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Honor Center vote

November 12, 2012 Letters to the Editor

This is about the front-page Butler Eagle article of Nov. 7 discussing the Center Township referendum that was on Tuesday’s ballots. According to the article, the current board of supervisors will challenge the legality of the voters’ decision on the number of supervisors to govern the township in the future.

If I understand this correctly, Supervisor Ed Latuska feels that we voters did not understand what we were voting for.

Can he presume what the voters were thinking? We did in fact vote and that vote should be honored.

As with most other Center Township residents, this was not a major issue for me. However, the idea of the board of supervisors spending more of our money to challenge our votes is ridiculous.

That would be throwing good money away — the taxpayers’ money, I might add.

It appears Latuska has a problem with former Supervisor Beverly Schenck and is using his power — and our money — to challenge her.

Whether he likes her or not is not the question. Will the supervisors just do their jobs and let go of the past?

The voters have spoken. Supervisor Andrew Erie, the only supervisor who is against contesting the referendum result, sees the foolishness of that plan.

I hope the supervisors will reconsider the proposed waste of taxpayers’ time and money and let it go. The people have chosen.