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Real Estate Transactions

Published February 8, 2016

ADAMS Township
Brian Radford to Rebecca Novak and Andrew Cangey at 174 Broadstone Drive for $364,995.
Ryan Dewey to Gregory and Suzanne Hull at 218 Hespenheide Road for $228,300.
Robert Finney to Paul Anthony and Patricia Polansky at 121 Hidden Oak Drive for $490,000.
Brian Sondej to Christopher Sprando at 707 Norwegian Spruce Drive for $212,000.
Adams Pointe 3 L.P. to NVR Inc. at Pointe View Drive for $300,000.
Lisa Gerrety to Patrick Santavicca at 114 Southern Valley Court for $194,900.
Robert Dennis Beckert to Robert and Wisam Guerriere at 202 Windham Lane for $329,500.
BUFFALO Township
Maronda Homes Inc. PA to Damian Joseph and Nichole Cherise Glass at 107 Norfolk Drive for $252,000.
Wilbert Montgomery to David and Donna Michael at 109 Stepp Road for $120,000.
John Larabee to Amber Leissner trustee at 118 Stratford Drive for $238,000.
Amber Leissner trustee to Daniel and Shawna Corfield at 118 Stratford Drive for $238,000.
Dale Lipan to Michael and Nella Gery at 412 Charles St. for $86,000.
Teresa English Christy to Clark and Kathy Sawyer at 129 N. Washington St. for $87,500.
Estate of Eleanor Marie Potter to Thomas and Sandra Bowser at 435 Shore St. for $27,000.
Housing & Urban Development to Jason Joseph and Marilyn Michelle Bresnahan at 519 W. Brady St. for $22,400.
Thomas Schmitt to Ethan Heimstead at 206 W. Fulton St. for $99,900.
Michele Sacco to Daniel Hyatt at 316 W. Wayne St. for $23,000.
Danielle Fisher et al. to Anthony and Sarah Valerio at 250 Wallula Ave. for $124,000.
Thomas Kemp Hammonds to Thomas and Cynthia Joa Harmon at 338 Ziegler Ave. for $25,000.
Brian Ferne to Jayne Martin at 5332 Colonial Ave. for $85,000.
Robert Lindsay to Cary Gregor at 106 E. Rockenstein Ave. for $129,000.
Mark Schuler Jr. to Nathan Aspelin at 206 Evans City Road for $125,000.
Estate of Donald Dombart to Mark and Paula McDaniel at 105 Firbank Drive for $174,500.
Tombuco Inc. to SMS Holdings LLC et al. at McCalmont Road for $70,000.
Estate of Barbara Werner to James McQuiston at 148 N. Duffy Road for $122,500.
Wayne Nerone to Greenwood Butler L.P. at Old Eberhart Road for $6,000.
Donald Hilliard to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 138 Plateau St. for $1,823 by sheriff’s deed.
Sheila Kley to Linda Heller at 145 Victor Road for $138,500.
Anna Mae Geibel to Amy and Donald Spangler at 108 Woodlawn Road for $146,000.
Tammy Gardner to Jodi Deal at 108 Staples Ave. for $108,150.
CENTER Township
Anne Mook to Francis Walters at 436 Cherokee Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $82,965).
Thomas Wiles to Roger and Amy Lutz at 315 Lakewood Drive for $269,900.
James McQuiston to David Gann and Brian Eaton at 311 Redbrush Road for $275,000.
Michael Fisher to Michael Stewart at 137 Pine Ridge Drive for $200,000.
Daniel Fennell to Jason Kenning and Crystal Schoth at 103 County Line Road for $45,000.
Darlene Biernesser to Ronald and Kristen Duckstein at 349 Deer Creek Road for $328,000.
Concord Cemetery Assn. to Concord Township at Harper Road for $8,000.
Karen Jancel to Daniel Gordon at 108 Hawk Drive for $21,000.
Gary Stirling to Palmiero Realty Butler LLP at Kreiss Road for $325,000.
Bruce Graham to Matthew and Tammy Stellfox at 147 Winterwood Drive for $199,900.
The Glen at Wooside L.P. to Charter Homes Woodside Inc. at Darlington Road for $118,643.
Estate of Catherine Christ to Leslie Simpson at 77A Dutilh Road for $139,900.
Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Inc. to Marlene Burlett at 232 Eagle Drive for $250,000.
Robert Lozowski to Stephen and Lisa Tessier at 226 Gate Dancer Drive for $467,000.
Mark Kania to David Allen and Jean Ann Santoro at 104 Hampshire Drive for $273,500.
Mashuda Enterprises L.P. to Barron Investments L.P. at Old Perry Highway for $323,000.
Michele Simpson to Leslie Ann Simpson at Old Perry Highway for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $2,357).
Greg Nayman to Sai Real Estate LLC at 519 Ten Point Lane for $175,000.
Robert Steiner to Kevin McNeillie at 606 Warwick Lane for $267,000.
VVV Enterprises LLC to Joyfare LLC at 361 Wealdstone Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $201,990).
VVV Enterprises LLC to Joyfare LLC at 363 Wealdstone Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $219,342).
Todd Erdos to Brandon and Tracy Pfab at 118 Windsor Court for $324,900.
Surreal Alpaca Farm LLC to LMJ Farm Co. at 6187 Brown Road for $725,000.
Janice Marie Hicks to Ryan and Stacey Wolkiewicz at Old Route 68 for $192,500.
Jeremy Plummer to Ann Ackerman at 402 Shingle Oak Lane for $475,000.
Daniel Wilson to Jesse and Brandi Anderson at 114 Old Little Creek Road for $263,500.
Tollgate Assoc. LLC to Maronda Homes Inc. at 222 Old Hickory Road for $71,900.
William Stanton Brown Jr. trustee to Tammy and James Gardner at 117 Old Little Creek Road for $189,900.
Maronda Homes Inc. to Lawrence and Tabatha Miller at 145 Rylie Drive for $207,637.
Jackson Park Dev Assoc. L.P. to NVR Inc. at Tollgate Road for $72,664.
Albert Gonzales Jr. to Randall Ours at 5000 Blue Heron Court for $426,667.
Gigliotti Holdings L.P. to NVR Inc. at Nightingale Drive for $89,900.
Mitchell Lutynsky to Carol A O’Brien Living Trust at 122 S. Butler St. for $232,000.
Barbara Francois to Levent and Ashley Salman at 103 Woodhaven Drive for $144,000.
Michael Sullivan to Station Solutions LLC at 448 Center St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $139,809).
SR Dev Properties L.P. to RDHH LLC at New Castle St. for $10,000.
John Zanella to M Zanella Enterprises LLC at 110 N. Main St. for $302,342.
Andrew Brosenitsch to Jason Brailey and Robert Bricker at 300 Linn Ave. for $119,900.
Allan Randolph to Brian and Jackie Plyler at 1045 Winfield Road for $195,000.
Real Estate Transactions provided by RealSTATs. Contact RealSTATs at 412-381-3880 or visit Published February 6, 2016

Primrose Homes recently sold property on Sugar Creek Drive in Butler Township to Hurstrock Holdings LLC for $42,000, according to the Butler County Reorder of Deeds. An incorrect seller was in the real estate listing in Monday’s Butler Eagle.
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