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COVID-19 UPDATE 1/25: BMH inpatient drops below 30

January 25, 2021 News Extra

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Butler Memorial Hospital's COVID-19 inpatient levels again dropped below 30, but at the cost of four lives.

According to Monday's update by Butler Health System, Butler Memorial had 26 inpatients being treated for COVID-19. All but one of those patients had tested positive for the virus.

Monday's inpatient levels represented a decrease of four from Friday's update. Butler Memorial currently has four COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit.

Monday's report included the addition of four deaths that were reported to the Department of Health since Friday's report with one on Thursday, one on Friday and two on Saturday.

Meanwhile Clarion Hospital has returned to low single-digits in inpatient levels.

Clarion reported three inpatients on Monday, down from five reported Friday. The hospital has one COVID-19 patient in the ICU.

Clarion Hospital has drastically decreased its number of inpatients from when it reported having 14 COVID-19 inpatients in its Jan. 20 report. Also since that time, the hospital has only reported one virus-related death to the Department of Health.

COVID Regional Update

The following numbers on the coronavirus pandemic were compiled from regular news releases from the state Department of Health and Butler Health System.

COVID-19 statistics from Sunday and Monday are:

Butler County

Confirmed cases: 8,063

Probable cases: 4,264

Negative tests: 42,360

Deaths: 311

Butler Memorial Hospital

Inpatients: 26

Suspected: 1

Confirmed: 25

ICU: 4

Total tests: 36,600

Outdoor tests: 15,351

Positive tests: 2,432

Clarion Hospital

Inpatients: 3

Suspected: 1

Confirmed: 2

ICU: 1

Total tests: 11,214

Outdoor tests: 9,481

Positive tests: 1,770


New cases: 7,910

Total cases: 807,867

New deaths: 138

Total deaths: 20,664

Recovered: 79%

Surrounding Counties

Allegheny: 53,630 confirmed cases; 331,005 negative; and 1,435 deaths

Armstrong: 3,555 confirmed cases; 13,493 negative; and 102 deaths

Beaver: 9,093 confirmed cases; 41,412 negative; and 310 deaths

Clarion: 1,596 confirmed cases; 6,941 negative; and 69 deaths

Lawrence: 4,101 confirmed cases; 16,350 negative; and 159 deaths

Mercer: 5,894 confirmed cases; 24,444 negative; and 213 deaths

Venango: 2,473 confirmed cases; 2,473 negative; and 72 deaths

Westmoreland: 17,487 confirmed cases; 79,919 negative; and 571 deaths

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