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Real Estate Transactions

Published May 23, 2016

Jacob Vrtar to Apoorv Osatwal and Neha Joshi at 189 Broadstone Drive for $282,000.
Akinyokunbo Obiri to Sean and Aimee McClernon at 248 Cliffside Drive for $320,750.
NVR to Michael and Jennifer Cenna at 210 Gabriel Drive for $488,565.
NVR to Jason and Jennifer Gianfrancesco at 211 Gabriel Drive for $590,085.
James Brendan Dooley to Amanda and Cotey Jordan at 102 Kaufman Run Blvd. for $438,500.
Far View Farms Development to NVR at 232 Ledge Rock Lane for $89,000.
Fulton Dev Co. to NVR at 305 Longmore Drive for $115,732.
NVR to James and Audra Foster at 319 Longmore Drive for $752,365.
Estate of James O’Keefe Jr. to Thomas and Laura Surman at 81022 Lost Valley Drive for $215,000.
Rosella Kaufman to Paul Bell and Maureen Snyder at 406 Meadowlark Lane for $385,000.
John Stewart to Phil and Nicole Ricci at 415 Meadowlark Lane for $425,000.
Adams Pointe 3 to NVR at Pointe View Drive for $300,000.
NVR to Kayla Smith at 1204 Pointe View Drive for $284,277.
NVR to Jill Frasca at 1205 Pointe View Drive for $278,435.
NVR to Melissa Laukaitis at 1801 Pointe View Drive for $286,795.
Mark LoDico to Jeffrey and Laura Florio Ellis at Three Degree Road for $332,500.
Thomas Joseph Ulintz to John Stewart at 112 Winfield Manor Drive for $390,500.
John Clyde to Donald Webb at 101 Shawnee Lane for $145,000.
Gregg Stewart to Shawn and Jodi Pugh at 110 County Lane for $220,000.
Galen Curfman to Marvin and Lois Curfman at Meadowview Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $4,715).
Kwi Eddinger to David Riley at 104 Rambler Drive for $192,500.
Robert Price to Philip and Kristi Angert at 1 Old Plank Road for $318,000.
Joseph Skurka to Jason and Leslie Clements at 213 Oliver Drive for $174,900.
Kayla Brink to Justin and Audrey Bowser at 114 Thornwood Drive for $170,000.
EM Energy Pennsylvania to Samuel and Kelly Robinson at 109 Dale Lane for $312,000.
Brad Hockenberry to National Residential Nominee Services at 111 Pheasant Ridge Drive for $391,000.
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Kellen and Christina Caruso at 809 Sunset Drive for $160,000.
Constance Durci to 1816 Properties at 313 Sun Mine Road for $150,000.
Frank Yost to Kevin and Nicole Glass at 307 Orial Court for $300,000.
William Cenk Jr. to Scott and Linda Cruttenden at 16 Burke Road for $899,000.
James Buoy Yard to Jon Accamando at 605 Gallahadion Court for $549,900.
Carla Townsend to Kristin Gallo at 137 Lewisham Road for $232,100.
Dewey Homes & Investment Properties to Wayne and Nancy Allen at 409 Mary St. for $192,500.
John Peters to Matthew and Amber Hugus at 229 Meadowbrook Drive for $345,500.
Henry Progar to Paul Ciesynski at 123 Robinhood Drive for $122,000.
Andrew Basta to Sirva Relocation Properties at 249 Strawberry Circle for $447,000.
Sirva Relocation Properties to Ben and Jeanne Bestwick at 249 Strawberry Circle for $447,000.
Donald Stephen Love to David Felt at 854 Sunset Circle for $236,800.
NVR to Christopher and Micah Lynn Fowler at 238 Thornapple Lane for $261,560.
NVR to Lam Nguyen and Thu Le Tran at 244 Thornapple Lane for $291,287.
William Aikens to Andrew and Marla Welch at 308 Winchester Court for $314,000.
Sharon Renee Raypush to Mark and Carol Golling at 417 W. Slippery Rock Road for $222,500.
Tollgate Assoc. to Maronda Homes at 106 Dutch Creek Drive for $72,900.
Michael Craig to Todd and Emily Mowrey at 165 Maple Glen Drive for $281,000.
NVR to Nicholas Steven and Ashley Kristen Hanas at 102 Rachel Drive for $385,045.
Carl Cobb to Edward and Betty Ragozine at 172 Rock Lake Drive for $144,500.
Jackson Park Dev Assoc. to NVR at Tollgate Road for $63,914.
Matthew DeMarco to Daniel DeMarco at 204 Hook St. for $54,000.
Blackberry Assoc. to NVR at Blackberry Lane for $79,798.
NVR to Michael and Mary Ann Lang at 4020 Nightingale Drive for $390,005.
Joseph O’Brien to Gregory and Samantha Speir at 106 Windmere Drive for $355,000.
Wallace Jackson to Michael Andrew Goetz at 135 Hamel Road for $210,000.
Joseph Klipa to Michael Bupp and Deborah Alley at Church St. for $49,000.
Dinnerbell Assoc. to 1816 Properties at Main Street for $1,800,000.
Steven Schulte to Allen Burnett at 133 Aspen Lane for $312,500.
Michael Newman to Michael and Patricia Richard at 124 Woodhaven Drive for $145,000.
Walter Harriett Jr. to Walter Harriett Jr. and Janet Koch at 105 Kelly Blvd. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $109,341).
Khuna Holdings to John Howard at White Oak Drive for $25,000.
Carmine Tedeschi to Nakisha and James Young at 240 Stoughton’s Beach for $72,000.
Daniel Hay to Dennis and Mariann Miur at Herman Road for $224,900.
Regis Huncheck to Richard Staugh at 161 Kaiser Road for $120,000.
Bryan Swidzinski to Sharon Raypush at 425 Portman Road for $169,900.
Eagle Properties to Harol Cooper Jr. and Carroll Cooper at 115 E. New Castle St. for $275,000.
Real estate transactions provided by RealSTATs, 1911 E. Carson St., Pittsburgh. If you think any part of a listing is incorrect, contact RealSTATs at 412-381-3880 or You also should contact the Butler County Recorder of Deeds at 724-284-5340.
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