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Real Estate Transactions

Published January 16, 2017

John Major to Deanna and Jame Dattilo at 708 Braddock Court for $425,000.
Broerman Real Estate LLC to FMZ Construction & Development Inc. at 839 Callery Road for $150,000.
Camp Trees Partn. L.P. to S&A Homes Inc. at 167 Camp Trees Drive for $145,000.
Far View Farms Dev LLC to NVR Inc. at 225 Far View Lane for $89,000.
NVR Inc. to Christopher and Jerra Lobozzo at 238 Gabriel Drive for $538,455.
Far View Farms Dev LLC to NVR Inc. at 224 Ledge Rock Lane for $85,000.
Leslie Road Assoc. LLC to NVR Inc. at Olivia Ave. for $91,814.
NVR Inc. to Timothy and Autumn Richards at 114 Olivia Ave. for $389,925.
NVR Inc. to Sandeep and Mona Anand at 2904 Pointe View Drive for $258,017.
Courtyards Creekside L.P. to Susan Carol Marks at 127 Raupp Lane for $412,129.
Courtyards Creekside L.P. to Laura Sigurdsson at 134 Raupp Lane for $463,213.
Ventures Trust 2013-1-H-R to Ralph Pennington at 211 Parker St. for $6,500.
Sharyn Gallagher to Casey and Deena Schaal at 205 Crestwood Drive for $305,000.
John M Allen Jr. Family Trust to Andrew Gaver et al. and Toyia Gaver at 104 Hepler Road for $190,000.
Therese Pajer et al. to Mountain Gathering LLC at LR 10024 west of for $555,000.
John Allen Jr. trustee to R&W Estates LLC at S. Pike Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $48,738).
Veterans Administration to Matthew and Gina Wolf at 318 Sarver Road for $87,000.
Estate of William Gallagher to James McCaslin at 616 Third St. for $70,000.
Federal National Mortgage Assn. to David Gold and Madeline Robertson at 308 Brown Ave. for $20,000.
Helen Christy to Gary and Valerie Duncan at 122 Coal St. for $40,000.
Estate of Audrey Whitstone to CKC Properties LLC at 214 E. Penn St. for $49,500.
Nelson Johnson III to Dale Ross at 232 E. Walnut St. for $90,000.
Harbour Portfolio 7 L.P. to DMP Holdings LLC at 323 Howard St. for $3,000.
Rodney Rosen to Herbert and Rita Motter at 444 Miller St. for $77,500.
Paul Brown to Nathan John Gutshall at 218 W. Fulton St. for $134,400.
Callery Solutions LLC to REV Properties LLC at 322 Walnut St. for $46,000.
George Bristen to Jason Lowrey and Michelle Wolensky at 109 Carlynn Drive for $145,000.
Pamela Maas to Mark Harvey at 459 E. Jefferson St. for $100,000.
Grant Harding to Herman Rushing Jr. and Nancy Rushing at 325 Evans City Road for $157,000.
Shane McCleary to Joshua Bombara at 104 McQuistion Road for $116,000.
John Atkinson to James and Shawna Frye at 119 Reiber Road for $299,000.
Trudy Levere to Kent and Claire Sherman at 1305 Tudor Drive for $289,000.
Raymond Walter Houston to Eric and Jody Tack at N. Pine Aire Drive for $10,000.
Kimberly Noble to Jerry and Patricia Feather at 875 Branchton Road for $440,000.
Charles Johnson to Nicholas Emerick and Shawna Weiland at 991 Clearfield Road for $300,000.
Leslie Farms L.P. to NVR Inc. at Cameron Square Drive for $55,000.
Estate of Daniel Zivkovich to Catherine Steffler at 145 Main St. for $129,900.
William Lucas to Christopher Ryan Martinkovich at Connoquenessing Drive for $23,000.
Sean Edinger to Richard and Angela Nickle at 121 LeDonne Lane for $155,500.
Park Place Marketing LLC to NVR Inc. at 234 Boardwalk Drive for $95,182.
Jamie Thomas to Mukunthan Panchalingam and Jenifer Williams at 297 Cottingham Place for $415,000.
NVR Inc. to Alayna Keeeling at 307 Courage Lane for $251,460.
NVR Inc. to Souvanu Satapathy and Swagatika Mishra at 309 Courage Lane for $273,680.
NVR Inc. to Kurt Reemtsen at 302 Cross Creek Drive for $255,500.
Glen Woodside L.P. to Charter Homes Woodside Inc. at 615 Darlington Road for $118,643.
Estate of Cheryl Stanley to Gabriel Moreno and Nancy Policicchio at 1205 Dutilh Road for $96,000.
Michael Dodson to Jamie and Laura Mae Thomas at 217 Erin Drive for $619,900.
Jinho Park to Jesse and Jennifer Janson at 106 Havenwood Drive for $377,500.
Singer Holdings L.P. to Forest Edge L.P. at 181 Hope Road for $6,195,000.
Steven Deffenbaugh to John and Chelsea Hunt at 160 Hunter Drive for $375,000.
Ryan James Koch to James Battista at 128 Lewisham Road for $229,000.
Vivek Kumar to John and Tammy White at 413 Quarter Horse Lane for $850,000.
Bret Park to Jordan Tyler and Trena Mains at 914 Stockton Ridge for $180,000.
Nina Kraynik to Barry Earle Leicher Jr. and Laura Leslie Leicher at 259 Oak Road for $80,000.
Richard Mockenhaupt LLC to REV Properties LLC at 549 E. Main St. for $70,000.
Estate of Edward Kroll to Lydia Grace Berkopec at 341 South St. for $69,900.
Estate of Virginia McClain to Max and Monica Summerville at 1228 Kittanning Pike for $23,101.
Maronda Homes Inc. to Terrence and Kristie Moran at 223 Nursery Road for $296,048.
Misty Hogan to Gregory and Jessica Parker at 132 Rieger Road for $182,000.
Estate of Dale Harkness to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. at 367 Unionville Road for $10,000 by sheriff’s deed.
Cumberland Communities LLC to Harrisville Borough at Prairie St. for $75,000.
Jackson Park Development Assoc. L.P. to NVR Inc. at 434 Isabella Court for $74,117.
Jackson Park Development Assoc. L.P. to NVR Inc. at 430 Isabella St. for $74,117.
Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic LLC to Ronald and Sandra West at 204 Millstream Lane for $356,181.
Maronda Homes Inc. to Stonewood Group LLC at 128-132 Rylie Drive for $223,332.
Jeffrey Rodden to Christopher and Melanie Durham at 169 Hannahstown Road for $40,000.
John Pelkey to Gary McComb at 120 Reay Lane for $165,000.
Estate of Joan Bischoff to Terry and Christine Thompson at 135 Rockdale Road for $219,000.
Vivian Palack trustee to Joseph and Roberta Yakich at Albert Road for $40,000.
Daniel Cratty to Kert and Kristie Schumacher at T58 for $350,000.
Aaron Zaliponi to Sarah Maxim and Sarah Anne Darrin at 140 Browns Hill Road for $425,000.
NVR Inc. to William and Jennifer Giesler at 4056 Nightingale Drive for $395,810.
Mike Dalton to James and Maria Chvala at 930 Perry Highway for $245,000.
Estate of James William White to Robert Weihaus at 462 Stanford Road for $90,200.
James Ashe to Brian and Tina Alben at 137 Beulah Road for $84,500.
William Hutterer to Christopher and Kristina Adler at 226 Brownsdale Road for $692,500.
Randy Testa to John Sherman at 1262 Lake Vue Drive for $186,000.
James Beck to Tracey Schwartz at 2 Trillium Circle for $323,900.
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Donald and Shelley Clark at 111 Wildwood Drive for $407,500.
Paul Roth to Dwight Boice at 109 Lafayette St. for $11,000.
Estate of Gertrude Duke to Thomas and Sara Donehue at 130 State St. for $150,000.
Pascoe Builders to Christy Tichy at 116 Arlington Drive for $150,000.
Alan Morgan to Li Pu at 100 Kelly Blvd. for $245,000.
Iris Miller to Christian Cockrock at 137 Linden Lane for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $45,667).
Bonnie Davis to Joshua and Rebecca Thomas at Miller Road for $35,000.
Alberta Kabel to James and Kelly Bahorich at 923 Bonniebrook Road for $125,000.
Estate of Adeline Magee to Gary and Deborah Hofstetter at 2083 Three Degree Road for $92,000.
Kim Achey et al. to Lyn Nesbitt and John Sorbo at Tall Oak Lane for $7,500.
Cody Shaner to Phyllis Allen at 212 Dominican Way for $205,000.
Gretchen Schmidtke to Dolores Jean Von Hofen at 404 Hazel St. for $125,000.
Dilts Enterprises LLC to Christopher Douglas and Jessica Lynn Owens at 103 Hillside Drive for $210,000.
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