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Commissioners won’t change vote on posts

July 22, 2013 News Extra

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The threat of a lawsuit isn’t sufficient pressure for Butler County to retain two part-time jury commissioner posts.

County Commissioner Bill McCarrier, board chairman, said at the meeting this morning he would not vote to keep the jobs past December.

“I’m not willing to change my vote,” McCarrier said. “I would not even second a motion.”

Jury commissioners select jury pools for pending civil and criminal court cases.

McCarrier said a letter dated July 16 from Larry Thompson, president of the Pennsylvania State Association of Jury Commissioners, stating litigation would be avoided if the posts were preserved won’t change his mind.

“We did nothing illegal,” McCarrier said.

Commissioner Dale Pinkerton, agreed.

“I’m not going to change my vote,” Pinkerton said.

The letter states the commissioners need to restore the posts Wednesday to avoid litigation at the county court level.

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