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Bill is load of pork


April 7, 2021 Letters to the Editor

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In response to the letter in the April 4 edition, Michael DiMonte criticized Rep. Mike Kelly for his objection to the pending so-called infrastructure bill in Congress.

Kelly is correct to oppose this load of pork. Less than 10% of this $2.3 trillion bill has anything to do with repairing infrastructure.

The majority of the bill is a feel-good attempt to install the Green New Deal championed by Ocasio-Cortez. READ the bill before you jump to the conclusion that you are right and Kelly is wrong.

This is another bill like the so-called COVID-19 Relief bill, where less than 10% of that bill had anything to do with COVID-19 and more about Democrat bailouts.

I encourage everyone to read it for themselves and not blindly believe what the media spoon-feeds you.

David Schmidt,

Penn Township

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