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Reward front-line workers with a vacation


February 20, 2021 Letters to the Editor

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On Saturday, Feb. 13, I received my first dose of the Moderna vaccine at the VA clinic for veterans. The clinic was for those who are 65 or older. I am 88.

It was a good feeling to walk through the door and have a “personal attendant” take you through the process and made sure that you were OK to drive away before you left. The clinic was well-staffed, well thought-out and very well done. I give my appreciation to all.

There is something, however, that I would like to see offered to all the nurses and other health care works who have, at their own risk, worked faithfully to see us through this coronavirus pandemic.

I think they could use a break from what they have been doing, perhaps in the form of a week’s vacation at a reduced price. In appreciation for their service, perhaps a vacation resort can offer the workers a place where the sun is warm and the weather is nice, a week’s stay, perhaps, for half price or less?

Some of the airlines could offer them a ticket to get there, at half price or less.

Our nurses and health care works, who have stuck to their job and worked through the pandemic, day after day, for the most part do not wear a military uniform. But in my view they deserve the same consideration for their service as those of us who once did.

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