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Real Estate Transactions

Published November 23, 2015

John Francis to Ronald and Lucy Nacey at 547 Beaver St. for $450,000.
Negley Rodgers IV to Jonathan Sloan at 104 Broadstone Drive for $246,500.
Jeremy Mercer to Linda Stapleton at 220 Cliffside Drive for $386,500.
Mary Lou Schwenke to Patricia Dinardo Synan at 161 Dobson Road T354 for $190,000.
Bradley Balmert to Geoffrey and Carolyn Bebb at 7006 Eagle Road for $410,000.
Fulton Dev Co. L.P. to NVR Inc. at 208 Gabriel Drive for $115,732.
Pine Ridge Commons L.P. to NVR Inc. at 2029 Golden Grove Drive for $114,000.
Brent Henry to Cartus Financial Corp. at 144 Golfview Drive for $589,900.
Cartus Financial Corp. to Bradley and Christina Balmert at 144 Golfview Drive for $589,900.
NVR Inc. to Jeffrey and Joanne Petty at 208 Ledge Rock Lane for $498,545.
Far View Farms Development LLC to NVR Inc. at 226 Ledge Rock Lane for $89,000.
Series D Marketing LLC to Brennan Builders Inc. at Lilly Vue Court for $179,500.
Jennifer Few to Douglas Elliot and Susan Ann Campbell at 301 N. Glen Court for $214,000.
Leslie Road Assoc. LLC to NVR Inc. at Olivia Ave. and Curtis Cout for $90,000.
Vista Ridge Estates L.P. to S&A Homes Inc. at Pinnacle Court for $191,000.
Vista Ridge Estates L.P. to S&A Homes Inc. at Pinnacle Court for $95,500.
Daniel Soroka to Richard and Martha Kilbury at 4602 Senate Court for $375,000.
Timothy Vitanza to James and Leigh Lefcakis at 1024 Sophia Lane for $742,500.
Guibert Family Revocable Living Trust to Aaron Houpt at 243 Stoup Road for $285,000.
Camp Trees Partn. L.P. to Arthur and Donna Copsey at 219 Tamarack Drive for $552,890.
Timothy Stanton to Jason and Susan Rich at 2010 W. Grove Drive for $735,000.
Shirley Fockler to Joshua Smith at 301 Parker Pike for $69,900.
Estate of Mary Stapko to Robert Stapko at Hobart Drive for $2,829.
Christopher Jockel to Joseph Berquist at 221 Weeks Road for $148,000.
Betty Riggle to Jeremy and Carly Riggle at 124 Grimm Road for $105,000.
Donald Samosky to Christian and Keri Baker at 185 Mesa Drive for $355,000.
Michael Stanton to Gary and Diana Risch at 114 S. Pike Road for $52,000.
Keystone Rock Properties Inc. to Ethan Frank Jackson at Stepp Road for $120,000.
Executive Properties LLC to Matthew and Alexandra McCune at 522 E. Brady St. for $153,709.
Joseph Torres to Wells Fargo Bank NA at 420 Ridge Ave. for $1,270 by sheriff’s deed.
David Schiebel to Anthony and Jessica Pallone at 122 Wallula Ave. for $120,000.
Estate of Phyllis Ann Diehl to Roman and Brynn Bargo at 104 Artlee Ave. for $159,550.
Dan Green Properties LLC to Robert and Arleen Pryde at 103 Bryson Road for $42,000.
Bruce Wickline to Christopher Kriley Jr. and Megan Kriley at 235 E. Metzger Ave. for $124,900.
Tammy Quercio to Kevin Eugene Krause at 119 Hillvue Drive for $190,000.
Wayne Kauffman et al. to Clyde Wyane IV and Cindy Wyane at 128 Malwood Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $26,385).
Wayne Kauffman et al. to Wayne and Sally Kauffman at Merritt Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $160,800).
Marilyn McCandless to Jeffrey Rodgers at 323 Holyoke Road for $150,000.
Jeremy Tubbs to Wells Fargo Bank NA at 100 Shanahan Road for $1,287 by sheriff’s deed.
Wendy Bello to LSF8 Master Participation Trust at 103 Shanahan Road for $3,648 by sheriff’s deed.
Donna Meals to Brian and Susan Brant at 159 Shroyer Mill Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $137,018).
Housing & Urban Development to Donald Bergbigler at 175 Harris Road for $57,575.
Thomas Hollinger Jr. to Matthew and Shannon Strawbridge at 1329 Prospect Road for $214,000.
Sonoma Valley Partners L.P. to Victor Morrone and Lois Palajsa Morrone at 1031 Silver Oak Drive for $257,900.
Sonoma Valley Partners L.P. to Robert and Deborah Buckley at 1032 Silver Oak Drive for $301,589.
Vincent Troy Ferrainola to Amanda Walker at 115 Stevenson Road for $104,000.
James Swaboda to Katelyn and Jacob Graham at 166 Bayberry Lane for $265,000.
David Pilyih to Brandon and Mollie Hess at 100 Briarwood Lane for $214,900.
Ehrman Farms L.P. to J Heintz Builders at Carry Back Court for $525,000.
John Raymond Heintz to Gary and Mary Brooks at 122 Daliance Court for $715,000.
Todd Charles to Frank Varrati and Brandy Morgan at 416 Deerfield Drive for $219,500.
Paul Horton to Joseph Colatruglio at 209 Hummingbird Hill for $219,000.
Anthony Razzano to David and Abby Schwartz at 138 Kingston Ave. for $189,900.
Anthony Milarski to James and Caitlin Landor at 123 Lewisham Road for $243,500.
Level 2 Development Corp. LLC to Shane and Jennifer Kovack at 123 Pemberley Drive for $165,000.
John Moore trustee to Joshua and Esther Rittner at 103 Pheasant Drive for $211,000.
David Slipko to Paul and Kelly Boscarino at 805 Reigh Count Place for $520,000.
Matthew Tomaszewski to Nicholas Aloisio at 405 St. James Court for $280,000.
Corrine Anderson to Dominic Camasso Jr. at 310 Stockton Ridge #133 for $135,000.
NVR Inc. to Mary Ann Haverlack at 243 Thornapple Lane for $271,540.
Brian Bell to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. at 131 Valley Forge Drive for $308,500.
Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. to Randy and Dawn Walker at 131 Valley Forge Drive for $308,500.
Matthew Eckert to Taylor Kerschbaumer and Jeremiah Barnhart at 141 Medical Center Road for $127,000.
Ronald Deal to Edward and Michele Gnoth at 310 Grant St. for $124,500.
Christopher Smith to Christopher and Terri Hile at W. Slippery Rock Road for $2,500.
William Rieger to Todd Robinson at Rieger Road for $11,316.
Randy Burkett et al. to Peter Donovan at 522 Main St. for $123,000.
Mark Symons to Luke and Megan Homison at 101 Cole Court for $200,000.
Dennis Edmonds to Kayla Schmidt et al. and Michael Schmidt at 103 Cole Court for $188,000.
John Seitz to Frank and Stacey Harrison at 381 Fanker Road for $368,000.
Tollgate Assoc. LLC to Maronda Homes Inc. at Old Hickory Road for $69,900.
Maronda Homes Inc. to Anthony Davis Jr. and Valerie Davis at 107 Old Hickory Road for $306,290.
Linda Cavanaugh to Donald and Cynda Roccia at 410 Ridge Road for $273,900.
Michael Newman to John Newman at 452 Scott Ridge Road for $62,000.
William Anderson to Patricia Barnett at LR 10072 for $37,500.
Volt Asset Holdings Trust XVI to Charles Morgante at 4033 William Flinn Highway for $60,000.
Blackberry Assoc. L.P. to NVR Inc. at Blackberry Lane for $79,798.
Gigliotto Holdings L.P. to NVR Inc. at 125 Deer Meadow Lane for $89,900.
Danny Deal to Matthew Dermyer at 350 Stanford Road for $285,000.
Christina Blymiller to David and Heather Fahrenthold at 106 Blackthorn Drive for $638,000.
Gina Mahood to Joseph Pacella Jr. and Marsha Pacella at 1255 Lake Vue Drive for $250,000.
Laura Bateman to Allen and Sarah Difrischia at 137 Sankey Lane for $200,000.
George Walsh to Evan and Bettina Schnur at 917 Winfield Road for $218,000.
William Kaper to Todd and Kristin Foulk at 1306 W. Park Road for $290,000.
Richard Staudacher to Frank Voelker Jr. and Marie Voelker at 225 S. Jefferson St. for $79,900.
Real estate transactions are provided by RealSTATs, 1911 E. Carson St., Pittsburgh. If you think any part of a listing is incorrect, contact RealSTATs at 412-381-3880 or You also should contact the Butler County Recorder of Deeds at 724-284-5340.
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