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Real Estate Transactions

Published October 17, 2016

Elizabeth Spagnolo to Laurie Mattock at 248 Adams Pointe Blvd. 3 for $130,900.
Mortimer C Rand Living Trust to Brian Frazin at 215 Downieville Road for $207,400.
Jay Funyak to Michael and Kathryn Lukacs at 7005 Eagle Road for $330,000.
Diane Scanlon to Robert Phillip Cornell Jr. and Catherine Cornell at 101 Eagleview Court for $516,206.
Michael Scarver to Robin and Karin Horner at 574 Evergreen Court for $325,000.
Andritz Herr Vossv Stamco Inc. to FBC Chemical Corp. at 1120 Mars Evans City Road for $750,000.
Robin Edward Horner to Alexander and Rachele Massey at 5040 Northfield Drive for $475,000.
NVR Inc. to Michael and Sarah Unruh at 119 Olivia Ave. for $459,845.
NVR Inc. to Curtis and Flora Patrick at 148 Olivia Ave. for $464,010.
NVR Inc. to David and Danielle Greco at 1103 Pointe View Drive for $305,922.
NVR Inc. to Susan Maziar and Robert Morrison at 1103 Pointe View Drive for $297,227.
NVR Inc. to Erika Arbogast at 1105 Pointe View Drive for $320,037.
John Strobel to Karen Badger at 3103 Pointe View Drive for $298,000.
Barry Schneider to Autumn Humes at 216 Southern Valley Court for $205,225.
Oneida Valley Properties LLC to Allegheny River Irrevocable Family Trust at 3833 Oneida Valley Road for $275,000.
Sandra Drahos to Andrew Rogel and Amy Simak Rogel at Ekastown Road for $35,000.
Estate of Florence Dryden to Christine Heiner at 610 Third St. for $88,700.
Estate of Melvin Bachman to Michael Foy Wilkerson at 230 Federal St. for $106,000.
Kenneth Hile to Jodi Laughlin at 423 N. Bluff St. for $116,000.
William Wigton to Brian Olson at 519 N. McKean St. for $160,000.
Jason Guntrum et al. to Jason Guntrum at 116 W. Boyd Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $15,268).
Allen Murphy IV to Glenn Vincent at 610 W. Penn St. for $10,000.
Randy Elliott et al. to Ryan Parker at 221 Wallula Ave. for $58,000.
David Peters Jr. to Donald White Jr. at 113 Easy St. for $180,000.
Paul Jahn to Jeffrey and Susan Campbell at 205 Haven Hill Drive for $41,000.
John Prichard to William and Diane Wilson at 108 Holland Drive for $187,000.
Victor Buckowsky to Jason and Jennifer Fesler at 123 Ralston Ave. for $215,000.
Maryann Sheppeck to Howard Fleeger Jr. at 107 September Drive for $135,000.
Raylene Muto to Jennie Ness at 105 Stoneridge Blvd. for $149,000.
Karen Badger to Dale Vanlaningham Jr. and Kelly Vanlaningham at 442 Cherokee Drive for $215,000.
Patrick Diamond to Janice Taylor at 113 Covington Road for $260,000.
Dena Matthews et al. to Dena Matthews at 317 N. Duffy Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $53,095).
JT Butler LLC to JS Clearview L.P. at 1520 N. Main Street Ext. for $1,100,000.
National Residential Nominee Services In to Patrick and Jessica Diamond at 111 Pheasant Ridge Drive for $367,000.
Knoch Farms Dev LLC to Tamara Hudson at 1101 Carriage Lane for $235,985.
Citizens Bank PA to Creekside Rentals LLC at 818 Saxonburg Blvd. for $52,000.
Pitell Contracting Inc. to Rose Ann Krilcich at 129 Shelton Place Drive for $250,000.
E. Douglas Newton to Brent Kelly at 604 Little Creek for $50,000.
Larry Best to Kenneth Ubrey Jr. and Denise Ubrey at 111 Raven Road for $70,000.
S&A Homes Inc. to Anthony and Linda Rocco at 235 Bentbrook Circle for $324,349.
Scott Zemba to John and Colleen Mote at 507 Brandywine Drive for $161,000.
Jeremy Draskovich to Taylor Schnur at 589 Brandywine Drive for $153,500.
Randy Kreider to Nathan and Sheri Sturm at 425 Canterbury Trail for $370,000.
Susan Boyles to Kelly Stewart at 268 Clearbrook Court for $174,000.
Frank Jenkins to Jason and Carrie Hoeltzel at 410 Deerfield Drive for $229,000.
Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic LLC to Menachem and Kristin Braun at 325 Eagle Drive for $419,891.
Sara Cahall to Molly Beach at 7710A Franklin Road for $156,000.
Anthony Rocco to Joseph and Hope Koziara at 909 Gregory Court for $460,000.
William Caffall to Jonathan and Renee Fisher at 706 Little Creek Lane for $346,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $692,000).
Warren Straatmann to Robert and Michelle Beauchamp at 505 Luke Court for $419,900.
Joseph Koziara to James Hannah and Jenny Pittman at 409 Lundy Court for $346,000.
William Fucci to Jeffrey David Naab and Lacey Marie Lutz at 905 Lynwood Court for $137,000.
Mark Gordon to Steven and Amy Mihm at 192 Oakview Drive for $577,500.
Daniel A Marks Inc. to Sean and Katherine Hammond at 104 Pemberley Drive for $155,000.
Park Place Marketing LLC to Park Place Recreation Facilities Assoc. L at Powell Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $23,200).
Gordon Marinella to Adrian and Megan Whipple at 500 Quail Drive for $195,886.
Bruce Mitchell to Michael and Cass Vangilder at 442 Settlers Village Circle for $449,900.
Brian Urso to Jacob and Jordan Leithner at 615 Sunset Circle for $140,000.
Robert O’Neill to Brookfield Global Relocation Services LL at 205 W. Trail Court for $293,500.
Brookfield Global Relocation Services LLC to Michael Rothka at 205 W. Trail Court for $294,000.
Dale Yommer to Justin and Crystal Fichter at 226 W. Wilson for $192,900.
Brian Taylor to Shirley Taylor at 206 E. Prairie St. for $109,031.
Ila Roberts to Kevin and Renee Boozel at 310 S. Main St. for $40,000.
Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic LLC to Clay and Theresa Kramer at 121 Dutch Creek Drive for $295,260.
Tollgate Assoc. LLC to Maronda Homes Inc. at Millstream Lane for $74,400.
Tollgate Assoc. LLC to Maronda Homes Inc. at Old Hickory Road for $71,900.
John Simon to Todd and Kimberly Feidt at Bullcreek Road for $13,000.
Harold E Dunfee Jr. Revocable Trust to David Baynes at 102 Charlemagne Drive for $225,900.
Robert Rice to Jay Wack at Perry Highway for $40,000.
Andrew Chiapusio to Audrey Imhof at 417 Beaver St. for $176,500.
Susan Chippero to G Michael and Jenifer Fleming at 1009 Norton Drive for $89,000.
Ruth Klingensmith to Shawn Heller at 224 Boyers Road for $58,500.
Samer Azouz LLC to Aldo and Jacqueline Bataglia at 2000 Blackberry Lane for $422,197.
NVR Inc. to Jeremey Kalchthaler and Maura Byrnes at 2032 Blackberry Lane for $303,090.
NVR Inc. to Sarah and Korey Hosack at 4054 Nightingale Drive for $464,975.
Schleiden Family Partnership Agreement to Brittany Krebs and Michael Colton at 570 Steiner Bridge Drive for $352,000.
Estate of Mary Scheidemantle to Anthony Rosso at Hugnagel Road for $15,000.
Denise Robinson to Ethan Landis at 119 St. Wendelin Road for $190,000.
Alan Offstein to Michael and Joyce Cully at Beacon Light Road for $369,000.
Estate of Florence Wise Krimpe to Grant Glover and Ashly Wolfe at 222 Dinnerbell Road for $105,000.
Martina Matthews to Ronald and Debra Morrin at 6109 Orchard Lane for $212,000.
Cassie Hyland to Stephen and Tia Vollmer at 6130 Penn Drive for $238,000.
Crystal Ritzert to Thomas and Barbara Zenewicz at 108 Renfrew Road for $15,000.
Woolslayer Family Protector Trust to James and Diane Procz at 101 Carol Drive for $170,000.
Rick Kelley trustee to Cheryl Polena at 608 Willow Drive for $142,000.
Michelle Sekelik to Manuel Bautista at 119 Stoney Creek Court for $148,000.
Michael DeFilippo to Justin Wilson and Nicole Roche at 185 Woodhaven Drive for $151,000.
Edward Olen to Joseph Nicholas and Tamila Dawn Normand at 232 Kiester House Road for $4,000.
Shirley Taylor to Brian and Kaydi Taylor at 238 Miller Road for $172,121.
Housing & Urban Development to Chester Spohn III at 186 Moran Road for $53,425.
Kenneth Elwood to Charles Deabenderfer Jr. at 283 Ewing Drive for $126,000.
Ronald Gumbosky to Robert Peters Jr. and Cheryl Peters at Hembold Ave. for $5,000.
Timothy McDeavitt to Brian and Providence Hartle at 232-235 Marwood Road for $26,000.
Nicholas Perry to Christopher Scott and Emily Burns at 126 N. Milton St. for $198,500.
Matthew Mangus to Stephen McClean at 405 Ziegler Court for $224,900.
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