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Real Estate Transactions

Published August 22, 2016

Ben Gegorge to Ahmet Toparli at 634 E. Village Green Blvd. for $230,000.
NVR to Erin Shiloh and Brandon Seitz at 229 Gabriel Drive for $646,957.
NVR to Robert Balfour Jr. and Susan Balfour at 235 Gabriel Drive for $524,365.
William Patterson Jr. et al. to Gypsy’s Palace Family at 243 Mars Valencia Road for $105,000.
Justin McKim et al. to Angela and Paul Lim at 757 Norwegian Spruce Drive for $270,000.
John Sieckowski to Mark Hager at 760 Norwegian Spruce Drive for $325,000.
NVR to John and Allison McHenry at 1903 Pointe View Drive for $276,382.
Rashad Nagati to FKS Properties at 942 Route 228 for $814,471.
Primrose Homes to Paul Fagley III and Julie Fagley at 214 Tamarack Drive for $610,000.
Gary Johnson to Eric Page at 3637 Oneida Valley Road for $59,900.
Jason Rivera to Luellen Henderson at 133 Blue Bird Lane for $163,000.
Amy Toland to Heath and Erin Grabe at 590 Second St. and Summit St. for $227,000.
Richard Osley to Victor Irigoyen at 219 Fifth Ave. for $42,700.
American National Red Cross to TC Act Properties at 312 Mercer St. for $76,250.
Joseph Hesky to RM Land Holdings at Peach Street and Third Street for $52,000.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. trustee to Alan Miles and Frank Lefevre at 407 Broad St. for $21,000.
Cogos Co. to WSF Holdings at 1109 N. Main St. Ext. for $175,000.
Estate of Ann Mularchik to Hannah Domaradki and David Rankin at 308 S. Home Ave. for $70,000.
Catherine Phimmason to Judith Gall at 307 Stoneridge Blvd. for $146,000.
Ethel Regina Sharbaugh trustee to Marilyn Hinchberger at 102 Sunrise Villlage for $96,900.
Alison Braun trustee to Bonnet Homes at White Oak Drive for $31,500.
Lawrence Sommers Jr. to Robert and Tammy Ordy at 212 Woodbury Drive for $189,900.
Jeffrey Graham to William and Carol Dreyer at 451 Cherokee Drive for $184,900.
Robert Ordy to Michael Lopresti Jr. at 127 Merry Lane for $129,900.
Wanda Clawson to John and Cathy Tomsey at 316 Central Ave. for $36,000.
Chad Rossi to Steven Layton at 119 Pine Ridge Drive for $185,000.
Bruce Staff to Todd and Amy Minnear at 114 Kelly Road for $70,000.
Butler Area School District to CNC Malting Co. at 719 Clearfield Road for $235,000.
William Swartlander to Andrew Smith at 2553 E. Old Route 422 for $30,000.
Timothy Lyautey to Frederick Pflugh at Hindman Road for $1,500.
Martin Lezzer to Alexander Bell at Shannon Mills Est. for $39,900.
Vineyards Brandywine to Lee and Darlene Brown at 109 Silver Oak Drive for $291,415.
Sonoma Valley Partn. to Larry and Joanne Lippold at 1164 Silver Oak Drive for $293,746.
Angirae Pringle to Nicholas and Joan Jankovich trustee at 2121 Winchester Court for $275,000.
Harry Lubinski Jr. to Brandon and Lindsay Turcovsky at 163 Autumn Drive for $310,000.
Terrance McCartney trustee to Michael and Elizabeth McCarren at 43 Burke Road for $359,950.
Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic to Todd Derbaum at 230 Eagle Drive for $250,150.
Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic to Charles and Theresa Moeller at 311 Eagle Drive for $478,235.
T.J. Bogle to Cartus Financial Corp. at 221 Elmhurst Circle for $375,000.
Cartus Financial Corp. to Jody Wu at 221 Elmhurst Circle for $375,000.
SCI Dev Co. to Lisa and Julian Garzez at Fairview Drive for $175,000.
Infinity Custom Homes to Luke and Valerie Eckley at 118 Fairview Drive for $718,529.
Jie Peng Lu to Meagan Francis Summerville at 121 Fox Run Road for $171,000.
SCI Dev Co. to Steven and Jennifer Bushee at Franklin Road for $175,000.
Nghia Nguyen to Colin Galey at 830 Glendale Court for $255,000.
Amunrund Keystone Commerce et al. to FFIII PA Warrendale at 410-426 Keystone Drive for $10,800,000.
Rosemary Peluso to Michael Falcocchio at 134 Lewisham Road for $238,000.
Michael Chieppor to Laurence and Colleen Bather at 715 Magnolia Lane for $502,000.
Michael Miller et al. to Cranberry Inn at 6589 Mars Road for $1,100,000.
Philip Vogelsberg to Cartus Financial Corp. at 8020 Maureen Drive for $425,000.
Cartus Financial Corp. to Gregory and Lisa Brown at 8020 Maureen Drive for $425,000.
Archaus Development to Joseph and Michelle Belechak at 8616 Peters Road for $250,000.
Robert Clemens to Robert Aleva III at 269 Sherwood Drive for $140,000.
Steven Fausett to Cartus Financial Corp. at 317 Springfield Drive for $495,000.
Cartus Financial Corp. to Nilmini and Samantha Ranaweera at 317 Springfield Drive for $495,000.
Jason Ball to Beverly Gaetano at 716 Sunset Circle for $185,000.
Park Place Development Assoc. to NVR at Thornapple Lane for $266,791.
George Degirolamo to Timothy Miller at 140 Windsor Court for $258,500.
Estate of Mary Louise Miller to Melissa and Raymond Kohser at 415 Broadway St. for $98,500.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. trustee to Ronald Holzer at 216 Pattison St. for $54,639.
John Freeman Jr. to Mark Weir and Amanda Weaver at 127 Naughton Circle for $297,500.
Richard Brown to Michael and Samantha Brozenick at 1137 Three Degree Road for $185,000.
Estate of Iris Humphreys to Franklin Walowen and Sarah Campbell Walowen at 102 Andrews Trace for $60,000.
Donna Urben to Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. at 205 Youkers Road for $300,000.
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. to George Labancz and Mildred Martin at 205 Youkers Road for $300,000.
Carl Giannelli to Christopher Kinzler and Amy Cross at 338 Fanker Road for $340,000.
Edwin James Pearce to Shawn Benson at 320 Gudenkunst Road for $150,000.
Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic to Stephen Melody at 226 Millstream Lane for $341,910.
Wayne Smith to John Hrivnak Jr. and Elaine Hrivnak at 132 Rock Lake Drive for $151,250.
Maronda Homes to Eve Martin at 157 Rylie Drive for $222,045.
Maronda Homes to Shawn Bonner at 159 Rylie Drive for $218,756.
Maronda Homes to Carol Juffy at 161 Rylie Drive for $206,072.
Leullen Henderson to Curtis Reese and Jessica Hawryliak at 535 Bullcreek Road for $350,000.
Charles Lewis to Melissa and Janet Godfrey at 162 Dusty Lane for $52,000.
Floyd Snyder to Charles Curiale at 410 Saxonburg Road for $82,000.
Ada Osthoff to David and Julia Benson at 507 Perry Highway for $255,000.
Gigliotti Holdings to NVR at 125 Deer Meadow Lane for $89,900.
Lyn Ceraso to Gregory and Rachel Gillis at 113 Dwellington Drive for $138,900.
Keith Frndak to Jesse and Maria Lopez at 262 Glade Mill Road for $219,000.
Robert Beckert to Eric Brueckner and Cynthia Bowen Brueckner at 220 Kilgallen Road for $235,000.
NVR to Stacey and Marilyn Brown at 4036 Nightingale Drive for $480,425.
Curt Field to Curt Field at 372 Chicora Road for $23,475.
Jeffrey Bloom to Justin Kovach at 150 N. Isabella St. for $130,500.
William Wilson to Lawrence and Mary Ann Illar at 125 Aspen Lane for $335,000.
Rebecca Nickel to Christopher and Roseann Reasner at 122 Mosside Loop for $132,000.
George Wagner to Patrick and Linda Schiebel at 245 Creek Road for $150,000.
Butler Dog Training Assn. to Timothy and Brenda Barnes at Mitchell Hill Road for $2,000.
Nicholas Jankovich trustee to Jeffrey and Valerie Graham at 120 Valley View Drive for $217,500.
Denise Arlene Corbett trustee to Jeffery and Jamianne Conaway at 209 Gray Ave. for $117,000.
Northwest Consumer Discount Co. to Ryan Edmiston at 233-235 Marwood Road for $23,000.
Ryan Edmiston to Timothy McDeavitt at 233-235 Marwood Road for $23,000.
Ronald DiTommaso to John and Jody Sperry at Ringneck Meadow Drive for $32,000.
Deborah Morrow to Brian Morrow at 168 Studebaker Road for $100,000.
Real estate transactions are provided by RealSTATs, 1911 E. Carson St., Pittsburgh. If you think any part of a listing is incorrect, contact RealSTATs at 412-381-3880 or You also should contact the Butler County Recorder of Deeds at 724-284-5340.
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