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Real Estate Transactions

Published October 5, 2015

Helen Kowalsky to Kristi Collins at 226 Adams Pointe Blvd. 9 for $145,000.
Joseph E Urso Family Revocable Trust to Linda Parrish at 1803 Appleridge Court for $380,000.
David Rogers to Craig and Cathie Brennan at 203 Appleridge Court for $480,000.
Jose Cabezas to John and Dana Craig at 401 Appleridge Court for $365,000.
Erik Duffy to Douglas and Katharine Johnston at 102 Brighton Lane for $438,888.
James Lybarger to Lisa Doverspike and Francis Michael Corica at 139 Brighton Lane for $319,900.
Kellen McGee to Amanda Pavlick at 229 Broadstone Drive for $290,000.
Chad Nichols to Nicolas Petrus and Cornia Vanwyk at 231 Broadstone Drive for $292,000.
Mark Frazier to Teri List Still at 916 Champlain Place for $1,800,000.
Leslie Road Assoc. LLC to NVR Inc. at 108 Curtis Road for $90,000.
Simon Pfister to Richard Beatty Jr. and Mary Ann McCulloch at 544 E. Vanderbilt Drive for $309,000.
NVR Inc. to Daniel and Shannon App at 213 Gabriel Drive for $565,680.
NVR Inc. to Dana and Gregory Miller at 317 Longmore Drive for $689,045.
Jean Pierce Revocable Living Trust to Martha Landy at 8633 Lost Valley Drive for $231,500.
Connie Walker to John and Debra Zduriencik at 1012 Old Orchard Drive for $770,000.
William Radish to Donald and Vilma Tallarom at 1203 Shinnecock Court for $397,000.
Brent Doan to Kenneth Judson Jr. and Michele Hipsky at 219 Sycamore Drive for $800,000.
Geoffrey Bebb to James and Susan Hugg at 535 W. Village Green Blvd. for $234,000.
Walter Frint to Richard and Alice Crisman at 241 Parker Pike for $153,000.
Harry Hutchison to Steven and Rebecca Bump at 158 Main St. for $60,500.
Timothy Wurzer to Steve Booth at 972 Lyn Road for $135,000.
F & H Property Dev LLC to Maronda Homes Inc. PA at Sarver Road for $192,000.
Dennis Hartle to Ashley Smith and Nathan Farster at 123 St. Paul St. for $57,000.
Kaja Holdings 2 LLC to Qureem Ali Overton and Jamie Lynette at 306 Virginia Ave. for $33,250.
Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Douglas Smith at 113 Blair Drive for $87,500.
Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Samuel Property Group LLC at 216 Havenhill Drive for $90,000.
Douglas Nemeth to John and Amanda McLaughlin at 212 Home Ave. for $118,500.
George Reffert III to David Welter at 320 Main St. for $19,500.
Lloyd Eagal to Olivia Rose Eagal and Jared Vose at 517 Meridian Road for $135,300.
Daniel O’Brien to Hope Hartle at 240H Whitestown Village for $78,400.
Steve Fisher to Amber and Erik Bohin at 108 Belleshire Drive for $273,250.
Arda McAndrew to Brenway Properties LLC at 637 Glenwood Way for $110,596.
Richard Schwa to Donald James and Helen Myers at 295 Holyoke Road for $270,000.
John Herold et al. to Cambridge Healthcare Solutions PA L.P. at N. Duffy Road for $2,990,000.
Estate of Barbara Lambermont to James Pyles at 169 S. Benbrook Road for $129,900.
Rebecca Toogood to Suzanne Colon at 465 Sunset Drive for $113,000.
Nathan James Campbell to Brandon Ottinger at 453 Hall Road for $267,900.
Marcy Tromblee to Kevin Weisenstein at 139 Shroyer Mill Road for $167,900.
Christopher Mullen to Marilyn Pitkivitch at 132 Knoch Road for $225,000.
Mark Dubnansky to Matthew Nebel and Kathryn Ramsdell at 645 Saxonburg Blvd. for $286,000.
James lanica to Christine Neigh at 321 Westminster Road for $285,000.
Joseph Remic III to Maura Ziemski at 317 Bellford Court for $124,900.
Michelle Switala to Tyler Biedenbach at 715 Doe Ridge for $131,500.
John Allen to Jonathan Mastalski at 214 E. Commons Drive for $119,900.
Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Inc. to Genaro Romito Jr. and Pamela Romito at 238 Eagle Drive for $254,070.
Glen Eden Road Partners LLC to Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Inc. at 336 Eagle Drive for $85,000.
Gary Lee to Donald and Gayle Speicher at 204 Elmhurst Circle for $440,000.
Foxwood L.P. to Ronald Heurich Jr. and Mary Louise Heurich at 500 Foxwood Drive for $1,750,000.
SCI Development Co. Inc. to Jeremy and Jennifer Evans at Franklin Road for $155,000.
Lawrence Pratt to Frank Van Oudenhove at 602 Golden Ridge Court for $300,000.
Kyle Wiederspan to Christopher and Aimee Sammon at 302 Hillcrest Drive for $342,500.
Alex Downing to Janet Attanucci at 205 Jacobs Court for $385,000.
Ian Beck to Matthew and Shannon Wasilewski at 147 Lewisham Road for $254,500.
Nicholas Hartman to Andrew and Sarah Davic at 725 Little Creek Lane for $350,000.
Marshall Klingensmith to Mitchell Lewis and Courtney Strasser at 930 Lynwood Court for $144,900.
Sean Baldis to David and Kaitlyn Brazauskas at 419 Mallard Drive for $490,000.
Riddle Properties LLC to Chester Ekis Jr. and Cynthia Ekis at 131 Parkwood Drive for $118,000.
Foxmoor Properties LLC to Krysha Digiammarino at 402 Stockton Ridge for $138,000.
Karen Ostrowski to David and Tammy Thistlethwaite at 423 Sussex Drive for $160,000.
Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Inc. to Matthew Saines at 301 Trafalgar Square for $254,400.
Colin Donley to Jennifer Mahoney at 120 Woodbine Drive for $280,000.
Paul Bohin to Sherry Morrow at Blatt Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $2,938).
Russell Stroup to Peter and Maya Boggess at 201 Hill St. for $155,000.
Mary Lou Harrold to John Deal III and Amanda Grossman at 105 High St. for $30,000.
Richard Collier to Shawn Welker at 1501 Kittanning Pike for $35,000.
Maronda Homes Inc. to Christopher and Nicole Mignano at 115 Naughton Circle for $381,729.
Maronda Homes Inc. to John Freeman Jr. and Lenis Freeman at 127 Naughton Circle for $286,605.
Maronda Homes Inc. to Troy and Julie Stiffler at 137 Naughton Circle for $265,386.
Raymond Sweetapple to Melissa Vaughn at 385 Reibold Road for $143,000.
Bo Ro Pennsylvania Inc. to Eric Snyder at 600 Prairie St. W Ext. for $3,000.
Jackson Park Dev Assoc. L.P. to NVR Inc. at Ella Brooke Drive for $72,664.
Estate of Sandra Galat to Michael Berger at 201 Jo Deener Drive for $197,500.
Benjamin Green to Kevin and Kathryn Carlie Little at 196 Lutz Road for $235,000.
Tollgate Assoc. LLC to Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Inc. at 226 Millstream Lane for $72,900.
Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Inc. to Richar and Robyn O’Neill at 228 Old Hickory Road for $301,355.
Pennsylvania American Water Co. to Cory R Fox Inc. at Whitney Drive for $40,000.
William Tackett Jr. to Kristine and Matthew Connor at 103 Janice Lane for $270,000.
Russell Gotwald Jr. to Thomas and Debra Bayle at 151 Camp Run Road for $239,900.
Montgomery Block Works Inc. to Montgomery Block Works LLC at Boomerang Road for $100,000.
Wayne Donaldson to Montgomery Block Works Inc. at Boyers Road for $100,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $883,875).
Brent Irvin to Duane and Nicole Schueller at 2026 Eagle Ridge Drive for $495,000.
Walter Zacherl to Thomas and Bridget Huerbin at 113 Kyle Road for $234,900.
Daniel Noullet to Ryan Cumberland and Alexandra Sutton at McGinley and Seven Hills roads for $33,000.
Dorothy Stalker to Darryl Everett at 2319 Kittanning Pike for $24,000.
Shawn Davis to Melanie and James Heckman at 123 Deer Trail Lane for $230,000.
Estate of Florence Neely to Russell Alan and Rebecca Lee Ray at 341 Mushrush Road for $83,000.
Estate of Howard Larson Graham Jr. to Wendy Susan Schnitzki at 411 Aberhold Road for $105,000.
Robert Riember to Deborah and David Danner at 113 S. Butler St. for $204,000.
Nathan Lyons to Meagan Fogel at 136 Mosside Loop for $141,000.
Christopher Mignano to Stephen and Stacey Miske at 924 Northridge Drive for $396,500.
David Flynn to Ryan Caligiuri at 100 Stoney Creek Court for $145,000.
Kristy Broze to Elizabeth Pope at 144 Woodhaven Drive for $135,000.
Estate of Ruth Sankey to Trent Kreutz at 449 Grove City Road for $125,000.
Thomas Koester to Jerry and E Marlene McLaine at 203 Stoughton Road for $50,000.
Estate of Mildred Neigh to Jason and Casey Simpson at 287 St. Wendelin Road for $150,000.
Ricky Rogers to Gary Trilli at 137 Cruikshank Road for $335,000.
Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Todd Erdlen at 373 Moorehead Drive for $97,000.
Thomas McChesney to Bernard James Riley Jr. and Rebekah Riley at 301 E. New Castle St. for $214,000.
Kenneth Lee Miller to Matthew Gerginski at 319 W. New Castle St. for $147,000.
Real estate transactions are provided by RealSTATs, 1911 E. Carson St., Pittsburgh. If you think any part of a listing is incorrect, contact RealSTATs at 412-381-3880 or You also should contact the Butler County Recorder of Deeds at 724-284-5340. Published September 28, 2015

Lillian Power to Charles and Nancy Woods at 9037 Audubon Drive for $425,000.
Michele Gaiser to G Michael and Jenifer Fleming at Callery Road for $30,000.
Andrew Orsini to Artem Bentsionov and Natalia Potoska at 242 Cliffside Drive for $340,000.
John Pawlowicz III to Stephen and Lauren Black at 638 E. Village Green Blvd. for $250,000.
Eric Huffman to Kyle and Melody Apthorpe at 111 Heritage Creek Drive for $400,000.
NVR Inc. to Michael McCullough and Kelly Heffner at 220 Ledge Rock Lane for $409,460.
NVR Inc. to Eric Cyphers at 101 Olivia Ave. for $428,370.
NVR Inc. to Abena Boampong and Nana Wilberforce at 105 Olivia Ave. for $419,975.
Vista Ridge Estates L.P. to Mark and Diana Miller at 202 Pinnacle Court for $448,000.
NVR Inc. to Ahamed and Fathima Aboosally at 1605 Pointe View Drive for $244,945.
NVR Inc. to Paul McDonald and Carol White at 1606 Pointe View Drive for $266,780.
NVR Inc. to Kevin and Rebecca Kelso at 209 Shadow Rock Lane for $434,550.
Roger Hull to Michael and Dana Livatino at 216 Tamarack Drive for $652,000.
Thomas O’Shields to National Transfer Services LLC at 313 Three Point Road for $317,500.
National Transfer Services LLC to Joshua and Tessa Vanderlee at 313 Three Point Road for $317,500.
Vista Ridge Estates L.P. to Justin and Jaclyn Bloom at 134 Vista Ridge Lane for $476,120.
Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Inc. to Timothy Zorn and Amy Schillinger at 323 Eagle Drive for $445,880.
Estate of Waldo Bulford to Joseph Coy at 213 Cole Road for $59,400.
Barbara Lehmann trustee to Ralph and Robert Fiorita at 112 Oak Manor Drive for $250,000.
David Kane to Jonathan Tod and Lori Ann Daniska at Route 228 for $115,000.
Kleber Jay Minich to Keystone Rock Properties Inc. at Stepp Road for $120,000.
Thomas Rodgers Jr. to Robert and Patricia Schnur trustee at 219 E. Brady St. for $60,917.
Shawn Kloker to PHH Mortgage Corp. at 214 E. Fulton St. for $1,532 by sheriff’s deed.
Brianne Hall et al. to Wells Fargo Bank NA at 217 Eau Claire St. for $1,638 by sheriff’s deed.
Fred Vero to Dustin Lee Neff at 152 N. Elm St. for $7,000.
Christian Mueller to Veterans Administration at 510 N. Washington St. for $1,228 by sheriff’s deed.
Gary Petrie to Jordan Hout and Chloe Ryder at 727 S. Main St. for $87,000.
Paul Plakidas to Linda Madliger at 814 S. Main St. for $114,000.
Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Kaja Holdings 2 LLC at 100 Sundale St. for $6,255.
Mark Worster to Tyler and Kristen Rattigan at 102 Alyeshire Road for $195,000.
Estate of Helen Edwards to C Jerome and Jean Binus at Blair Drive for $200 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $10,562) by sheriff’s deed.
Nancy Mae Parker to Kerilyn and Steven Lyon at 123 Dershimer Ave. for $178,000.
Diane Lynn Cottone to Andrea Geibel at 263 Meridian Road for $120,000.
Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Rebecca White and Adam Nicholas at 542 Meridian Road for $24,000.
Mary Hutchinson to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA at 216 Penn Ave. for $1,624 by sheriff’s deed.
James Coulter to Jamie Voigt and Matthew Cutshall at 445 Preston Drive for $190,747.
Brian Skwirut to Amanda Kniess at 5 Randolph St. for $108,000.
Mary Jean Richter trustee to Kimberly Hrvoich at 101 Randy Drive for $192,250.
Keith Duncil to Cassandra Duncil at 557 S. Benbrook Road for $100,000.
Nancy Hefley to Elizabeth Roach Kaiser and Barry Kaiser Jr. at 120 Beechwood Blvd. for $144,250.
Ronald Aul to Community Options Inc. at 115 Ietto Drive for $210,000.
Nicholas Graham to Community Options Inc. at 147 LaRay Drive for $171,000.
Donna Daniels et al. to William and Jackie Lyons at 360 Red Dog Road for $165,000.
Estate of Clifford Winfield Best to Jessica Woessner at 106 Thornley Drive for $171,000.
Paula Coulter to Matthew and Shannon Campbell at 230 New Hope Road for $58,000.
David Souza to D Lance and Nicole Fox at 2100 West Sunbury Road for $265,000.
Housing & Urban Development to Steele Rentals LLC at 227 Central Ave. for $34,000.
Karen Duncan to Justin and Ashley Plaiste at 276 Euclid Road for $138,900.
Michael Rini to Jonathan and Sara Schaffer at 300 Violet Court for $374,000.
Leslie Farms L.P. to Pitell Contracting Inc. at Shelton Place for $180,000.
Donald Fleming to Joseph Darby at Leopard Road for $2,500.
Carol Eyerman to Pamela Yeschenko at 101 Averys Way for $375,000.
Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Inc. to Jeremy and Michelle Burden at 104 Birdie Drive for $384,990.
Flash Point Partn. LLC to Benjamin Jude and Kristen Ann Mack at 37 Burke Road for $195,000.
Timothy Kopanias to Bryan and Kelly Pyle at 404 Christinas Court for $356,000.
Jean Clark to Walter Iwasevic at 501 Edinboro Court for $150,000.
M. Jane Bice to Amanda Jo and Patrick Furey at 7326 Franklin Road for $215,100.
Waford Dailey III trustee to Heather and Ryan Condon at 4060 Glen Eden Road for $270,800.
Glenn Labas to Ryan Smaretsky at 316 Haldeman Drive for $277,500.
Brian Rosenbaum to William and Melanie Yarussi at 101 Lawnview Court for $345,000.
Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Inc. to Xinchao Zhang and Li Meng at Lineman Place for $248,000.
Park Place Development Assoc. L.P. to NVR Inc. at Mewes Lane for $260,149.
UMH Properties Inc. to UMH PA Forest Park LLC at Powell Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $771,808).
David Clapp to William Horace Martin IV and Bridget Martin at 611 Redwood Court for $425,000.
US Bank NA trustee to Richard Vanpelt at 918 Sunset Circle for $131,775.
Henry Yaros to Lori Zona at 545 Ten Point Lane for $194,000.
Steven Kopelic to Sirva Relocation Credit LLC at 199 Village Drive for $386,500.
Sirva Relocation Credit LLC to Jesse James and Kristin Marie Barnholdt at 199 Village Drive for $386,500.
William Bell Jr. trustee to Jeffrey and Meryl Berger at 358 Wealdstone Road for $385,000.
Bryan Pyle to Matthew and Brandie Lee Jacobs at 112 Wyndmere Drive for $227,900.
JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to Ryan Johnson at 222 Franklin St. for $89,250.
Dana Shay to Michael Campbell at Main St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $73,271).
Maronda Homes Inc. to Richard Joseph Hufnagel at 139 Naughton Circle for $283,161.
Rose Fiser to Daniel and Leslie Mutz at 116 Shady Creek Lane for $20,000.
E & E Chestnut Developers LLC to Walter and Sandra Zacherl at 451 Stonecliff Lane for $231,900.
James Martin to Douglas Ferensic at 205 Bennett St. for $200 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $48,376) by sheriff’s deed.
Elmer Graham to Devon Agostino at 317 N. Main St. for $107,000.
Dorthy Bollinger to Angelena and Richard Glaser at 431 W. Prairie St. for $127,500.
Mary Bartolo to Erik and Abbie Duffy at 254 E. Solomon Court for $795,000.
Jackson Park Dev Assoc. L.P. to NVR Inc. at Foley Lane for $72,664.
Heather Rekalske to Rachel and Daniel Jeannerat at 420 Zehner School Road for $206,303.
Robert Weaver Jr. to Timothy and Bonnie Potter at 102 Longvue Drive for $193,400.
Patricia Marshall to Stephen Marshall at 121 Browns Hill Road for $31,068.
Tracy Gillam to Justin and Kelly Lynn Searle at 1003 Marsh Drive for $450,000.
Regina Jensen to Mark Bartley at 112 Virginia St. for $205,000.
Lois Palajsa to Eric and Beth Ann Huffman at 197 W. Cruikshank Road for $400,000.
Douglas Harris to George and Tracy Daw at 1580 Perry Highway for $92,000.
Thomas Brucker to Thaddeus and Leigh Fry at 238 Dinnerbell Road for $131,200.
Mary Lou Harmon to Rebecca Myers at 112 Harmon Lane for $15,000.
Jane Osborn to Richard and Susan Smith at 304 Kaolin Drive for $175,000.
Estate of Marjorie Paulsen to Frank Pinto Jr. and Barbara Jo Pinto at 803 Magnolia Court for $93,000.
Carol Kreider to Vittorio and Nina Palombizio at 128 Hillvue Drive for $183,000.
Tad Davis Campagna to Christopher and Kayla Ward at 111 Oak St. for $194,500.
Paul Soursa to Crossroads Baptist Church Slippery Rock at Unknown Address for $51,000.
Clayton Cupec to LSF8 Master Participation Trust at 551 Branchton Road for $20,000 by sheriff’s deed.
Annette Early to Dess and Bernadette Schnur at 2147 Highland Drive for $63,000.
Nancy Gaiser to Michael Mazurek at 116 Kennedy Lane for $134,900.
Dawn Shook to Catherine Satterwhite at 71 George St. for $135,000.
Donald Luffy to Randal Smith at 2879 Oneida Valley Road for $900 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $103,636) by sheriff’s deed.
Zachary Kile to Kristen Testa at 322 Winfield Road for $129,900.
Michael Rogers et al. to Craig Handlovic at 159 Studebaker Road for $79,000.
Albert Bucklew to Timothy and Sarah Wilson at 344 E. Grandview Ave. for $190,000.
Joseph Doty to Jeffrey Miller Jr. and Krista Suave at 408 McKim St. for $150,000.
Real estate transactions are provided by RealSTATs, 1911 E. Carson St., Pittsburgh. If you think any part of a listing is incorrect, contact RealSTATs at 412-381-3880 or You also should contact the Butler County Recorder of Deeds at 724-284-5340.
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