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Site last updated: Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Our Opinion

Our Opinion | November 24, 2015
Doctors are better than TV ads to decide best drug treatment
The nighttime television ads are impossible to miss. They are seen on most channels across cable TV and they all tell viewers about a prescription drug that will help them live longer, or clear up their toenail fungus or make them happier or give them a better sex life or improve the effectiveness of insulin in managing diabetes.

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Our Opinion | November 23, 2015
It might be time for PA to accept medical marijuana
The 25 to 8 affirmative vote by members of the state House Rules Committee means the proposal, Senate Bill 3, could be voted on by the full House as early as next week. Members of the Pennsylvania Senate passed the measure in May by a vote of 40 to 7.

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Our Opinion | November 21, 2015
Cheers & Jeers ...


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Our Opinion | November 20, 2015
New Butler board must fold wage hikes into 1st budget
A dedicated, hard-working faculty is essential to any school district. It’s also imperative that a community pay its teachers a competitive rate.

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