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Zelie needs to fight development


September 10, 2021 Letters to the Editor

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Save Zelienople.

Zelienople has heavy traffic on Main Street all day, with triaxles and tractor-trailers galore, and you can’t get through the town.

A small group in Zelienople, the jeweled life-and-death business leaders, are changing Zelienople. Their goal is always more customers and self-importance.

So Zelienople is looking at 1,500 units on a hillside at Glade Run. Why? So a small group of Zelienople businessmen and politicians can feel more important and get more money. The businessmen get customers and the politicians get income from the developers in impact fees, transfer taxes, etc. Pure greed is in place while destroying a small town.

About the fire station: Who thought about putting the fire station on a street where the fire trucks won’t even be able to get out onto Route 19 because of traffic? And will the firefighters have to speed to the fire department on South High, a residential, peaceful street? A few people made this bad decision, and now they feel really important.

Always follow the money. A supervisor in Adams Township sold his land to the township for additional acreage to the Adams Township park. Is that the behavior that’s coming to Zelienople? Destroy the town so that a small group of people get power and money?

Residents of Zelienople need to stand against this and against the local businessmen who are behind a lot of this. Unite people against the destruction of your town.

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