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Real Estate Transactions

Published December 5, 2016

Daniel Dailey to Michelle and Gary Chappell at 400 Blackstone Lane for $755,000.
Balendra Sutharshan to Mohammad Ali and Liz Gisella Samanez at 300 Cambridge Drive for $895,000.
NVR to Scott and Megan Graham at 203 Gabriel Drive for $513,150.
NVR to Michael McClain at 223 Gabriel Drive for $497,390.
Fulton Development Co. to NVR at 227 Gabriel Drive for $122,732.
NVR to Erik Schelbert at 305 Longmore Drive for $756,346.
Estate of Deborah Mercado to LSF8 Master Participation Trust at 120 Pearce Road for $2,562 by sheriff’s deed.
George Basilone to James and Marya Neill at 302 Pinyon Drive for $245,900.
NVR to Joseph Sopcisak at 2902 Pointe View Drive for $272,795.
NVR to Walter Weton Jr. at 2902 Pointe View Drive for $263,162.
Kevin Miller to John Holl III and Meghan Holl at 118 Southern Valley Court for $207,500.
Camp Trees Partn. to Dennis and Susan Fair at 221 Tamarack Drive for $533,115.
Camp Trees Partn. to Geoffrey and Michelle Tecza at 224 Tamarack Drive for $445,093.
Shawn Ace to Kondaur Capital Corp. trustee at 135 Main St. for $1,442 by sheriff’s deed.
Tommy Dean to Daniel Zerick Jr. and Drew Zerick at 606 Ekastown Road for $199,900.
Maronda Homes to Meredith and Zachery Elkin at 177 Heathfield Drive for $289,586.
Leanna Hemphill to Plaza Home Mortgage at 108 Cleveland St. for $1,836 by sheriff’s deed.
Yvonne Schell to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 421 McKinley Ave. for $1,252 by sheriff’s deed.
Diane Downs to Wells Fargo Bank NA trustee at 204 Mercer St. for $1,414 by sheriff’s deed.
James Frye to Edgar and Barb Ferrer at 211 Pleasantview Ave. for $122,750.
Margaret Tatsak to LSF9 Master Participation Trust at 139 Colleen St. for $1,350 by sheriff’s deed.
Robert Fennick to David and Pamela Zydel at 185 Crisswell Road for $387,000.
Horne Family Trust to Rachel and Timothy Devine at 123 Dolphin Drive for $155,000.
Avon Bruce Cox to Diane Lynn Lloyd at 214 Penn Ave. for $71,273.
V. Kenneth McCafferty to Grant and Hannah McKinnis at 540 S. Benbrook Road for $220,000.
William Setnar to Josh and Alexis McNamara at 110 September Drive for $179,000.
Mary Thompson to PNC Bank NA at 209 Valley St. for $1,351 by sheriff’s deed.
Bradley Pinkerton to Matthew and Dawn McClelland at 115 Woodbury Drive for $180,000.
Kimberly Kienzle to Francis Horne at 312 Cherokee Drive for $157,500.
Reuben Holt Jr. to Lynn Russell Rossero at 323 N. Duffy Road for $40,000.
Eric Kiser to Justin Cuckler at 222 North Drive for $142,000.
Angel Powers to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 103 Pine Drive for $2,190 by sheriff’s deed.
Jack Andre to Bank America NA at 89 Pipestem Road for $1,771 by sheriff’s deed.
CLAY Township
Federal National Loan Mortgage Assn. to Jay and Norma Webb at 251 Kildoo Road for $40,000.
Bruce Leinenbach to Howard Undercuffler Jr. and Beverly Undercuffler at 2928 Old Route 422 for $80,000.
Christopher Dean to Shawn and Shelby Booth at 341 Deer Creek Road for $123,800.
NVR to Mark Ghobryal at 120 Cameron Square for $260,480.
NVR to Jennifer and Franco Cresta at 128 Cameron Square Drive for $254,230.
Leslie Farms to Pitell Contracting at Shelton Place for $180,000.
John Bojanac to Brittany Clark and Charles Straessley Jr. at 105 Puma Road for $80,000.
Sonoma Valley Partn. to Barbara Campbell at 1161 Silver Oak Drive for $268,017.
Ronald Lyndon to David Joseph Meadows and Yvonne Powers at 325 Green Fields Drive for $351,500.
Jeffrey Kirk Ritchey to Matthew and Kara Degonish at 711 Helen Court for $285,000.
John Heintz to Robert Smith Jr. and Aimee Smith at Kingston Dawson Ave. for $145,000.
Ronald Snyder to Ryan and Julia Johnson at 118 Klein Road for $758,000.
Nichole Casper et al. to Diana Dausch at 140 Lewisham Road for $240,000.
Park Place Marketing to NVR at Powell Road for $95,182.
Samuel Carmella to Jeffrey and Diane Wherry at 428 Settlers Village Circle for $462,500.
Bonnie Jean Bain et al. to Zachary Motyl and Jillian Lucci at 901 Stockton Ridge for $142,500.
Lee Lawver to James Koenn at 895 Sunset Circle for $184,900.
Bellevue Park Partn. to Edwin Kaunert Jr. and Marlene Kaunert at 820 Westminster Lane for $451,113.
Ruth Guat Pei Stengle to Melissa Dillon at 968 Woodhollow Drive for $89,900.
William Pint to Donald and Elizabeth Jean Nelson at 214 Cashdollar Road for $51,000.
Carl Victor Gibson to Tyler and Jean Elwell at 539 Old Route 68 for $250,000.
George R. Chapel Revocable Living Trust to William and Linda Pollack at T354 for $290,000.
Farmers National Bank Emlenton to Erika Pound and Vickie Senita at 306 W. Prairie St. for $100,000.
Abigail Creese to Diane Butler at 112 Cole Court for $194,000.
Amanda Ashbee trustee to Lesya Maoleni and Tyler Hunter at 112 Frazier Road for $203,000.
William Graff to Kelley Station at 140 Granny’s Farm Lane for $800,000.
Osche Family Trust to Bradley Thoma at 868 N. Pike Road for $200,000.
James D. Miller & Sons Construction to Osche Family Trust at 235 Stoneybrook Drive for $259,000.
Estate of Elizabeth Campbell to Bank New York Mellon Trust Co. at 2439 West Sunbury Road for $1,530 by sheriff’s deed.
NVR to Damion and Olivia Buterbaugh at 4009 Nightingale Drive for $388,420.
Marc Cummings to David and Megan Martin at 6178 Brown Road for $60,000.
Estate of Raymond Laurent to John and Sandra Steedle at 455 Criswell Road for $170,000.
Rena Ciotti et al. to Gregory and Lacey Bogan at Logan Road for $67,500.
Housing & Urban Development to RA Properties at 234 Church St. for $25,640.
Mary Mae Craft to James and Donna Helbling at 102 McIntosh St. for $130,000.
Carol Shreffler to Jared and Amanda Schmidt at 312 Westburn Court for $356,900.
Gregory Allen to Frank Deshantz Jr. at 216 Center St. for $185,000.
Adam Sherman to Douglas Flickinger at 456 Franklin St. Route 108 for $118,000.
Ryan Ingram to Christopher and Angela Miller at 746 Franklin Road for $164,900.
Abbey Parkes to Wells Fargo Bank NA trustee at 336 Bonnie Brook Road for $2,288 by sheriff’s deed.
Estate of Lauretta Christie to Diane Christie at 211 Chris Bel Lane for $191,600.
Estate of Joseph Mason to Joseph and Amy Snyder at 176 Heck Road for $200,000.
David Kennedy to Brandon Lang at 723 Winfield Road for $211,500.
Estate of Dorothy Rockar to Kurt and Kimberly Gray at 812 Winfield Road for $184,900.
Estate of John Cartwright to Eric Bell and William Knass at 208 Fairlawn Blvd. for $94,500.
Real Estate Transactions provided by RealSTATs. Contact RealSTATs at 412-381-3880 or visit Published November 28, 2016

Far View Farms Dev LLC to NVR Inc. at 219 Far View Lane for $89,000.
Fulton Development Co. L.P. to NVR Inc. at 116 Hollyberry Court for $122,732.
Marjorie Fowler to Edward and Margaret Vogel at Myoma Road for $50,000.
NVR Inc. to Scott and Petrina Mackenzie at 141 Olivia Ave. for $426,880.
Federal National Loan Mortgage Assn. to Daniel Churley and Paige Smietana at 115 Sturbridge Lane for $333,500.
Cynthia Elder to Tanner Schnur at 134 Stone Church Road for $205,000.
Constance Formaini to Jeffrey and Libby Rezak at 109 Creekside Drive for $195,000.
Estate of Glenn Woods to William Paul and Susan McClosky at 546 Fleming Road for $72,000.
Daniel Roney to Heath Wagner at 208 Howes Run Road for $198,000.
Christopher Burgess to Jason Toogood at 109 First St. for $124,900.
Jack Schreffler to Gregory and Courtney Welsh at 411 Carbon St. for $113,900.
David Gold to Gold Kamerer Partn. at 218 Cleveland St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $28,473).
Marlene Brown to Ashley Elizabeth West at 214 E. Christie Ave. for $125,500.
Ralph Bergbigler to Kinnith and Mary Wright at 940 E. Jefferson Ave. for $76,500.
First Commonwealth Bank to Timothy McDeavitt Jr. at 563 N. Monroe St. for $49,000.
Kevin O’Connor to David and Tracy Jenks at 568 N. Monroe St. for $79,000.
L&SH Properties LLC to Timothy 412 Investments LLC at 410 S. Monroe St. for $85,000.
Carl Fradenburgh to Cheryl Raffel at 185 Evans City Road for $149,000.
UG Butler PA LLC to T&R Battle Creek L.P. at 400 Greenwood Plaza for $10,075,000.
Robert Burd to Taylor Smith at 102 Morningside Drive for $174,500.
Estate of Arnold Macko to Denise Lynn Napoletan at 448 S. Duffy Road for $120,000.
D. James McCarl to Matthew and Roxanna Deless at 108 Stratford Drive for $220,000.
Wyncrest Dev Inc. to Scott Henzler Jr. and Brooke Henzler at 221 Wyncrest Drive for $319,400.
John Fennick to John Fennick and Emanuel James Eliou at 101 Shanahan Road for $124,000.
NVR Inc. to Tyler Gaydosik at 132 Cameron Square Drive for $250,475.
Leslie Farms L.P. to Pitell Contracting Inc. at Shelton Place Drive for $180,000.
Gary Owcar to Bryan and Lindsay Monheim at 581 Dick Road for $245,080.
Frank Ragan to Scott Meiser and Meghann Dunn at 176 Eagle Mill Road for $115,000.
Patricia Noble to Philip and Laura Mason at 384 Kriess Road for $220,000.
William Boggs to Charles and Verena Heshler at 210 Cameron Drive for $189,900.
Glen Woodside L.P. to Charter Homes Woodside Inc. at 615 Darlington Road for $118,643.
Sandra Lynn Stojanovic to Mark Diehl at 818 Glendale Court for $260,000.
Eric Joller to Richard and Nicole DeMaio at 104 Jessica Drive for $282,500.
Jonathan Singer to John Giacobbi Jr. and Michele Giacobbi at 208 Joyce Road for $200,000.
Hayley Chambers to James Mullins at 461 Monmouth Drive for $261,000.
Park Place Marketing LLC to NVR Inc. at Powell Road for $95,182.
Gary Bucciarrelli to John Scarfutti and Kristen Penska at 103 Star View Lane for $585,000.
Bradley Quester to Joseph Robert and Amanda Rae Scott at 814 Tania Court for $450,000.
Kenneth Texter to Curtis and Megan Guntrum at 8 Holly Road for $30,000.
Estate of Donna Mae Baird to George and Deborah Frishkorn at 104 White Oak Drive for $50,000.
David Leeger to Bernard and Deborah Berteotti at T347 for $2,000.
Florine Burr to Willie and Jessica Burr at 1515A Evans City Road for $45,000.
Maronda Homes Inc. to Hua Yu Li and Yi Hua Chen at 213 Nursery Road for $314,500.
Tollgate Assoc. LLC to Maronda Homes Inc. at 110 Dutch Creek Drive for $74,400.
America First Enterprises LLP to Angela Hollis at 200 Textor School Road for $220,000.
Alanna Neupert to Brett Neupert at 138 Neupert Road for $202,500.
Nicole Hazlett to Jennifer Ross at 113 Rancindin Road for $155,000.
Matthew Graham to Kathleen Masartis at 228 Kilgallen Road for $50,000.
Gigliotti Holdings L.P. to NVR Inc. at Nightingale Drive for $89,900.
Karen Moore to James Roach at 215 Park Place for $260,000.
Estate of Donald Shrum to Ryan Brennen and Heather Clark at 1544 Grant Avenue Ext. for $15,000.
Raymond Neff et al. to Krystal Unverzgat at 115 St. Wendelin Road for $129,000.
Kirstin Yokel to Stephen Randolph Smith at Daubenspeck Road for $13,500.
Robert Hogue to Ryan and Alison Samek at 6203 Penn Drive for $292,000.
Jennifer Ross to Connor and Taylor Mincer at 102 Valencia Road for $125,000.
John Dluhos to John and Dawn Bojanac at 249 Kelly Blvd. for $196,000.
Nora Mae Smith to Donte and Ashley Tiani at 444 Centreville Pike for $163,000.
Sterling Enterprises LLC to Nick Pfab at Kiester Road for $14,500.
Marlene Caroline Vujevich to Michael and Danielle Hite at Becker Road for $2,500.
Blaine Curry to Alanna Neupert at 391 N. Pike Road for $130,000.
Gary Priore to Daniel Heasley at 114 Robinson Lane for $85,000.
Darel Kratt to Sean and Shannon Swihart at 140 Sycamore Grove for $19,000.
Sandra Palmer to Ann South Malick at 104 Chestnut St. for $215,000.
Lane Family Protector Trust to Halvdan Orlendr LLC at 203 W. New Castle St. for $80,000.
Real Estate Transactions provided by RealSTATs. Contact RealSTATs at 412-381-3880 or visit
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