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Real Estate Transactions

Published June 20, 2016

Series D Marketing to Brennan Builders at unknown address for $188,500.
Adams Pointe to Danja McMillan at 207 Adams Pointe Blvd. 4 for $137,000.
Nathan Milazzo to Michelle Schwoebel at 720 Bush Drive for $239,000.
Hulse Family Revocabale Living Trust to James Morell at 538 E. Vanderbilt Drive for $342,000.
Linda Plumb to Peter Bergmann at 2604 Eloquent Lane for $340,000.
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Thomas and Kelly Dickinson at 8004 Finch Road for $327,000.
NVR to Hang Yuan and Jieping Gu at 2032 Golden Grove Drive for $515,630.
Brennan Builders to John and Peggy Jopling at 4161 Lilly Vue Court for $505,500.
Carl Monsour to Kevin and Mary Elizabeth Karg at 203 Longbow Lane for $780,000.
Leslie Road Assoc. to NVR at Olivia Avenue for $90,902.
NVR to Nora and Raymond Drexler at 112 Olivia Ave. for $464,657.
NVR to Erik and Kathryn Tomalis at 142 Olivia Ave. for $465,719.
NVR to Frank Binder at 1001 Pointe View Drive for $296,540.
NVR to Megan Walsh and Talia Briggs at 1002 Pointe View Drive for $313,875.
Craig Stauffer to Jillian Salamon at 104 Southern Valley Court for $26,200.
Peter Petropulos to Joshua Daniel and Diane Hale Fregosi at 502 Village Green Blvd. for $219,500.
Daniel Albanese to Anthony Menjivar and Heather Mazenko at 124 Buffalo Trail Drive for $290,000.
Betty Frampton et al. to Bradley and Kristen Pavlina at 553 Parker Road for $266,000.
Lane Lalone to Dale and Lisa Shanta at 113 Ralston Road for $35,000.
Matthew Demharter to Jeremy Fien and Asti Isenberg Fien at 313 Silverview Drive for $218,000.
Gary Gilliland to Regis and Patricia Green at 201 American Ave. for $38,000.
Estate of Richard Gerhart to Vincent Marini at 318 Center Ave. for $80,000.
Housing & Urban Development to Donald Ealy Jr. and Brandi Ealy at 407 McKinley Ave. for $30,253.
Khadir Salama to Robert and Susan Coneybeer at 310 N. Cliff St. for $200 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $7,921) by sheriff’s deed.
Sharon Auth to Stephen and Jessica Coleman at 209 Oak St. for $155,000.
Francesco Gaudino to Nina Gaudino at 104 Abrian Circle for $330,000.
Patricia Ann Nastasi et al. to Cynthia Converso and Curtis Wallace at 305 Kohler Ave. for $112,636.
Ryan Edward Thompson to Tyler and Samantha Casto at 115 Linsdale Drive for $138,000.
Phyllis Mulneix to Citizens Bank Pennsylvania at 503 Main St. for $1,772 by sheriff’s deed.
Kelsey Hagelgans to Christopher Robinson at 146 Orchard Ave. for $140,000.
Maria Boscia to Daniel and Megan Deal at 314 Penn Ave. for $97,000.
Bobbi Knier to Christopher and Candice White at 207 Westview Drive for $185,000.
RE Erdley & Sons Construction to Mark and Donna Miller at 109 Crabapple Drive for $415,900.
Jose Galura to Robert and Melissa Bingham at 119 Henley Drive for $307,000.
Kirk Morrison to Heidi Bowser at 311 Lakewood Drive for $346,500.
Randall Munger to James Clopton at 400 Grubb Road for $322,000.
Vineyards Brandywine to Glenn and Judy Gates at 149 Silver Oak Drive for $385,395.
Roy Wilhelm to Andrew Durfee at Tiger Road for $2,000.
Craig Harthold to Leanne Mazur at 123 Bellwood Court for $138,900.
S&A Homes to Francis Garland and Sandra Brown at 217 Bentbrook Circle for $337,176.
Douglas Raraigh Jr. to Deepak Ahuja at 584 Brandywine Drive for $141,000.
Scott Jugan to Amanda Bowes and Bradley Baldwin at 302 Brookston Drive for $220,000.
Aaron Hughes to Weichert Workforce Mobililty at 240 Erin Drive for $435,000.
Weichert Workforce Mobililty to Sanjay Dixit at 240 Erin Drive for $435,000.
Ervin Brabham to Chi Ho at 129 Majestic Drive for $890,000.
Northstar Construction Heating & Cooling to Jeffrey and Eileen Turley at 139 Majestic Drive for $844,180.
Estate of Patricia Ann Ritchey to Tullamore DEW Family at 20550 Route 19 for $140,000.
Thuong Thuong Huynh to Arod Holdings at 20666 Route 19 for $340,000.
Cody Rothrock to Travis and Megan Moore at 114 Wolfe Run Road for $399,000.
Thomas Turk to Peggy Pfaff at 351 W. Danville Road for $36,500.
Michael Newman to Edward Dale Crawford II and Tiffany Sue Hilliard at 331 Main Hill Road for $39,000.
NVR to Scott and Malorye Barlett at 104 Rachel Drive for $343,785.
NVR to Shawn and Frank Fodge at 106 Rachel Drive for $393,397.
Dale Gallo to Jay Wagner at 212 Jones Road for $170,000.
Joseph Kessler to Harold Foertsch at 930 Saxonburg Road for $73,000.
Brennan Plantations I to Brennan Builders at Whitestown Road for $120,000.
Dino Aqauiline to Eli Good at 325 Smith Road for $60,000.
NVR to Andrea and Patricia Tigano at 2047 Blackberry Lane for $375,370.
US Bank NA trustee to Alden Rodriguez II at 104 Maple Drive for $73,729.
NVR to Ryan and Brittanie Cosgrove at 4004 Nightingale Drive for $365,205.
Barbara Ferguson to Jonathan Morris and Janessa Ganter at Overbrook Road for $40,000.
Stoughton Farms to Stoughton Oil & Gas at Seven Hills Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $34,231).
Kenneth Graham to David and Courtney Ricciardella at 110 Woocrest Drive for $67,900.
Sherry Perry to Stephanie Chupka at 320 North Trail for $189,900.
Marc Gagnon to Matthew Paul and Tonya Nicole Kominski at 238 Bear Creek Road for $436,800.
Robert Kaltenhauser trustee to Joseph and Diana Skurka at 308 Ridge Lane for $236,750.
Marie McCallen to Donald and Patricia Whigham at 607 Wilshire Circle for $200,000.
Tamara Miller et al. to Ryan and Alyssa Thompson at 513 Mercer Road for $150,000.
Erik Snyder to Thomas Marx at 227 Slippery Rock Road for $260,000.
Regis Waag et al. to Shannon Nye at 110 Currie Road for $312,698.
Dorothy Jean Hollerman to Ethan Beahm and Ashley Eden at 312 S. High St. for $155,000.
Wendy Hannan to Gary Whoric et al. and Kathy Whoric at 5 Zelie Drive for $239,900.

Real estate transactions provided by RealSTATs, 1911 E. Carson St., Pittsburgh. If you think any part of a listing is incorrect, contact RealSTATs at 412-381-3880 or You also should contact the Butler County Recorder of Deeds at 724-284-5340.
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