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This ‘Mark Trail’ is off the map


January 14, 2021 Letters to the Editor

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What did you do to the comic strip, “Mark Trail”?

Ever since I was a young buckaroo more than 60 years ago, I’ve been a follower of this guy. I can remember how he showed us how to build a campfire and some of his fishing tips: this along with a story line in the comics.

I know there have been several artists that did the cartoon through the years, but they all kept to the same scheme, except for the elimination of the outdoors’ tips.

For the past several months, I’ve had to suffer with this last so-called sketch artist, somebody named Jules Rivera. This woman comic artist has taken a mild-mannered mountain man and turned him into some kind of crazed loony that talks to a duck.

Do what you want. At least now you know how I feel about it: that is, me and probably a million other readers.

Tom Healey,

Mount Chestnut

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