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Republican commissioners question 2020 election

October 27, 2021 News Extra

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Both Republican county commissioners said Wednesday they have issues with the results of the 2020 election.

Responding to a question at the commissioners' regular meeting, Leslie Osche, board chairwoman, said she has concerns about the management of voter rolls and the tabulation of votes.

The commissioners are aware of issues and will make sure vote tabulation in Tuesday's election goes smoother than the 2020 tabulation now that they are aware of what to look for, Osche said.

Changes made to mail-in ballot regulations were implemented quickly before November's general election, allowing for possible difficulties to make sure procedures were in place for a fair and ethical vote count, Osche said.

“We have to have confidence in the results. We will be working through the process with a different eye when it comes to tabulation,” Osche said.

She said the process requires patience, research and thinking, and the outcome matters locally and nationally.

“We cannot rush. We have to make sure we're confident in the process,” Osche said.

Commissioner Kimberly Geyer said their concerns are shared by other counties in the state and across the country.

Democratic Commissioner Kevin Boozel said he trusts the results of the 2020 election.

Act 77 of 2019 forced the county to implement changes “on the fly” and made 100% accuracy impossible, but casting doubt on the upcoming election the week before the election is “unfortunate timeliness, politically” for some people, he said.

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