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Keep Connoquenessing Township rural


September 16, 2021 Letters to the Editor

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Are you the residents of Connoquenessing Township aware of the changes being made to your home, property and finances? All of this will be in the near future by the township and sewer authority to comply with State Act 537 requiring a public sewage system.

What this project will involve:

- $22 million estimated cost

- $3,800 estimated tap in fee per household

- $80 a month estimated service fee per household

- Estimated excavation on your property to reach this line is $150 per foot ($150 feet from the line could possibly be $22,500)

If you are within 150 feet of the proposed sewage line, you will be required to connect and incur the above costs.

- Increased property taxes to support growing infrastructure needs

- Decommissioning of your existing septic system costing an estimated $1,000 to $4,000

- No reimbursement of a 20 to 80 foot right of way to bring the sewage line through your land

- Massive land clearing, harming environment and natural beauty

All of this is being motivated by less than an estimated 10 percent of failing septic systems. If you as a resident can not fix your septic system, how can you afford the new proposed sewage system?

We are all trying to live in a clean, healthy environment. Please voice your opinion to info@connosewer.org before 4 p.m. on Sept. 22 to reject phase 2 and proceed with a smaller system keeping our area rural. We are a small rural community. Why is this necessary?

Attendance to the sewage authority and township supervisors meeting is encouraged, with postings of the dates on the township’s website. The next two meetings are Sept. 27 and Oct. 6, both at 6 p.m. in the township building.

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