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Real Estate Transactions

Published August 31, 2015

Deklewa Homes Adams Realty to Julius and Joseph Ozdinec at 3304 Ambassador Lane for $312,720.
Steven Smith to David and Christy Tennant at 164 Broadstone Drive for $309,000.
Karen Borowski to Monica Hanslovan at 7006 Crider Road for $307,000.
NVR to Jason and Lauren Pierce at 114 Curtis Court for $389,220.
NVR to Charles Hoffman and Susan Post at 201 Gabriel Drive for $528,525.
James Helms to Joseph Bunting at 603 Lakeview Court for $232,000.
Clyde Fearer to Donald and Marie Albrecht at 1131 Lilly Vue Court for $460,000.
Richard Price to John and Deborah Kirsch trustee at 119 Majestic Drive for $770,000.
Ashlyn Brill Bogats to Catherine and Jerry Eagan at 230-9 N. Adams Point Blvd. for $128,500.
Duane Wood to Lynn Clark at 789 Norwegian Spruce Drive for $250,000.
Chad Giger to Melissa Burnfield at 807 Norwegian Spruce Drive for $250,000.
Estate of Ralph Muchow to Garrett and Erin Sullivan at 123 Pearce Road for $269,000.
Adams Pointe 3 to NVR at Pointe View Drive for $300,000.
James DiLonardo to Neely Family LLC at 301 Princeton Drive for $295,000.
Stephen Mills to Robert McMichael III at 1021 Sophia Lane for $699,900.
Brennan Builders to Mark and Sandra Zinsky at 802 Torrey Pine Drive for $389,900.
Kenneth Lehman to Matthew and Lauren Evans at 322 Village Drive for $399,000.
W. Capenos to Buffalo Valley Ltd. at McBride Road for $5,000.
Estate of Pauline Ruth Anderson to Owen and Sherry Eaker at North Pike Road for $40,000.
Benjamin Full to Allegiance Relocation Services at 147 Woodbury Drive for $279,000.
Allegiance Relocation Services to Daniel and Marcie Metnick at 147 Woodbury Drive for $279,000.
Michelle Heasley to Douglas and Joyce Hayka at 113 Second St. for $76,500.
Kenneth Vandersyde to Braden Bowers at 335 E. Brady St. for $61,000.
Nancy Krauchuk to David and Lynn Ott at Fairview Avenue for $10,000.
Gordon David Bianucci et al. to Robert and Wendy Duncan at 117 Heim Ave. for $43,750.
Charles Fuellgraf Jr. to John and Pamela Bole at 445 N. Church St. for $20,000.
LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Jennifer and Christopher McKain at 108 Avon Drive for $116,000.
Paula Skelley to Dominick Varano at 215 Bessemer Ave. for $9,200.
Mariotti Trust to Carol McIlvain at 209 E. Metzger Ave. for $134,900.
Rock Solid Rentals to Jennafer Nicole Anderson at 229 E. Rockenstein Ave. for $142,000.
Lincoln Cress et al. to P. Jean Olcus et al. and Thomas Olcus at Elm Street and Poplar Street for $40,000.
Highfield Community Assn. to Melvin Bagley III and Christine Bagley at 102 Grandview Blvd. for $40,000.
Estate of Gloria Miller to Samantha Johnston Farrell at 108 Greenhill Drive for $105,000.
Jason Henricks to Daniel Drane and Abe Burnsworth at 214 Homewood Drive for $150,000.
Edward Matula to Geore Reffert III and Angela Reffert at Main Street for $1,100.
Estate of Bernice Radwanski to Nicole Rishel and Tawnya Lunz at Park Street for $2,000.
June Warnick to Peter and Dorothy DeSantis at 403 Piper Lane for $105,000.
Carrie Birckbichler to Bradley and Stacey Cordray at 112 Reich Ave. for $167,500.
Jefferis Peterson to William and Michelle Elliott at 111 S. Magnolia Court for $370,000.
Estate of Bernice Radwanski to Terri and Jesse Tirk at 126 Sylvan St. for $30,000.
J.P. Morgan Chase Bank NA to Laverne Kline Jr. and Rebecca Miller at 115 Teakwood Road for $81,000.
Michael Bross to Nicole Nevel at 322 Westbrook Drive for $165,000.
George Huff to Gregory and Tamara Austel at 125 Wilkes Ave. for $29,900.
Barbara Smith et al. to Patrick Kemery at 101 Amherst Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $91,295).
Delores Snively to K. Scott and Amy Richardson at 214-216 E. Hilltop Drive for $239,900.
Cynthia Jayne Bazner to Stephen and Norma Jean Lloyd at 111 Henley Drive for $270,000.
Jeffrey Voelker to Dominic and Amy Kaylor Giallombardo at 108 Seminole Trail for $269,000.
Scott Taggart to Darrell Smith and Carrie Birckbichler Smith at 219 Summit Road for $257,000.
Pitell Contracting to Ronald and Frances Marzullo at 111 Shelton Palce Drive for $247,090.
Sonoma Valley Partn. to W. Lamar and Darla Wilkinson at 1012 Silver Oak Drive for $262,900.
Vineyards Brandywine to Lynn Beck at 143 Silver Oak Drive for $355,960.
James Maushart to Jonathan and Rachel Smith at 756 Whitestown Road for $195,000.
Caroline Costanza to William and Linda Mariotti at 2112 Winchester Court for $190,000.
William Voelp to Samuel Diaz and Isabel Ayala at 457 Anna Maria Drive for $250,000.
Pamela Kozlowski to Michael and Ann Lynch at 310 Central Drive for $162,500.
Evelyn Geronzin et al. to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 212 Chadwick Trail for $1,486 by sheriff’s deed.
David Albee to Shawn Deberry at 203 Clearbrook Court for $150,000.
Glen Eden Road Partn. to Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic at 230 Eagle Drive for $152,000.
Marketspace Holdings to JJ&G Capital Group at Ehrman Road for $112,500.
Debra Ann Churchfield et al. to Jeffrey and Lisa Gant at 7710 Franklin Road for $112,000.
Jon Weisheit to Dennis and Lisa Gabos at 207 LaGrande Drive for $565,000.
Jason Robinson to Jared Kolwyck and Kaitlin Devaney at 199 Northfields Road for $28,500.
Jennifer Edwards to Patrick Boyle Jr. and Leah Boyle at 308 Samuel Drive for $308,000.
Rebecca Antinopoulos to Alex Danzey at 610 Sarah Court for $158,500.
Foxmoor Properties to Eric Dreibholz at 1107 Stockton Ridge for $137,000.
Alan Brown to Adam and Michele Laubham at 145 Village Drive for $340,000.
Estate of Rita Schweiger to Lucas Raikes at 111 Wayne Drive for $187,000.
Stanley Conti to Michael and Leslie Parish at 204 Whispering Oaks Drive for $391,000.
Patrick Malone to Jason and Heather Logue at 308 Woodmont Drive for $492,500.
Sabra Gray to Christina George at 1251 Chicora Road for $80,000.
Jennifer Lynn Karnes to Michael and Amanda Hunsberger at 207 E. Main St. for $118,450.
John Nickl to Rhett Maze III and Julie Maze at 116 First St. for $235,000.
Maronda Homes to Ashlyn Marie and David Edward Bogats at 128 Naughton Circle for $299,762.
Lucille Bollinger to Jeffery and Linda Cairns at Acton Lane for $32,900.
E&E Chestnut Developers to Benjamin and Carol Vavro at 452 Stonecliff Lane for $239,900.
Betty Creasy to Jeremiah and Abigail Turner at 422 W. Mercer St. for $150,000.
Jackson Park Dev Assoc. to NVR at Ella Brooke Drive for $63,914.
Tollgate Assoc. to Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic at 206 Millstream Lane for $72,900.
Estate of George Harrison Ray to Aaron and Holly Hildebrand at 255 Great Belt Road for $190,000.
Barbara Anna Schmitt to Jennifer Louise McCormick at 181 Heller Road for $109,000.
William Macvittie to Linda and John DeSantis at 760 Perry Highway for $162,000.
Jeffrey Turner to Richard and Mary Martin trustee at 602 Stanton Drive for $205,000.
NVR to Logan and Brittany Hamilton at 2043 Blackberry Lane for $353,590.
Michael Knott to Daniel and Leilani Costa at 201 Harbison Road for $624,500.
Federal National Mortgage Assn. to James Roach at 140 S. Old Route 8 for $920,000.
L. Marie Nevel trustee to Douglas Noullet Jr. and Amanda Noullet at 2327 Kittanning Pike for $59,900.
Mary Wuenstel et al. to Robert Wuenstel Jr. et al. and Daral Gummel at 114 Beacon Light Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $117,215).
Mary Wuenstel et al. to Darla and James Gummel at 114 Beacon Light Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $76,949).
Margaret Karns to John Schettler at 180 Jones Road for $214,900.
Marion Fitz to Judy Ann Bellefleur at 233 North Trail for $165,000.
Frank Dickson II to Dickson Holdings at 160 Winters Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $367,165).
Dolores Rieger et al. to Dolores Rieger at 320 Kennedy Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $48,612).
Kenneth Fredenburg to Andrew Tudor at 114 Beatty Drive for $180,000.
Kathleen Shields to Shirley Heller at 13 Pine Drive for $125,000.
Richard Flinn to Shawn Duster at West Main Street for $149,900.
James John McNeil to David and Melissa Konitsney at 406 Hampton Court for $303,000.
Rodney King to Stacie Rousseau at 115 Stoney Creek Court for $132,000.
Mark Horgan to Kris and Susan Dreher at 119 Oakwood Blvd. for $40,000.
Constance Laughner to William Mokel Jr. and Stacy Randall at 112 W. Crossbow Lane for $284,900.
Richard Filiaggi to Robert and Jennifer McGraw at 185 Weathervane Drive for $302,000.
Elaine Tonelli to Maksym Kyrychenko and Olena Kossar at 3908 William Flynn Highway for $132,000.
Gerard Monahan Jr. to Lonne Waggoner Jr. and Kim Waggoner at 40 Fieldstone Place for $281,000.
Real estate transactions are provided by RealSTATs, 1911 E. Carson St., Pittsburgh. If you think any part of a listing is incorrect, contact RealSTATs at 412-381-3880 or You also should contact the Butler County Recorder of Deeds at 724-284-5340.
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