center Township supervisor.

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