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Death Notices

death notices   August 4, 2015

John E. Colonello, Valencia
Richard K. “Dick” Sweeney, Kittanning
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death notices   August 3, 2015

John E. Colonello, Valencia
Lucille L. “Lou” Croskey, Gibsonia
Alverda M. (AL) Guenther, Grove City
Elizabeth M. Kearns, Churchill, Allegheny County
Odley G. “Jumbo” “Mac” Macurdy, Cabot
Lena Dell (Creamer) Morris, Cabot
Florence Porter, Cabot
Donald E. Rihel, Harrisville
James E. Shaner, Callery
Ella N. Smith, Butler
death notices   August 1, 2015

Elinor P. (Ernest) Kane, Clinton Township
Odley G. Macurdy, Winfield Township
Anne (Gornick) Nannery, San Francisco, formerly of Penn Township
Mary Pat Reges, East Butler
David E. Scrapchansky, Cranberry Township
Gertrude M. “Trudy” Skelly, Gibsonia
John C. “Jack” Skelly, Gibsonia
Ella N. Smith, Butler
death notices   July 31, 2015

Gary Lee Bollinger, Grove City
Richard E. “Dick” Fuhrer, 87, of Oakmont
Dolores M. Kretzer, 73, of Saxonburg
David E. Scrapchansky, Cranberry Township
Martha J. “Jane” Striker, Chicora
Earl A Tindall, Perry Township, Ellwood City
death notices   July 30, 2015

James J. Fair, Hudson, Fla., formerly of Petrolia
Leyula D. (Osborne) Hedrick, Prospect
Nan E. Miller, Cowansville
Bradley J. Newcamp, Butler
Larry J. “Buzz” Roudebush, Karns City
Helen C. Sepich, Cabot
death notices   July 29, 2015

Emily S. Albert, Rapid City, S.D., formerly of Butler
Harold “George” Bauer, Butler
Esther Mae Brown, Butler
Robert Lewis Fisher, Renfrew
Dorothy Mae Kupec, Salisbury, Md.
Larry J. Roudebush, Karns City
Leroy Henry Smith, Clarion
Sara M. Temple, Butler
Florence Agnes (Thrower) Weaver, Largo, Fla., formerly of Saxonburg
death notices   July 28, 2015

Harold “George” Bauer, Cabot
Louis Gomori, Butler
George D. Johns, Butler
Dorothy Mae Gent Kupec, Bishopville, Md., formerly of Butler County
Merle Edward McWhinney, Slippery Rock
William “Bill” Walton, St. Cloud, Fla., formerly of Volant
Raymond Francis Waltz, Portersville
Nancy M. Wissinger, Butler
death notices   July 27, 2015

Arthur D. Byers, Jefferson Township
Nathan E. Custer, Valencia
Victoria K. Harrison, Concordia of Cranberry
Helane Ruth “Laney” (Hindman) Hay, Butler
Robin Leigh Kensinger Pistella, Shaler Township, formerly of Middlesex Township
Donna R. Stewart, Butler, formerly of Hooker
death notices   July 25, 2015

Dr. James Kirk “Kirk” Drennen Jr., Butler
Margery Rosann Faux (Smith), Oklahoma, formerly of Renfrew
Thomas M. Mikolay Jr., Brunswick, Ohio
William E. “Bill” Rodgers, Sharon
Robert A. “Shank” Skander, Mars
Frank C. Wade, Seneca, Venango County
Donald James White, Galloway, Ohio, formerly of Parker
death notices   July 24, 2015

Kathryn May Conway, Slippery Rock
Dr. J. Kirk Drennen Jr., Butler
G. Roy Kennedy, Saxonburg
death notices   July 23, 2015

Daniel Fennell, Butler
Edna “Ruth” Ruth Kriess, Butler
Jack Eugene Lawson,Liberty Township, Slippery Rock
Martha J. McGinley, Butler
Skye “Skylar Stardust” N. Melzer, Slippery Rock
David R. Moore, Ross Township, formerly of Chicora
Robert S. “Bob” Podobensky, Lyndora
Donald James Whyte, Galloway, Ohio, formerly of Parker, Pa.
death notices   July 22, 2015

Mary (Rendek) Bailie, Allegheny Township
Daniel Fennell, Butler
Lawrence J. “Larry” McFeely, Cherry Township
David R. Moore, Ross Township, formerly of Chicora
Cody Eugene Morris, Slippery Rock Township
Patricia Ann Sawaya, Slippery Rock
Betty M. Stuckie, Butler
Nancy Jane (MacKinney) Tack, Worthington
death notices   July 21, 2015

Vivian Lee Caruso, Butler
William J. Cornelius, Emlenton
Chester E. “Buck” Dunbar, Zelienople
Judith Lee Lieberum, East Butler
Eleanor (Ealy) Neeley, West Middlesex
Thomas W. Roe, Meridian
Virginia M. Shade, Jefferson Township
death notices   July 20, 2015

Curtis Lee Anderson, Slippery Rock
Myrtle L. Anderson, Saxonburg
Eric Thomas Deal, Butler
Dorothy J. “Dottie” Eberhardt, formerly of Butler
Lewis Calvin Hathaway, Portersville
Gene Marl Karenbauer, Butler
Judith L. Lieberum, Butler
Doreen Isabelle Lindsay, Butler
Stephen Spolar, formerly of Butler
Thomas W. Roe, Butler
James A. “Jim” Turk, Butler
George A. Woods Jr., Winfield Township
death notices   July 18, 2015

Mark D. Arblaster,Slippery Rock
Nancy Stewart Cameron, Cranberry Township
Donna J. Dietrich, Butler
Robert Neil McCandless, Butler
Georgia E. Oesterling, Butler
Raymond J. Richter, Butler
death notices   July 17, 2015

Thomas R. “Tom” Brown Jr., Westfield, N.Y.
Donna J. Dietrich, Butler
Juanita Elizabeth Downing, Round O, S.C., formerly of Butler
Paul Edward Gillen Jr., Butler
Georgia Oesterling, Butler
death notices   July 16, 2015

Ralph W. Dickey, Fawn Township
Judy Irene Errera, Butler
Paul E. Gillen, Butler
Regina H. “Honey” Weleski, Buffalo Township
death notices   July 15, 2015

H. Allen Bupp, Harmony
Eunice LaVonne Detrie, Chicora Medical Center, formerly of Karns City
Judy Errera, Center Township
Mary L. Griffith, Greenville
Dr. Paul S. Hiack, Levittown
Jeffrey L. Morse, Franklin Park
Mark Steven Myers, Chicora
death notices   July 14, 2015

Jack A. “Cokey” Cokain, Harrisville
Christeen L. Detisch, Somerset, formerly of Harrisville
Virginia Alice Dexter, Butler
Beryl A. Gaines, Sarver
Lee Anna Kennedy, Cabot
Skye “Skylar Stardust” Melzer, Slippery Rock
Richard A. Spryn, Fenelton
death notices   July 13, 2015

Jean Smith (Jaros) Beighey, Harmony
Karen M. Brownlee, Adams Township
Cathryn A. Hilliard, Butler
Christopher Emerson “Skip” Hughes, Harmony
Marilyn P. Lockwood, Zelienople
Gale L. Morris, Cabot
Albert Karl Sikora, Summit Station, Ohio.
Tracy L. Smith, Brackenridge
death notices   July 11, 2015

Jeffrey A. Boggess, Ohio Township, Allegheny County
Robert M. “Bob” Ludwick, Inman, S.C.
Sheryl Ann Ogorchock, Butler
Leona M. Perry, Camp Hill, Pa.
Richard W. Vesnesky, Butler
death notices   July 10, 2015

Jeffrey A. Boggess, Ohio Township, Allegheny County
John Embroski, Butler
Linwood L. “Pete” Lindsey, Universal City, Texas, formerly of Ridgeville, Pa.
Alvin Ernest “Bud” Weckerly, Bruin
death notices   July 9, 2015

Frieda (Vranesa) Bokor, Cranberry Township
Anthony F. “Butch” Bryan Jr., Chicora
Glenn Laverne Graham, Anderson, Ind.
Bert C. Korieth, Butler
Violet Malinksi, Butler
Mildred L. Ombres, Monroeville
Nicole Marie Papp, Portersville
Wayne J. Silvonic,Portersville
Sylvia J. Wigton, Butler
death notices   July 8, 2015

Aysha Mary Dellen, Butler
Kathleen E. Jamison, Butler
Timothy A. Karenbauer, Herman
Lee Anna Kennedy, Cabot
Donald “Don” Oesterling, Butler
Alda Blanche (Wachter) Smith, Kittanning
Mary Ann (Bielski) Weleski, Cabot
death notices   July 7, 2015

Sandra “Sandy” R. Crawford, Bradys Bend
James Scott “Jim” Gibbons III, Prospect
Frederick “Fred” Hunker, Mars
Scott P. Hutchison, Petrolia
Fred R. Kison, Butler
Kathryn B. “Kay” Mayhew, Cabot
Sally (Leonberg) McMillen, Harmony
Ralph S. McMillin, Chardon, Ohio
Paul L. Robinson, Orchard Manor, Grove City, formerly of Brent and Harrisville
Donna M. Slagel, Butler
death notices   July 6, 2015

Robert J. Jamison, Meridian
Margaret “Margie” Long, Butler
Gerald G. “Jerry” Marzik, Emlenton
Mary L. Napoletan, Butler
Carol Schattauer, Butler
Stella Pearl Smith, Emlenton
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