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Real Estate Transactions

Published February 27, 2017

Jason Carlin to John Tortorice and Joanne Winkler at 562 E. Vanderbilt Drive for $314,000.
Harold Bickmore III to Lisa Lind at 811 Huron Court for $505,000.
Gregory Flickinger et al. to Rebecca and Brian Rupp at 1829 Liberty Way for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $108,642).
Fulton Development Co. to NVR at 313 Longmore Drive for $122,732.
S&A Homes to Scott and Megan Livingston at 134 Olivia Ave. for $461,029.
Heather McMahon to Bonnie Bray at 804 Pointe View Drive for $250,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $524,000).
Superior Adsorbents to Yeltrah PA at 3781 Oneida Valley Road for $325,000.
Pearl Shaffer to Robert and Anna Em McWhorter at 259 Lindey Road for $500,000.
Nicholaus Obringer to Cassie Carrier at 282 Bear Creek Road for $130,000.
Rea Family Revocable Living Trust to Margaret Wilbert at 211 Prairie Court for $217,000.
Brad Arnold to Paul and Trista Kristofik at 212 Riemer Road for $234,200.
Estate of Arnold Knappenberger to Will Elliott at 322 Sarver Road for $118,000.
Ronald Shirey et al. to Jason Wetzel at 435 Shuster Drive for $140,000.
Bank New York Mellon Trust Co. NA to Stephen Setnar at 210 First St. for $41,054.
Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Rita Walsh and Michele Walsh Stockey at 326 Second St. for $70,500.
Albert Bayne to M&T Bank at 307 E. Brady St. for $5,000 by sheriff’s deed.
Christine Schiebel to Edward Schiebel at 323 E. Pearl St. for $90,000.
James Love to US Bank NA trustee at 426 W. Fulton St. for $5,000 by sheriff’s deed.
Jay Wack to Majestic Rentals at 203 Dutchtown Road for $69,900.
Citizens Bank PA to Kyle and Katie Davidson at 503 Main St. for $20,000.
Mary Lou Bollinger to Community Options at 350 Sawmill Run Road for $247,000.
Tracy Taylor to Donald Bachura et al. and Mary Ann Bachura at 305 Stonerige Blvd. for $145,000.
Joseph John to Bailey Weitzel at 207 Woobury Drive for $145,000.
Mark Kimmel to Michael Newman at 106 Covington Drive for $157,600 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $253,550) by sheriff’s deed.
Scott Isaacs Jr. to Audie and Sally Dunbar at Heinz Road for $36,000.
Jerome Oliver to David Ayers at 344 Holyoke Road for $234,900.
Estate of Angelo Pucci to Sean and Maryann Fagan at 1235 N. Main St. for $147,900.
Larry Fullerton to Harry Hein Jr. at 342 S. Benbrook Road for $50,000.
Amos Weaver Good to John Andrascik IV at 130 Ferguson Road for $200,000.
Mark Tolkacevic to Daniel and Tomiko Mackiewicz at 116 Rose Drive for $305,000.
Joseph Cerminara to Christopher and Emily Droesch at 308 Berkshire Drive for $352,500.
Jeremy Welch to Weichert Workforce Mobility at 120 Blue Ridge Drive for $289,500.
Weichert Workforce Mobility to Christopher Beatty at 120 Blue Ridge Drive for $284,900.
David Robinson Jr. to Rajeev Gupta at 217 Clearbrook Court for $141,000.
Cartus Financial Corp. to Ryan Burg and Megan Gebrosky at 303 Cottingham Circle for $345,000.
Robert McCoy to Shelley Stewart and Joseph Scalise at 200 Erin Drive for $469,900.
Dennis Vargo Jr. to Jeffrey Schellhammer Jr. and Jennifer Schellhammer at 102 Evan Court for $435,000.
SCI Dev Co. to Joseph and Patricia Juliano at 119 Fairview Drive for $178,500.
SCI Dev Co. to Infinity Custom Homes at Franklin Road for $158,100.
SCI Dev Co. to Daniel and Kathleen O’Toole Greggs at Franklin Road for $173,400.
Muskrat Properties Assoc. to QSL RE at 1298 Freedom Road for $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $2,260,000).
Gary Bauer to Michael Tibolet Jr. at 242 Glen Rape Road for $185,000.
Forest Edge to Infinity Custom Homes at Hope Road for $180,000.
James Tully to Sarah and Charles Kelley at 203 Jacobs Court for $362,000.
Alena Sikorova to Ruth Guatpei Stengle at 307 Joan St. for $195,000.
Charles Kelley to Steven Koerper and Molly Joyce at 583 Joan St. for $211,400.
Patricia Viola to Koch Construction Inc. at 148 Majestic Drive for $189,000.
Kevin Glavin to David and Kelly Gundersen at 120 Persimmon Place for $220,000.
Tara Rodrigues to Curry and Suzanne Mahaney at 175 Pinehurst Drive for $475,000.
Joseph Clark to Brentwood Bank at 308 E. Main St. for $11,695 by sheriff’s deed.
Eric Tichansky to Juli Royle and Bradley Scherer at 313 Buena Vista Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $34,006).
Joseph Mahood to Eric and Christie Conklin at 111 Muddy Lane for $15,000.
Reibold Assoc. to Maronda Homes at Kruger Circle for $52,500.
Hilary Shipton to Stephen Kreke at 335 Spithaler School Road for $85,000.
Larry Maser to Brian Crispen at 328 North Road for $132,500.
Estate of Hazel Moyer to Gary Geiger at 508 E. Grandview Ave. for $151,000.
Jackson Park Development Assoc. to NVR at unknown address for $63,914.
James Antinopoulos to Robert Hill Jr. and Andrea Hill at 157 Dutch Road for $495,000.
David Buchholz to Steven Haus at Harmony Junction Road T330 for $115,000.
Estate of Lawrence Peart to Marlene Broman at 151 Rockdale Road for $44,000.
Joseph King et al. to Farm Kings at Glade Mill Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $234,385).
Gigliotti Holdings to NVR at Nightingale Drive for $89,900.
Joseph Mushinsky to Mark Schmitt at 5374 William Flynn Highway for $159,500.
Robert Weihaus to James and Allyson Notaro at 462 Stanford Road for $125,000.
Travis Christley to FBC Mortgage at 405 Center Drive for $2,466 by sheriff’s deed.
Sandra Ketter to Earl and Alicia Shankle at 803 Chicora Road for $105,000.
Karen Pfenningwerth to Bank New York Mellon at 120 Roper Lane for $1,308 by sheriff’s deed.
R. Ryan McKinney to American First Enterprises at 399 Pittsburgh Road for $115,000.
Robert Holton to James Scheidter III at 108 Valencia Road for $85,699.
William Stoughton to William Brown Jr. at 210 Church St. for $88,000.
Amy McClaine to Edward L Raisley Funeral Home at 109 N. Franklin St. for $45,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $140,301) by sheriff’s deed.
Phyllis Roth to Stephanie Wickwire and Thomas Davanzo Jr. at 162 N. Franklin St. for $196,000.
Frank Pascoe et al. to Danniel Wolfe Jr. and Patricia Mishler Wolfe at 107 Arlington Drive for $145,000.
Lisa Goth et al. to David and Jodi Beichner at 163 Mulberry Lane for $134,000.
James Meyer to Allan and Rebecca Maust at Sassafras Drive for $47,500.
Kent Cooper to Lilburn and Phyllis Cooper at 672 New Castle St. for $190,000.
Phyllis Karenbauer trustee to Trevor Roth et al. and Megan Roth at 387 Bonniebrook Road for $148,500.
Paul & Thelma Ruth Stephenson Irrevocable to Diane Maihle Kiehl at 2368 Oneida Valley Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $222,923).
JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to Innovative Real Estate Solutions at 129 N. Milton St. for $94,500.
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Bonnie Patsy et al. to Helen Fuller at 216 Adams Pointe Blvd. 9N for $136,900.
Estate of Robert Fay Jr. to D Michael Hartley Revocable Trust at 1659 Chapel Ridge Lane for $2,516,050.
Far View Farms Dev LLC to NVR Inc. at 228 Far View Farms for $89,000.
NVR Inc. to Richard and Robin Boronyak at 224 Gabriel Drive for $654,938.
NVR Inc. to Joseph and Lauren Palermo at 118 Hollyberry Court for $646,165.
KED Dev Co. LLC to Greg and Amanda Sanderson at Myoma Road for $205,000.
NVR Inc. to Edward and Kristen Moss at 2001 Pointe View Drive for $277,120.
NVR Inc. to Henry Quattrone and Yi Xin at 2001 Pointe View Drive for $269,770.
NVR Inc. to Mitchel and Pamela Black at 2002 Pointe View Drive for $254,515.
Frank Yerace to Holly Miller at 115 Avey Drive for $250,000.
Sarvers Mill Assoc. L.P. to Judy Bologna at 147 Creekside Drive for $40,000.
William Fillgrove to Sharyl Nickerson at 106 Edgewood Drive for $355,000.
F&H Property Dev LLC to Maronda Homes Inc. PA at Sarver Road for $69,000.
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Jeffrey and Christine Weber at 223 W. Pearl St. for $45,713.
Guy Leroy to Donald and Althea Platt at 116 40th St. for $21,000.
Kimberly Culberston to John and Andrea Lucas at 133 Maple Grove Drive for $316,250.
US Bank NA trustee to Alan Investments 3 LLC at 170 Whitestown Road for $8,755.
Claypoole Farms L.P. to Mark and Laura Jordan at 116 Barton Ave. for $310,000.
E. Elliott to Home2U Properties LLC at 300 Holyoke Road for $300,000.
John Staiger to David and Tammy Steiger at 382 Jamisonville Road for $60,000.
Judith Ann Spryn to Samuel and Regina Brosenitsch at 652 Clearfield Road for $173,000.
Brian Meyers to Matthew and Angela Wright at 106 Leslie Farms Drive for $342,500.
Glenn Conklin Jr. to Shaney Graham at 863 Whitestown Road for $141,000.
Key Properties Holdings L.P. to 1 American Way LLC at 351 American Way for $965,000.
NVR Inc. to Steven and Sara Hazen at 219 Bucktail Drive for $427,625.
Federal National Loan Mortgage Assn. to Brandon and Stephanie Colaberardino at 212 Chadwick Trail for $335,000.
NVR Inc. to Gregory and Renee Doll at 305 Courage Lane for $262,500.
Wayne Brinda to Margaret Zaliponi at 708 Hartland Road for $235,000.
Richard Montero Michaels to Brookfield Relocation Inc. at 133 Heathercroft Drive for $376,000.
Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Neva Stotler at 133 Heathercroft Drive for $376,000.
Kevin Kalia to Antonio Cristini at 21 Monmouth Drive for $167,000.
Richard Hartman to Cartus Financial Corp. at 85 Riva Ridge Drive for $468,000.
Cartus Financial Corp. to Robert and Cherilyn Jones at 85 Riva Ridge Drive for $468,000.
Jeffrey Cosola to Brookfield Global Relocation Services LLC at 208 W. Trail Court for $365,000.
Brookfield Global Relocation Services LLC to Oluwatosin and Ayonike Oyekunbi at 208 W. Trail Court for $365,000.
Jennie Spohn to Adam Villalpando at 1119 E. Brandon Road for $198,000.
David Holman to Hauhinco L.P. at Evans City and Spithaler School for $1,300,000.
Frank Shipley to David Holman at Reibold Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $3,126).
Estate of Charles Lindey to Charles Lindey at Route 528 for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $5,658).
James Helbling to Shane Cress and Meghan Kelly at 207 N. Charles St. for $191,600.
Estate of Anna Grossman to Amelia Seybert at 219 W. Mercer St. for $60,000.
Paul Bradigan & Sons Inc. to Paul Bradigan Jr. at 1109 Kline Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $92,525).
William Boice et al. to Joshua Gayer and Alexxa Pitner at 547 Pattison Street Ext. for $129,000.
JPMorgan Chase Bank NA to Bernard McKinney at 503 Saxonburg Road for $52,500.
Robert Leone et al. to Robert and Lori Leone at Forestville Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $11,141).
Robert Leone et al. to Todd and Susan Rockburn at Forestville Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $9,400).
Maria Sergeevna Vizikovski to Michael Biskup at 207 Hamilton Lane for $244,000.
Gigliotti Holdings L.P. to NVR Inc. at 4018 Nightingale Drive for $89,900.
Dale Schwart to Cory and Ashley Cammisa at 125 Hamel Road for $256,400.
Estate of Lynette Smith to Heidi Grimm at 360 W. Water St. for $123,000.
April Spagnolo to Erica Sullivan at 412 Brookside Court for $149,900.
Bradley Clark to Thomas and Sierra Turici at 157 Wick Road for $74,900.
Erik Wassum to Rikki and Michael Woodling at 161 Freeport Road for $167,000.
William Gleason to St. Barnabas Land Trust Inc. at Three Degree Road and Sterrett Ave. for $100,000.
David Wendel Jr. to Caleb and Bedonna Cortese at 120 Bassie Drive for $225,000.
Judith Whitesides to Steven and Erin Berg at 209 E. Culvert St. for $122,500.
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