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Use reason, analysis

October 8, 2012 Letters to the Editor

In every election, we are asked to choose between two opposing views regarding political economy.

One either believes, emotionally, that the economy consists of one big pie; therefore, government has to fairly distribute the slices.

Or, that person understands, rationally, that it is a bakery with endless potential for innovation, new ideas, products, services and wealth creation — and that the state should get out of the way and allow the bakers (producers) to keep cranking out pies.

Yes, some people will eat more pie than others, but there always will be more pies coming out of the oven, the free enterprise system.

The proof that this system works is right in front of our eyes. This nation, in a tiny span of history, has created the most powerful and wealthiest middle class ever.

Using a comparative standard of poverty with respect to the rest of the world, the “poor” in this country would be in the “affluent” category.

Many Butler Eagle letters to the editor have said that “we should soak the rich” because we are entitled to their wealth.

I am appealing to those with an open mind to use reason and a dispassionate analysis of facts when deciding for whom to vote.

Readers should pay attention to the underlying tone of these letters — the bitterness, the anger, the hatred, the veiled envy.

It is easy to fall into this irra- tional trap and be guided by emotion — to have only a narrow, nearsighted and uninformed frame of reference, to take into account only one’s personal situation, needs and wants.

It is hard to pay attention and try to understand history, economics and political philosophies — to formulate an intelligent, rational, informed, objective worldview.

I didn’t really start to understand, open my mind and actively seek answers until 2006 at age 46.

We must choose wisely.