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Published December 22, 2014

Comella Family Protector Trust to Kathleen and Joseph Cini at 250 Adams Pointe Blvd. 1 for $205,000.
Joseph Longo to John and Christine Fernandez at 9023 Audubon Drive for $410,000.
Scot Fodi to Oliver and Kimberly Cohen at 212 Birch St. for $322,500.
Jeremy Young to David and Carol Roberts at 311 Broadstone Drive for $260,000.
Chad Weaver to Nicholas Campbell and Nicole Lehman at 239 Cliffside Drive for $360,000.
Series D Marketing to John and Susan Morgan at 3101 Edelweiss Drive for $375,050.
Christopher Kaclik to Jason and Shelia Long at 150 Hammond Road for $165,000.
Charles Rechel to Alan and Margaret Leaver at 120 Hidden Oak Drive for $530,000.
Warren Hunt Jr. to Mark and Shari Lewis at 1081 Lilly Vue Court for $460,500.
Michael Hughes to George and Diana Mastovich at 1132 Lilly Vue Court for $441,000.
Jill Sunseri to Lori Suess at 770 Norwegian Spruce Drive for $270,000.
Far View Farms Development to NVR at 216 Shadow Rock Lane for $85,000.
Keith Trageser to Sherry Pidgeon at 212 Southern Valley Court for $217,500.
F&H Property Development to Maronda Homes PA at Heathfield Drive for $110,000.
Maronda Homes PA to Samuel Clifford and Nicole Moon at 141 Heathfield Drive for $248,869.
Maronda Homes PA to Shilo and Rebecca Allen at 143 Heathfield Drive for $345,276.
Maronda Homes PA to Jason and Erica Walter at 145 Heathfield Drive for $294,350.
Joseph Rockenstein et al. to Citimortgage at 113 Third Ave. for $1,370 by sheriff’s deed.
MTGLQ Investors to Kenneth Tack at 410 Spruce St. for $21,500.
West Jefferson Auto Parts to Anna Mae Patterson at 415 W. Jefferson St. for $10,469 by sheriff’s deed.
Kathe Santillo to LNV Corp. at 521 W. Penn St. for $1,572 by sheriff’s deed.
Anthony Strange to Adam and Laura Filges at 123 Artlee Ave. for $132,500.
Jamie Schoepke to Christine Fisher and Daryl Shipos at 134 Crossland Road for $184,000.
Shirley Matuke to Jon Doutt at 1520 N. Main Street Ext. for $19,800.
James Schreiner to Matthew Steinhiser and Melissa Ray at 417 Sawmill Run Road for $169,800.
Val Jean Stewart to Gertrude Blair at 107 Sunrise Village Court for $119,500.
D&D Beblo to RE Erdley & Sons Construction at 1110 Crab Apple Drive for $47,900.
Allen Edris to Eric and Elizabeth Baptiste at 129 West Sunbury Road for $152,000.
Ryan Ramage to James B. Nutter & Co. at 135 West Sunbury Road for $125,000 by sheriff’s deed.
Donald Rumbaugh to Regina Morgan at 1110 Davis Road for $120,000.
Stephen Bergbigler to Fernwood Resources at Cornetti Road for $4,440.
Donald Bergbigler to Fernwood Resources at Cornetti Road for $38,640.
Brian Wheeler to Jacob and Alicia Rowley at 104 Murtland Road for $248,650.
Susan Varner et al. to Joshua and Brandie Craig at unknown address for $75,000.
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Aaron and Megan Tolfa at 114 Hoffman Lane for $121,000.
Alexander Bell to Jonathan and Emily Lozosky at 302 Orial Court for $390,000.
Sonoma Valley Partners to Terrence and Debra Shea at 2044 Sonoma Valley Drive for $249,900.
Ricardo Perez to Sirva Relocation Properties at 304 Dawson Ave. for $885,000.
Sirva Relocation Properties to Anusha and Darrnell Gibson at 304 Dawson Ave. for $825,000.
Foxwood L.P. to James Herbert Jr. and Kelly Herbert at 509 Foxwood Drive for $175,000.
William Eastman to Salman Mazhar at 815 Kira Circle for $305,000.
Patricia Viola to Koch Construction Co. at Majestic Drive for $149,000.
Maronda Homes to Mitchell and Jessica Boal at 8051 Maureen Drive for $289,900.
NVR to Christian Isaac and Rebecca Muha at 133 Mews Lane for $278,825.
NVR to Ronald and Marci McGuire at 133 Mews Lane for $239,585.
Patrick Mullen to Diane Oyce and Stephen Matkovich at 18 Robinhood Drive for $150,000.
Estate of Walter Drake to Michael Kaper at 242 Sherwood Drive for $103,100.
Bellevue Park Partn. to Sarver Family Revocable Living Trust at Stockton Ridge for $426,095.
Michelle Vigus to Richard Boig at 523 Sunrise Drive for $203,000.
Michael McCormick to Anna Lee McCormick at 820 Sunset Circle for $200,000.
William Homion III to Sean and Antonietta Riley at 608 Water View Drive for $328,000.
Mark Rumbaugh to DeWitt Schnell at Conerty Road for $65,000.
Estate of Harry Neff to Andrew Clarke at T620 for $380,000.
Estate of Betty Wade to Carrie Monrean at Main Street for $50,000.
Estate of Margaret Myers to Christopher Gordon at 801 S. Washington St. for $128,260.
Estate of Bonnie Mager to Ryan and Paige Labrozzi at 704 W. Old Route 422 for $86,450.
David Eberle to Patricia Kipin at 139 Jackson St. for $140,000.
Steven Schultz to Steven John Brite and Ronna Gralitzer Brite at 403 E. Mercer St. for $99,900.
Maronda Homes to Joseph and Jennifer Forcash at 105 Hermitage Court for $424,602.
Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic to Frederick Hunter II and Jennifer Hunter at Old Hickory Road for $322,850.
Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic to Larry and Dawn Cochran at 217 Old Hickory Road for $327,150.
Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic to Thomas Robert and Kelly Lynn Goldie at 219 Old Hickory Road for $347,590.
CB Development to Vicki and Jeanette Knaup at Perry Highway for $89,900.
Stephen Perri to Timothy O’Brien at 521 Cherry St. for $128,000.
Kevin Soergel to Kevin and Laura Syes at 303 Clay St. for $142,240.
Kathleen Fullmer to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. trustee at 155 Golden Pond Drive for $1,312 by sheriff’s deed.
Blackberry Assoc. to NVR at Blackberry Lane for $77,474.
Gigliotto Holdings to NVR at 2053 Eagle Ridge Drive for $89,506.
Chris Rhodes to Citimortgage at 1870 Kittanning Pike for $1,552 by sheriff’s deed.
Deborah Lager to Peter James Duffy Jr. and Laura Helene Duffy at 240 Fisher Road for $128,500.
Kimberly Nilles to Edward Simms at 275 S. Rebecca St. for $225,000.
Victor Sasse to Leicher Construction at Thelma Drive for $25,000.
Scott Walter to Lisa and Marco Perez at 208 Essex Court for $384,000.
Reneli Management to Spagnolo Properties at 423-423 Elm St. for $155,000.
Sean Donnel to Robert Zanaglio Jr. at 350 Carbon Center Road for $60,000.
Laverne Semler to Tammy and Kenneth Lunsford at 117 Geibel Road for $85,000.
Gerard Green to John and Shirley Green at 685 Herman Road for $110,000.
Lillian Nash to Dennis P. and Natashia Lynn Michael at 447 Cemetery Road for $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $64,912).
Patricia Double to Ronald Smith at 111 Tall Oak Lane for $63,500.
Candice Orgal to US Bank NA trustee at 132 Wetzel Road for $1,861 by sheriff’s deed.
Tricia Brennan to Nicholas Perry at 126 N. Milton St. for $177,000.
Real estate transactions are provided by RealSTATs, 1911 E. Carson St., Pittsburgh. If you think any part of a listing is incorrect, contact RealSTATs at 412-381-3880 or You also should contact the Butler County Recorder of Deeds at 724-284-5340.
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