santa's mailbag
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Dear Santa,
I am six. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I am glad that you come. In my room is a tree, could you please leave a present for me under it? This is my list for this year. I would like a DS and some games, a slushy machine, stuff for my Easy Bake Oven, anything Taylor Swift or One Direction, Barbie Uno, and a Barbie and the Pop Star with blonde hair and pink dress. Also to give you some other ideas I like anything Victorious, I Carly, games, crafts, make up, movies, and books. (I love to read!) And anything else you might think I would like! Santa, when you come to our house, in the formal room by the fireplace their will be gobs and sugar cookies and a diet pepsi waiting for you! Love,
Hannah Ithen, 6

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