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Real Estate Transactions

Published July 25, 2016

Adams Pointe to Rachel Alker at 216 Adams Pointe Blvd. 2 for $204,450.
Rita Garvey to Robert Beckert and Nancy Silverman at 1062 Bomar Court for $392,500.
Victoria Grap to Ryan Bibza and Kelly Bonner-Bibza at 254 Cliffside Drive for $385,000.
Fulton Development Co. to NVR at 223 Gabriel Drive for $115,732.
Dan Knopp to Phillip and Jessica Lakomy at 204 Hainsworth Court for $440,000.
Matthew Mallin to Jason and Shannon Reefer at 1771 Independence Way for $610,000.
Brennan Builders to Carol Tillotson at 4041 Lilly Vue Court for $521,200.
Brennan Builders to Frank and Maryann Simone at 4042 Lilly Vue Court for $577,445.
Gloria Yasofsky to John and Kathleen Misiaszek at 81403 Lost Valley Drive for $231,000.
Raymond DeSanto to Ann Love and Anthony Cosentino at 212 Oak Leaf Drive for $517,000.
NVR to Lewis Davis Jr. and Laraine Davis at 1005 Pointe View Drive for $293,297.
NVR to Erica Miller and Peter Horne at 1006 Pointe View Drive for $307,617.
Jason Darcy to Thomas Zimmerman III and Christy Michael at 112 Seaton Crest Drive for $520,000.
Kevin Wehner to Caroline Ann Goebel at 816 Strasburg Drive for $258,000.
Willis Haas Jr. to James and Ruth Ann Morris at 1504 Union Court for $347,500.
Justin Taylor to Jessica Herring and Patrick Kerr at 683 Valencia Road for $345,000.
S&A Homes to Hee Yun at 128 Vista Ridge Lane for $458,894.
Vista Ridge Estates to S&A Homes at 129 Vista Ridge Lane for $95,500.
S&A Homes to Gerard and Renee Pawlak at 187 Creekside Drive for $488,110.
Charles DiBello to Matthew and Nicole Kincade at 149 Reimer Road for $273,500.
Dale Shanta to Maggie Wolfe and Ian Petit at 165 Riemer Road for $281,000.
F&H Property Dev. to Maronda Homes at Sarver Road for $64,000.
Randy Kowola to Jessica and Benjamin Paylo at 768 Sunset Drive for $129,900.
Dorothy Jones to Kenneth Jones at 325 Broad St. for $35,000.
Michael Romanucci III to Jerry Kennedy Jr. and Jamie Kennedy at 245 E. Patterson Ave. for $99,900.
Cheryl Blymiller to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. trustee at 432 Miller St. for $5,000 by sheriff’s deed.
James Lee Grossman to Michelle Ziegler at 413 N. Monroe St. for $99,900.
Midwest Land Co. to Nonprofit Dev Corp. at 127-129 S. Main St. for $150,000.
Amy Spangler to Michelle Schaffner at 303 W. Boyd Ave. for $81,000.
Bob Isovitsch to Shawn Gray at 234-236 W. Pearl St. for $29,000.
John Stoops trustee to Robert Fay-Berry at 326 Clark Ave. for $224,900.
Shawn Garvey to Jennifer White at 204 Highfield Road for $168,000.
Lisa Cable to US Bank NA trustee at 4143 Miller St. for $1,431 by sheriff’s deed.
Estate of Kathleen Jamison to Peter Duffy at 4163 Miller St. for $100,000.
Butler Area School District to Sparks Holding at 135 Sparks Ave. for $425,000.
Jean Broge to William Brian Gould at 126 W. Metzger Ave. for $175,000.
D&D Beblo to RE Erdley & Sons Custom Home Builders at Crab Apple Drive for $49,900.
Warren Ferry to Terry Hibbs at 301 Glenwood Way for $289,900.
Janice Barnhart to George Richardson Jr. and Carrie Richardson at 132 Lakeshore Drive for $273,000.
Oliver Schaub to Stanley and Kathleen Demitras at 134 Lakeshore Drive for $210,000.
David Altmire to Robert and Mary Bickford at 125 Martsoff Lane for $219,000.
Joshua Black to Karen Gliebe and Cindy Earhart at 239 Oberlin Drive for $171,000.
Center Township to Jiffy Mini Mart at 419 Sunset Ave. for $153,000.
F. Eugene Stiteler to Jacob Speicher at 126 Schiebel Road for $50,000.
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Erick Widenhofer at 990 Saxonburg Blvd. for $79,900.
Mark George to Jason Boyle at 851 Seven Hills Road for $240,000.
Jeffrey Marak to Selene Finance at 200 Buttercup Road for $1,829 by sheriff’s deed.
Robert McGuire to Carolyn Maloney at 3062 Kensington Court for $237,500.
Craig Brennan to Paul and Heather Eastgate at 104 Buckingham Trail for $815,000.
Teneil Joseph to Travis Moss and Krista McKenzie at 123 Caryle Drive for $325,000.
Timothy Baker to Michael and Stephanie Provenzano at 501 Crestwood Court for $220,000.
Joshua Barthlow to Ryan and Megan Oberndorf at 503 Daisy Court for $209,000.
Anusha Gibson to Richard and Angela Wheland at 304 Dawson Ave. for $900,000.
SCI Dev Co. to Infinity Custom Homes at Franklin Road for $135,000.
David Guido to Shailesh Ozarkar and Pranati Talnikar at 130 Hampshire Drive for $247,000.
William Hurley to Michael and Joan Kabrin at 126 Hazelwood Drive for $302,900.
Raymond Baumbach to Diane Carroll at 307 Leatherbark Road for $200,000.
Jerry Tu to Jacob and Nicole Coykendall at 434 Monmouth Drive for $310,000.
Rick Gradomski to Katy Broskey at 1265 Norberry Court for $167,500.
John Fucsko to Erica Sittig and Jesse Grundza at 137 Parkwood Drive for $148,000.
William Hartman to American International Relocation Soluti. at 5 Spring Drive for $269,900.
American International Relocation Soluti. to Michelle Markley at 5 Spring Drive for $269,900.
Timothy Sechler to Joseph Skamla at 723 Sunset Circle for $185,000.
Jeffrey Turley to John Potter at 513 Sword Dance Place for $575,000.
Cartus Financial Corp. to Beverly Cindric at 312 Trafalgar Square for $260,000.
Margaret Jane Bergman to Garrett Fuchs and Jennifer McCall at 317 Vandivort Drive for $249,900.
Joshua Donovan to Erin Orga at 120 Wayne Drive for $284,900.
Mark Nischalke to David and Michelle Tuite at 108 Wyndmere Drive for $190,000.
Christopher Loren to Central Mortgage Co. at 1429 Grant Ave. for $1,409 by sheriff’s deed.
Richard Dunmyre to Benjamin and Robin Hornberger at 133 Ridge Drive for $120,000.
Andrew Scott Wiltrout to Ruthane Reginella at 7154 Ridge Road for $143,475.
James Michael Miller to Pamela Bell at 212 E. Prairie St. for $134,000.
Tollgate Assoc. to Maronda Homes at unknown address for $74,400.
Tollgate Assoc. to Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic at 113 Dutch Creek Drive for $148,800.
Jackson Park Development Assoc. to NVR at 108 Foley Lane for $58,914.
James Hendrickson to Jack and Carrie Mason at 467 Lindsay Road for $335,000.
Maronda Homes to Joshua and Katie Barthlow at 208 Millstream Lane for $310,435.
Timothy Patrick Powers to Neal Christensen at 385 Bullcreek Road for $450,000.
Jarrod Leach to JPMorgan Chase Bank NA at 503 Saxonburg Road for $1,959 by sheriff’s deed.
Robert Bailey to Robert Dean and Brittany Brooks at 518 Perry Highway for $192,500.
Richard Fink to Ethan Fowler and Tiffany Kerns at 106 Rihel Road for $81,000.
Robert Smith et al. to Ernest and Bonnie Leonard at 2418 West Sunbury Road for $52,500.
Eleanor Upton to J. David and Doris Henry at T390 for $33,000.
Carol McFadden to Eric Hager at 106 Fulton Drive for $148,000.
Judith Greenberger to Hunter Realty Partners at 495 Pittsburgh Road for $1,725,000.
Marion Percy to Glenn Sharrar Jr. et al. and Andrea Sharrar at 106 Weckerly Road for $169,900.
Bonita Ekas to Samuel and Marlyn Mendicino at 315 Short St. for $145,000.
Todd Derbaum to Scott and Rebecca DeVivo at 826 Brookfield Drive for $363,000.
Joseph Price Jr. to Joseph Bertsch at 239 Cumberland Drive for $343,000.
Melinda Pry to Nicole Derbaum at 407 Georgetown Court for $219,000.
Edward Andrew Malack to Tracie and Christopher Heaton at 335 Warrick Drive for $298,000.
Bercury Homes to Jason and Brittany Madden at 109 Vista Drive for $245,000.
Karen Rodgers to Tammy King at 120 McGrady Hollow Road for $40,000.
Albert Miller to Thomas and Alice Ball at 2522 Oneida Valley Road for $55,000.
D. Miller to Randall Donatelli at Zeigler Avenue for $9,500.

Real estate transactions are provided by RealSTATs, 1911 E. Carson St., Pittsburgh. If you think any part of a listing is incorrect, contact RealSTATs at 412-381-3880 or You also should contact the Butler County Recorder of Deeds at 724-284-5340.
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