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Think about what is going on and why


August 14, 2020 Letters to the Editor

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We all need to use common sense to literally save our country. As they report the COVID-19 numbers, you need to remember those numbers, as inaccurate as they are, are only positive people.

Think about that just a minute. Only positive people — not all of the people that have symptoms, which is a small percentage — just people that are carrying a form of the virus. This means that the person has at some point come in contact with a form of the virus.

OK, with that in mind, put your thinking cap back on. We have never tested people to know how many were positive with the flu virus and we have never tested for the common cold in the amount that they are currently testing.

I would feel certain the numbers would be the same and even worse for the flu and common cold. I do believe that all three are to be a form of the coronavirus.

What is going on today could be called a bad flu outbreak and probably would have been if it was happening primarily in the winter months. I feel terrible for anyone that has lost a family member now and during any flu season.

Currently, there is a specific agenda and that is to instill fear in the average person so that they can control when and what you do until they have managed to manipulate the population to complete their purpose.

Again, take a minute and think about it and what is going on around you. That is exactly what they are doing. That is why you continue to constantly hear the bad numbers and never the actual percentage of those tested versus those actually ill.

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