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Poll Archive

Poll for 06/26/2015
We are trying to guage the amount of interest from our readers about Lernerville racing. Would you say
Number of votes cast: 223

Poll for 04/09/2015
Pirate Power: How many wins will the Pirates get in the 162 game schedule?
Number of votes cast: 364

Poll for 02/04/2015
How would you rate the job being done by your local municipality on snow and ice removal?
Number of votes cast: 303

Poll for 01/26/2015
Who will win Super Bowl XLIX
Number of votes cast: 110

Poll for 01/14/2015
We are two weeks into 2015. How are your New Years resolutions working?
Number of votes cast: 127

Poll for 12/05/2014
How many Christmas specials will you watch on TV this year?
Number of votes cast: 253

Poll for 10/13/2014
After such a bad start where do you think the Steeler season is going?
Number of votes cast: 217