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Pandemic of poor judgment


October 20, 2021 Letters to the Editor

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Many good people emerge from the impoverished inner cities who become good productive citizens; however, inner city violence from crime continues to increase. The same people get reelected who do nothing to stop it.

Our country is suffering from a pandemic of poor judgement.

Our nation is inundated with citizens who seem unable to make decisions about the principles of right or wrong.

Parents, educators and media are teaching our youth to act on feelings instead of rational fact-based judgment. When angered or sad many citizens blame everyone but themselves.

In many cases the voters will vote for whoever will give them the biggest safety net to protect them from failures and mishaps. Seldom reelected are persons running for office who have done an unprecedented job strengthening our economy and securing our safety. Voters tend to reject anyone running on a platform that supports working harder or being individually responsible for their actions.

Regardless of a long record of failed leadership, if that person offers open borders, offers a living wage regardless of skill or job requirements, and presents a plan to ambush a flourishing economy with unaffordable clean energy and entitlements, they will inevitably get elected.

Like a multitude of spoiled children, many voters shout ”Give me what I want and give it to me now!”

Better to sell out your integrity and God-given abilities than to live in discomfort. Who needs to worry when an overseeing nanny will be there every time you’re sad or weary.

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