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PASSHE board: Affordability a concern for enrollment

October 15, 2021 Digital Media Exclusive

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Slippery Rock University juniors Jena Reinheimer, Andrea Malacaman and Jessica Lascher walk through the Robert M. Smith Student Center last month.

The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education's Board of Governors voted to request $550 million in state funding for the next fiscal year, an amount that will allow the 14 universities in the system to operate effectively while remaining affordable.

One of the chief concerns during the board of governors' quarterly meeting Wednesday and Thursday was declining enrollment that hit almost all of the universities in the system. Members agreed the coronavirus pandemic affected general access to college through economic and safety concerns, and that affordability should remain a priority to encourage students to pursue higher education.

“We're losing more students annually to higher education institutions in other states where they can get a lower price,” said Dan Greenstein, chancellor of PASSHE. “Pennsylvanian's enrollment in higher education institutions falls further and further behind the national average. It's too expensive, and so people aren't going.”

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Eddie Trizzino

Eddie Trizzino