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A vote for change

The Nov. 5 election is coming. It’s time for a new supervisor in Clinton Township.
A township needs its three supervisors to work together for the good of residents. When two supervisors team up and leave the third one out, the two have control. Everyone knows this is wrong.
When these people were voted in, they took an oath to serve their constituents and enforce township ordinances. When a resident has a serious problem, these supervisors should offer help or even show a little concern. But the two controlling supervisors of Clinton Township go only by what they want, even though they are supposed to work for — and get paid by — all the residents.
The two supervisors and all township employees should have concern for all the residents and not just for the people within their cliques.
When I asked township people to check out a recent problem I reported about my property, they all indicated they saw the problem. But when they presented their written reports and findings, they had changed how they felt.
I have a right to protect my property, but the loss of property and money means nothing to these people who rule the township.
One supervisor felt the property was fine when others clearly saw the problem.
I write this to urge township voters to elect the person who will give help to all residents, not the one who looks down on you because your family name hasn’t been around here for generations.

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Iris M. Fredley
Clinton Township
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