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State System Board of Governors approves historic funding request

Appropriation would fund systemwide and regional initiatives

October 14, 2021 News Extra

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Harrisburg – The Board of Governors for Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education voted today to request $550 million in state funding for the next fiscal year as part of a renewed partnership between the State System and the Commonwealth.

The request exceeds last year's general operating appropriation by $73 million.

“This request is vital to the future and mission of the System,” said Board of Governors Chairwoman Cynthia D. Shapira. “It reflects what our data modeling shows will be needed for the PASSHE institutions to operate effectively while remaining affordable, one of our primary goals. Fulfilling this request would send a clear signal that the Commonwealth wants to invest in every current and potential student – the future workforce that will drive Pennsylvania's economy.”

The $73 million state funding increase will enable the System to continue implementing plans for university integrations that were approved in July; to further invest in the diversity, equity and inclusion plan approved in April; and support other initiatives while reducing universities' dependence on additional budget cuts or tuition increases.

The System's 14 universities have trimmed nearly $173 million from their operating budgets since 2018, adding to the $400 million in savings achieved in the previous 18 years.

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