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Real Estate Transactions

Published September 26, 2016

Chandi Ray to Amy Pecoraro at 708 Bush Ave. for $234,000.
Andrew Galli to Karen Lunger at 533 E. Vanderbilt Drive for $292,500.
Danne Conrad to Kent and Rosemary Volosin at 2021 Gables Court for $500,000.
NVR to Elizabeth and William Gammie at 236 Gabriel Drive for $540,580.
Fulton Development Co. to NVR at 238 Gabriel Drive for $115,732.
Paul Bosetti to Joseph and Linda Rizza trustee at 1004 Old Orchard Drive for $1,000,000.
NVR to Matthew and Katie McKenna at 110 Olivia Ave. for $447,355.
Gregory Rosko to Sirva Relocation Credit at 103 Ontario Court for $585,000.
Sirva Relocation Credit to Rebecca Muehhlfeld and Tori Muehlfeld at 103 Ontario Court for $585,000.
NVR to Ryan Fennick at 1102 Pointe View Drive for $260,390.
NVR to Barbara and Robert Sheridan at 1102 Pointe View Drive for $292,302.
John Dileo to National Residential Nominee Services at 116 Seaton Crest Drive for $475,000.
National Residential Nominee Services to James Brett and Melissa Felton at 116 Seaton Crest Drive for $475,000.
Scott Montgomery Hnnan to Michael and Amber O’Malley at 1030 Sophia Lane for $650,000.
S&A Homes to Charles Schnorr III and Eileen Schnorr at 212 Tamarack Drive for $614,280.
Estate of Andrew Walter to G. Michael and Jenifer Fleming at 427 W. Route 228 for $154,000.
Stacey Bennett to Jason Roemer and Tierney Lumley at 107 McIntyre Lane for $163,000.
Duane Greilich to Brandy Pomaybo at 517 Parker Road for $225,000.
F&H Property Dev. to Maronda Homes PA at Sarver Road for $64,000.
HSBC Bank USA NA trustee to Mark Manuppelli at 131 Singleton Road for $80,000.
David Thompson et al. to Erik and Sarah Pierwsza at Thompson Road for $3,000.
David Smith to Vincent Moore at 105 First St. for $120,000.
James Northrop to Douglas Wener and Sarah Cornibe Werner at 224 E. Christy Ave. for $166,500.
David Rivers to Danielle Magill and Larry Bell at 504 W. Pearl St. for $87,000.
Rhonda Jewart to Charles Wolford at 113 Deshon Court for $108,900.
Estate of Peggy Jamison to Christopher and Tonya Burgess at 408 Kerry Drive for $268,000.
Catherine Feder to Eric Day at 168 N. Duffy Road for $145,000.
Wyncrest Dev. to Leonard and Jasmine Kiehlmier at 219 Wyncrest Drive for $338,300.
Matthew Bachman to Recon Brewing at 1747 N. Main Street Ext. for $345,000.
Barry Hootman to George and Kelly Janis at 214 South Drive for $350,000.
Joseph Kiley to Lillian Schottland at 127 Windy Drive for $154,000.
Karns McCurdy to John and Barbara Johns at Christy Road for $40,000.
Estate of Edward Madey to Joseph and Robin Gall at 113 Tower Road for $75,000.
Steve Macefe to Nicholas and Jessica Chastain at 315 Kriess Road for $435,000.
Denis Barrett to Anne Delmotte and Palazuelos Miguel Ortiz at 112 Aberdeen Drive for $377,500.
Aaron Hackworth to Sirva Relocation Credit at 446 Anna Marie Drive for $330,000.
Sirva Relocation Credit to Jonathan and Siobhan Huck at 446 Anna Marie Drive for $329,900.
Ehrman Farms to J Heintz Builders at Carry Back Court for $131,900.
Glen Woodside to Charter Homes Woodside at 615 Darlington Road for $118,643.
Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic to Michael Richards Jr. and Michael Richards at 200 Eagle Drive for $255,793.
Christine Wallace to Thomas and Judith Heimerl at 2101 Isleworth Lane for $338,000.
Audrey Pezich to Roy and Laura Bailey at 309 Joan St. for $215,000.
Jessica Tomayko to Laura Felder at 29 Monmouth Drive for $146,000.
Robert Cormier to Jenna Louise Gasparine and Robert Michael Stampfle at 157 Oakview Drive for $555,000.
Dongfeng Li to Marissa and Nicholas Goranitis at 704 Reiser Court for $292,000.
Anthony Poleti to Brad and Colleen Labarbera at 125 Shady Oak Drive for $320,000.
Bryan Wunsche to Sean Riley and Rebecca King at 505 Somerset Drive for $173,000.
Terry Exline to Joseph and Kimberly O’Brien at 381 Steeplechase Drive for $430,000.
Lindsey Markovic to Yun Zhang at 417 Ten Point Lane for $145,750.
Nicholas Roumel et al. to Audrey Pezich at 502 Ten Point Lane for $175,000.
Mary Jean Ostrowski to Ronnie Stringer at 811 Timberwood Drive for $194,900.
John Davis to James and Angela Tully at 640 Waterview Drive for $427,500.
Kristen Rider to John Bowser at 438 Cherry Road for $10,000.
Reibold Assoc. to Maronda Homes at Naughton Circle for $48,500.
Jason Gadsby to Samantha and Paul Carlantonio at 534 Unionville Road for $230,000.
John Whitney to Melissa and Kevin Vespaziani at 316 E. Prairie St. for $152,000.
NVR to Christopher and Christina Eifler at 203 Shannon Court for $389,955.
Richard Roberts Jr. to Rachel Drum at 732 N. Pike Road for $192,000.
Estate of Verna Kriley to Kriley Family at Simon Road and Rennick Road for $228,850.
Gilbert Mershimer to Joseph and Debra King at 4274 William Flynn Highway for $102,000.
NVR to Rakesh and Neha Unnithan at 2010 Blackberry Lane for $341,785.
NVR to Jason and Rachel Graper at 2046 Blackberry Lane for $318,375.
Edward William Thoma to Renee and Gary Hertzler at 257 Kozy Corner Road for $243,000.
Vernon Kerry to Grant Allison Colton III and Dawn Nicole Colton at 122 Kerry Lane for $82,500.
Daniel Hodgkiss to Derek Warburton at 220 O’Donnell Road for $158,000.
Evelyn Graham to Stephen McCaslin at 116 St. Joe Road for $161,000.
Marylou Wilson to Andrew and Julie Rinaman at 237 North Trail for $205,000.
Larry Deringer to Michael and Florence Green at 1111 New Castle Road Route 422 for $215,000.
Linda Harbison to Saxonburg Laundry Co. at Rebecca Street for $200,000.
Robert Eigler to James and Kathleen Hoener at 712 Wilshire Circle for $249,000.
Bonnie Davis to Jerome Oliver at Sout Main Street for $5,000.
Richard Bowman to Richard Bowman at Bowman Lane for $20,000.
Federal Home Loan Mortgage to James Rastetter at 3268 William Flynn Highway for $19,000.
Deborah Bowser to Kimberlee Cook at 132 Beaver Ave. for $124,900.
Real estate transactions are provided by RealSTATs, 1911 E. Carson St., Pittsburgh. To make a correction, contact RealSTATs at 412-381-3880 or; also contact the Butler County Recorder of Deeds at 724-284-5340.
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