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Voters have already spoken for judge


October 19, 2021 Letters to the Editor

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The decision for Butler County voters for the office of Court of Common Pleas judge is an important one. This November, the voters’ choice is clear. Actually, most registered voters made their choice in May when both Democrats and Republicans chose Joe Kubit as their nominee.

Joe Kubit has served Butler County with distinction for virtually all his life. Joe’s life has not always been easy, but his is a life well lived.

Joe grew up in Penn Township, but tragically lost his parents and a sister in a car accident when he was 10 years old. Joe credits his grandparents with stepping up to make a home for Joe and his younger brother. “I was blessed,” he says.

Joe worked his way through college and law school and has received the endorsement of Andy Zanotti, one of many found on his Joe’s web site. Andy Zanotti was Joe’s first employer and now is Joe’s client.

Fast forward through Joe’s life when he began his career, married his soul mate, Sue, adopted their daughter, Julie, becoming a trusted and respected member of our community. His bio details this by listing his top rating as an attorney, his election as president of the Butler County Bar Association, his current role as chairman of the Board of Trustees of BC3, and his service as a board member of Passavant Development, a group serving adults with special needs. Joe Kubit is everything that we should look for in a judge.

On Nov. 2, I encourage voters to remember the adage, “Actions speak louder than words.” If they do, Joe Kubit will be elected Butler County judge, and we will all be better for that.

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