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Judge’s character extolled


October 19, 2021 Letters to the Editor

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None of us ever want to be in the situation where we need to be in front of a judge, but if we ever are then we would want someone who is highly qualified, extreme knowledge of the law, full of integrity, and proven to be honest in all their dealings. Joe Kubit is this person!

I have known Joe Kubit for over 15 years as my lawyer and friend. During this time he has not demonstrated even a single act of shadiness or dishonesty but only the opposite, truth, caring, kindness, very devoted and full of compassion.

I know and believe that Joe Kubit will not change once elected as judge. He will take the high qualities of who and how he is now and continue as judge of common pleas court serving Butler County.

Joe loves his family and God and he wants justice to be served to all who may appear before him.

Let me tell you about Joe Kubit and the type of person he has proven to me to be.

My wife, Naoma Neff, and I have a ministry that we have been doing since the beginning of the pandemic. We gather food and other items from all over Butler County and distribute them to food banks, churches, and folks that can use them. It has been a great privilege and honor to have touched tens of thousands of people during that time, but none of this could have happen without the help of Joe Kubit. Very few people knew he was helping us; he started way before he ever considered running for judge.

So please join with me, my friends and fellow patriots and vote for Joe Kubit for judge on Nov. 2.

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