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Article published November 29, 2012

Kaden Eyth

Kaden Eyth, 3

Dear Santa,
I know Santa that I get into some trouble, it may seem at times that I may get more time outs than I deserve or you’ve probably noticed that I take a lot of the blame for things that my sister does but please take into consideration the family that I have to live with when picking out my presents. I’m a huge fan of Thomas the Train and Bob The Builder. Santa just after three episodes of Bob I built my own deer shanty in the back yard all by myself. Please bring me new tools, train set, Legos, Bob the Builder and Thomas the Train movies. Maybe Santa you could leave my presents in the new shanty I built! Please bring sissy something special she’s the best big sister ever. PS. Please stress to Pa Pa that not only should every boy grow up with a puppy but also under no circumstances should a little boy not grow up without a pony.